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Complex modulus from indirect tension testing [electronic resource] /
101 Kim, Jae Seung THESIS
Strongly partitioned system architecture for integration of real-time applications [electronic resource] /
102 Kim, Daeyoung THESIS
Resolving downfalls and encouraging 'outside-the-box' thinking [electronic resource] : empowering teaching interns through consultee-centered consultation /
103 Prosje, Michelle Ann. THESIS
We think it exists but are we asking the right people? [electronic resource] : analyzing citizens' attitudes toward racial profiling /
104 Reitzel, John D. THESIS
Ethnic identity and media use among second-generation Korean-American university students [electronic resource] /
105 McGrath, Bridget THESIS
Skeletal dosimetry: [electronic resource] : hyperboloid representation of the bone-marrow interface to reduce voxel effects in 3d images of trabecular bone /
106 Rajon, Didier A. THESIS
Influences of nutrient loading, vegetative habitats and simulated drought on microbial enzyme activities in the everglades [electronic resource] /
107 Penton, Christopher Ryan. THESIS
Wanting the bad and doing bad things [electronic resource] : an essay in moral psychology /
108 Barry, Peter Brian. THESIS
Evaluation of basis levels as contracts approach maturity in the united states live cattle futures markets [electronic resource] /
109 Salnars Polanco, Christian J. THESIS
High-performance periodic contention-free multiple-access protocol for broadband multimedia powerline communications [electronic resource] /
110 Lin, Yu-Ju. THESIS
Design and implementation of an object-oriented geometric constraint solver [computer file] /
111 Oung, Jianjun. THESIS
Polymeric drug delivery of antiepileptic drugs to neuronal networks cultured on multielectrode arrays [electronic resource] /
112 Cadotte, Alex Joseph. THESIS
A critical analysis of the books read aloud by kindergarten teachers and their reasons for book selection [electronic resource] /
113 Hall, Katrina Willard. THESIS
Physiological responses of "slick" versus normal haired Holstein x Senepol crossbred cattle in Florida [electronic resource] /
114 Avila Chytil, Manuel THESIS
Ant communities of Florida's upland ecosystems [electronic resource] : ecology and sampling /
115 King, Joshua R. THESIS
Geospatial analysis of vegetative characteristics associated with red-cockaded woodpecker habitat in a pine flatwoods ecosystem [electronic resource] /
116 Shipley, Douglas O. THESIS
Optimized sterilization and decellularization of small-caliber vascular allografts while preserving matrix integrity [electronic resource] /
117 Squillace, Donna M. THESIS
Conflict handling in policy-based security management [electronic resource] /
118 Gao, Zhuomin. THESIS
Evaluation of oxygen transmission rate of packaging films on growth of Clostridium sporogenes and media oxidation reduction potential in packaged seafood simulating media [electronic resource] /
119 Gnanaraj, Jayashree. THESIS
Hayes, Herr and Sack [electronic resource] : Esquire goes to Vietnam /
120 Saliba, John Keith. THESIS
Adhesion properties and cell surface characteristics of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana [electronic resource] : a link between morphology and virulence /
121 Holder, Diane J. THESIS
Interactions between plants and soil microbes in Florida communities [electronic resource] : implications for invasion and ecosystem ecology /
122 Bray, Sarah Renee. THESIS
Internet relay chat services framework [electronic resource] : GNUWorld /
123 Karrels, Daniel Robert. THESIS
An economic analysis of multi-fishery participation among commercial fishers in South Florida [electronic resource] /
124 Hutchinson, Sharon D. THESIS
Effects of simulated microgravity and shear on cell behavior [electronic resource] /
125 Anderson, Rebecca K. THESIS
Effects of phoneme-grapheme correspondence and phonemic awareness instruction on consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) pseudo and real-word encoding in children with severe speech impairment [electronic resource]
126 Shah, Sonali Dipak THESIS
Controlling twospotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) in Florida strawberries with single and combination treatments of Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot, Neoseiulus californicus (McGregor), and acramite [electronic resource] /
127 Rhodes, Elena M. THESIS
Slavery, coffee, and family in a frontier society [electronic resource] : Je?re?mie and its hinterland, 1780-1789 /
128 Manuel, Keith Anthony. THESIS
The effects of quality grade, aging and location on selected muscles of locomotion of the beef chuck and round [electronic resource] /
129 Bratcher, Christy Lynn THESIS
Feature selection and discriminant analysis in data mining /
130 Youn, Eun Seog. THESIS
Evaluation of the agricultural field scale irrigation requirement simulation (AFSIRS) in predicting golf course irrigation requirements with site-specific data [electronic resource] /
131 Mitchell, Mark W. THESIS
Determination of axial pile capacity of prestressed concrete cylinder piles [electronic resource] /
132 Badri, Dhuruva. THESIS
The risk-spread option in a potential theoretic framework /
133 Swearingen, Michael C. THESIS
Aryloxy tungsten-based classical catalytic systems and group 14 metal-containing dienes in acyclic diene metathesis polymerization /
134 1973- Go?mez, Fernando Jose? THESIS
Simultaneous planning and control for autonomous ground vehicles
135 Galluzzo, Thomas C. THESIS
Design and implementation of a temporal trigger subsystem for the triggerman asynchronous rule processor /
136 1968- Al-Fayoumi, Nabeel I. THESIS
Estimation of phenotypic and genetic relationships among hip height and productive and reproductive performance in Brahman cattle /
137 1949- Vargas, Carlos THESIS
Conflict resolution : the relationship between Air Force public affairs and legal functions /
138 1968- Law, James William THESIS
Activity patterns and habitat associations of Kemp's ridley turtles, Lepidochelys kempi, in the coastal waters of the Cedar Keys, Florida /
139 (Jeffrey Robert), 1964- Schmid THESIS
Three-dimensional characterization of maxillary molar displacement subsequent to headgear treatment with respect to time and force of application : development and pilot test of a novel study method /
140 Bar-Zion, Yossi. THESIS
Investigation of the construction scheduling communication process : problems, foreman's role, means of improvement, and use of information technology /
141 1967- Elliott, Brent Richard THESIS
Cultural standards of attractiveness : a 30-year look at changes in male images in the mass media /
142 1965- Law, Cheryl Lynn THESIS
The effects of hindlimb unweighting and beta2-agonist on the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway and insulin-like growth factor i [electronic resource] /
143 Yimlamai, Tossaporn. THESIS
Community-based timber management in Acre, Brazil and its implications for sustainable forest management [electronic resource] /
144 Rockwell, Cara A. THESIS
Emergy evaluation of water /
145 1971- Buenfil, Andre?s A. THESIS
Variably saturated three-dimensional rainfall driven groundwater pumping model /
146 1968- Dogan, Ahmet THESIS
Binding, kinetics, and cellular processing of ovine interferon tau and the type I interferon receptor /
147 Siler, Kendra Indhira. THESIS
Ecosystems, sociocultural systems, and ecological economics for understanding development : the case of ecotourism on the island of Bonaire, N.A. /
148 1957- Abel, Thomas THESIS
Relationships among perceived stress, sleep quality, and diurnal cortisol in endometrial cancer patients [electronic resource] : a pilot study /
149 Jensen, Sally Elizabeth. THESIS
Diagnosis of systemic inflammatory disease in manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) [electronic resource] /
150 Harr, Kendal Elizabeth THESIS

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