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Morphological survey and characterization of programmed cell death in the placenta-chalaza and endosperm in the developing caryopsis of maize [electronic resource] /
1 Chamusco, Karen. THESIS
Improved dosimetry techniques for intravascular brachytherapy [electronic resource] /
2 Sehgal, Varun. THESIS
Defining the role of the angiotensin ii type 2 receptor in cardiovascular disease [electronic resource] /
3 Metcalfe, Beverly Lynn THESIS
Kinetic parameter estimation of time-temperature integrators intended for use with packaged fresh seafood [electronic resource] /
4 Mendoza, Teresa Flores. THESIS
Quality retention of calcium and ascorbic acid fortified muscadine grape juice [electronic resource] /
5 Pires, Danielle M. THESIS
The interaction between increased estrogen and increased cortisol is necessary for normal blood pressure control in late gestation [electronic resource] /
6 Li, Feng. THESIS
Factors conditioning the development of a community forestry coalition in western Amazonia, Brazil [electronic resource] /
7 Paniagua, Franklin. THESIS
The effect of ganglion cell axotomy on other cells in the porcine retina [electronic resource] /
8 Koma?romy, Andra?s M. THESIS
Prediction of end bearing for drilled shafts and suggestion for design guidelines of end bearing for drilled shaft in Florida limestone [electronic resource] /
9 Kim, Sang-Ho. THESIS
Multimedia support for wireless CDMA with dynamic spreading [electronic resource] /
10 Elicin, Mehmet Ali THESIS
Implementing update extensions to xquery 1.0 [electronic resource] /
11 Sur, Gargi M. THESIS
Fragmentation of quark and gluon jets in proton-antiproton collisions at center-of-mass energy of 1.8 TeV [electronic resource] /
12 Pronko, Alexandre P. THESIS
Radiative modeling in rapid thermal processing for accurate wafer temperature measurement [electronic resource]
13 Zhou, Yihui. THESIS
A new method for the modeling of elemental segregation behavior and partitioning in single crystal nickel base superalloys [electronic resource] /
14 Caldwell, Eric Christopher. THESIS
Real-time implementation of signal reconstruction algorithm for time-based a/d converters [electronic resource] /
15 Vuppamandla, Kalyana. THESIS
Simple multi-agent cooperation [electronic resource] : an approach based on predator-prey modeling /
16 Bartleson, Richard J. THESIS
Design, construction and implementation of a Web-based database system for tumor suppressor genes
17 Yang, Yanming. THESIS
Wireless/mobile video delivery architecture [computer file] /
18 Sampath, Latha THESIS
Using electron capture dissociation fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry to study modified polypeptides [electronic resource] /
19 Woodling, Kellie Ann. THESIS
Jean Toomer, or, How the failed race man performed modernity [electronic resource] /
20 Nuzum, Robin. THESIS
Modeling the impact of Internet technology on marketing [electronic resource] : by Kutsal Dogan.
21 Dogan, Kutsal. THESIS
Reimplementation of the Computer and Information Science and Engineering Department website using a content management system [electronic resource] /
22 Gerhard, Rima. THESIS
Parallelization of light scattering spectroscopy and its integration with computational grid environments [electronic resource] /
23 Paladugula, Jithendar. THESIS
Design and implementation of Sketcher user interface for a geometric constraint solver /
24 Kohareswaran, Naganandhini. THESIS
Hydraulics and stability of mulitple inlet-bay systems St. Andrew Bay, Florida /
25 Jain, Mamta. THESIS
Effects of a narrative instructional strategy on knowledge acquisition and retention from a nutrition education video [electronic resource] /
26 Hack, George O. THESIS
Aggregation of demand points for the planar covering location model [electronic resource] /
27 Emir-Farinas, Hulya. THESIS
Relating interfacial fracture toughness to core thickness in honeycomb-core sandwich composites [electronic resource] /
28 Grau, David THESIS
Spread [electronic resource] : secure protocol for reliable data delivery /
29 Lou, Wenjing. THESIS
Identification of a physical model to evaluate the rutting performance of asphalt mixtures [electronic resource] /
30 Drakos, Christos Andrea. THESIS
Adoptive transfer studies to establish a model of phase ii exocrine gland dysfunction in the nod model of sjogren's syndrome [electronic resource] /
31 Brown, Vinette B. THESIS
A GIS-based hydrologic restoration analysis for the Northern Indian River Lagoon watershed [electronic resource] /
32 Grover, Christi M. THESIS
Crack control in toppings for precast flat slab bridge deck construction [electronic resource] /
33 Alfonso, Lazaro. THESIS
Conflict resolution : the relationship between Air Force public affairs and legal functions /
34 Law, James William THESIS
Implementation of Conference Control Service in Distributed Conference System [electronic resource] /
35 Bhalani, Ashish. THESIS
Inhibition and working memory contributions to children's Tower of London performance [electronic resource] /
36 MacDonald, Christine A. THESIS
Do people brace sensibly? [electronic resource] : Risk judgments, outcome importance, and risk prevalence /
37 Dockery, Katharine THESIS
Kinetic analysis of the contribution of base flipping to the substrate specificity and catalytic activity of human alkyladenine dna glycosylase [electronic resource] /
38 Vallur, Aarthy C. THESIS
Trying to go it alone and failing in an authoritarian developing state [electronic resource] : a case study of the Independent in Trinidad /
39 Cruickshank, Cassandra D. THESIS
Identification and control of nonlinear systems using multiple models based on the self-organizing map (SOM) [electronic resource] /
40 Thampi, Geetha K. THESIS
Media narcissism and self-reflexive reporting [electronic resource] : metacommunication in televised news broadcasts and web coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom /
41 Williams, Andrew Paul. THESIS
Respect as awareness of rational nature [electronic resource] : a modified intellectualist view of Kant's moral psychology /
42 Ang, Ching-E Nobel. THESIS
Fabrication, thermal stability and mechanical characterization of electrodeposited nanocrystalline face center cubic ni-fe alloys [electronic resource] /
43 Li, Hongqi. THESIS
Building intelligent market places with software agents [electronic resource] /
44 Sivan, Jagadha THESIS
Exploring the leisure of mothers who are living in a homeless shelter [electronic resource] /
45 Maibach, Courtney. THESIS
IntelliBid [computer file] : an event-trigger-rule-based auction system over the Internet /
46 Joshi, Nicky THESIS
Travestismo lingu?i?stico [electronic resource] : el enmascaramiento de la identidad sexual en la narratva [sic] neobarroca de Severo Sarduy, Diamela Eltit, Osvaldo Lamborghini e Hilda Hilst /
47 Kulawik, Krzysztof THESIS
Multiple vehicle positioning simulation and optimization [electronic resource] /
48 Zawodny, Erica Frances. THESIS
Deriving housing quality indicators to estimate rehabilitation needs an analysis in the Gainesville area /
49 1978- Harris, Matthew A. THESIS
Phenotypic changes in dendritic cells when challenged with cowpox virus [electronic resource] /
50 DeBernardis, Justin R. THESIS

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