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Transport properties, optical response and slow dynamics of ionic liquids
51 Hu, Zhonghan. THESIS
Effects of using corpora and online reference tools on foreign language writing [electronic resource] : a study of Korean learners of English as a second language /
52 Koo, Kyosung.; Koo, Kyosung. Stimulated THESIS
A study of alternative formulations for optimization of structural and mechanical systems subjected to statics and dynamic loads
53 Wang, Qian. THESIS
Modifier genes in the phenotypic manifestation of primary disease-causing mutations
54 Shankar, Suma Prabhu. THESIS
On building predictive models with company annual reports [electronic resource] /
55 Qiu, Xin Ying. THESIS
Post-treatment adjustment and behavior change among women with breast cancer [electronic resource] /
56 Costanzo, Erin Susan. THESIS
The relationship between impairments in muscle performance, functional limitations, and disability in older adults
57 Puthoff, Michael Leonard. THESIS
Variables affecting first order fire effects, characteristics, and behavior in experimental and prescribed fires in mixed and tallgrass prairie
58 Lata, Mary Elizabeth. THESIS
Chemical investigations of freshwater and fungicolous fungi
59 Jiao, Ping. THESIS
Disruption and development kanyalengs in the Gambia /
60 Hough, Carolyn Ann. THESIS
Investigating auditory transduction functions of myosin VII in Drosophila melanogaster
61 Todi, Sokol. THESIS
On the adjoint formulation of design sensitivity analysis of multibody dynamics [electronic resource] /
62 Schaffer, Andrei Serban. THESIS
The role of mevalonate pathway intermediates in erythropoietin receptor signal transduction and surface expression studies in hematopoietic and nonhematopoietic cancers /
63 Hamadmad, Sumaya Nizar. THESIS
Adolescent ADHD, stimulant medication and adult substance abuse
64 Cretzmeyer, Margaret T. THESIS
A comparison of calibration methods and proficiency estimators for creating IRT vertical scales
65 Kim, Jungnam. THESIS
Ethnic tourism and indigenous activism [electronic resource] : power and social change in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala /
66 Willett, Benjamin Michael. THESIS
Papers and related collections of James A. Van Allen, 1929-1992.
67 Van Allen, James Alfred THESIS

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