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Negotiating freedom in St. Johns County, Florida, 1812-1862
1 Marotti, Frank, MA 2003-08-01 THESIS
The Effect of Heavy Metals on the Uptake of L-Histidine by the Polychaete Nereis Succinea
2 Peppler, Jessica Elise 2002-12-01 THESIS
Interannual variations of the boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation
3 Teng, Haiyan 2003-12-01 THESIS
The Hawaii time management scale and health related behaviors
4 Nelson, Karl Gene 2003-08-01 THESIS
Development and application of polyclonal and monoclonal-antibody based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for the analysis of neonicotinoid insecticides imidacloprid and thiamethoxam
5 Kim, Hee Joo 2003-12-01 THESIS
Characterization of residual soluble COD in entrapped-mixed-microbial-cell and activated sludge process
6 Song, Chenyan 2003-08-01 THESIS
The open door: early modern Wajorese statecraft and diaspora
7 Anderson, Kathryn Gay 2003-08-01 THESIS
Dorothea Erxleben: Eighteenth-Century Role Model for Today's Working Parent
8 Bolter, Christina 2002-12-01 THESIS
Genetic improvement of Leucaena spp and Acacia koa Gray as high-value hardwoods
9 Shi, Xuebo 2003-12-01 THESIS
An integrated treatment and reuse system of dairy wastewater - a case study in the state of Hawaii
10 Dong, Liangjie 2003-08-01 THESIS
Synoptic climatology of subtropical cyclogenesis
11 Caruso, Steven J 2003-12-01 THESIS
Load-pull measurement and simulation on indium phosphide heterojunction biopolar transistors
12 Shishido, Reid Tadashi 2003-05-01 THESIS
Determining the Fractional Solubility in Seawater of Aluminum Derived From Atmospheric Aerosols
13 Sato, Toshiko 2002-12-01 THESIS
The road to socialization : a descriptive study of the Filipino immigrant teachers' search for their place in the Hawaii Department of Education
14 Flores, Maria Rosa 2003-12-01 THESIS
Plume-ridge interaction along the Galapagos spreading center, 90 30'W to 98 W: a hydrous melting model to explain variations in observed glass compositions
15 Cushman, Buffy Jolene 2003-08-01 THESIS
Papaya systemic acquired resistance
16 Qin, Xiaohui 2003-08-01 THESIS
Production and characterization of polyclonal antibodies against chicken myostatins
17 Lee, Yun-Kyung 2003-12-01 THESIS
Engineering Green Fluorescent Protein as a Dual Functional TAG
18 Parambam, Rosanto I 2002-12-01 THESIS
Interannual and interdecadal rainfall variations in the Hawaiian Islands
19 Chen, Huaiqun 2003-12-01 THESIS
A mathematical model for the deformations achievable by a slightly extensible spherical cap
20 Zhou, Hao 2003-12-01 THESIS
Effects of input elaboration and enhancement on second language vocabulary acquisition through reading by Korean learners of English
21 Kim, Youngkyu 2003-08-01 THESIS
Traffic grooming in WDM networks
22 Kandula, Ramesh 2003-12-01 THESIS
Activity Patterns of the Hawaiian Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus semotus) in Relation to Reproductive Time Periods
23 Menard, Theresa Cabrera, MS 2001-12-01 THESIS
The impact of the horizontal coriolis component on waves in the ocean
24 Guiles, Martin D 2003-05-01 THESIS
Meteorological analysis of the October 29, 2000 Hana storm
25 Lyman, Ryan E 2003-08-01 THESIS
UHF Applications for Radar and Pico-Satellite Communication Systems
26 Higuchi, Nathan K 2002-12-01 THESIS
Two Visions of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering: A Reconsideration of the Socio-Political Significance of the Paintings by Kano Sansetsu and Ikeno Taiga in the Tokugawa Period (1615 - 1868)
27 Madar, Kazuko 2002-12-01 THESIS
Structure and variability of internal tides in Mamala Bay, O'ahu, Hawai'i
28 Eich, Michelle Lori 2003-05-01 THESIS
A study of dynamic mechanisms of annular modes
29 Pan, Linlin 2003-12-01 THESIS
The influences of participation in a teacher study group focusing on the CREDE Standards for effective pedagogy on four high school teachers' instruction
30 Taum, Alice K 2003-08-01 THESIS
The development of scale of educational attitudes
31 Azman, Rosiana L 2003-12-01 THESIS
Statistical and Stability Analysis of Ecosystem Dynamics in Southern Kaneohe Bay
32 Tanaka, Katsumasa 2002-12-01 THESIS
Function Analysis Relating to Decision Making in Value Engineering
33 Zhang, Yue 2002-12-01 THESIS
Structure elucidation of natural products from endophytic fungi and higher plants and total synthesis of microcarpalide
34 Ratnayake, Anokha Sayani 2003-12-01 THESIS
Social stories and apron storytelling: the effects on self-managed coping strategies of a child that experienced chronic school difficulties
35 Haggerty, Natalie K 2003-05-01 THESIS
The Transformation of the Landscape in Waimea, Hawai'i: Pre-Human Era to 1860
36 Watson, Sandra S 2002-12-01 THESIS
The Amis Harvest Festival in contemporary Taiwan
37 Kim, Linda Chiang 2003-05-01 THESIS
Cloud base
38 Lathan, Cary Alice 2005-05-01 THESIS
A climatological study of the Keetch/Byram Drought Index and fire activity in the Hawaiian Islands
39 Dolling, Klaus Peter 2003-12-01 THESIS
A study of selected Korean pragmatic markers: synchronic and diachronic perspectives
40 Park, Jung-ran 2003-08-01 THESIS
Object-centered representations in echolocating dolphins: evidence from acoustic analyses of object echoes and a human listening study
41 DeLong, Caroline M 2003-12-01 THESIS
Dancing Voices
42 Hofling, Ana Paula 2003-12-01 THESIS
Airborne synthetic aperture radar images of an upwelling filament
43 Johnson, David L 2003-12-01 THESIS
Personal accounts from survivors of the Hilo tsunamis of 1946 and 1960: Toward a disaster communication model
44 Johnston, Jeanne Branch 2003-05-01 THESIS
Protected virtual private networks in the hose model
45 Balasubramanian, Ashok 2003-12-01 THESIS
Efficient Materials Mapping Using Hyperspectral Imaging Data
46 Steutel, Donovan 2002-12-01 THESIS
High resolution mesoscale modeling of Kauai wintertime weather
47 Chambers, Christopher R 2003-12-01 THESIS
He Puke Mele Lahui: Na Mele Kupa'a, Na Mele Ku'e A Me Na Mele Aloha 0 Na Kanaka Maoli
48 Basham, JJ Leilani 2002-12-01 THESIS
Negotiating freedom in St. Johns County, Florida, 1812-1862
49 Marotti, Frank 2003-08-01 THESIS
The evolving role of the director in Xiqu innovation
50 Evans, Anne Megan 2003-08-01 THESIS

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