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Diffusion tensor field restoration and segmentation [electronic resource] /
51 Wang, Zhizhou. THESIS
Impact of culture and ideology on coverage [electronic resource] : comparing the people's Republic China and the United States weekly news magazines' Stories ofSARS Epidemic /
52 Qin, Yao. THESIS
Quantum dynamics of finite atomic and molecular systems through density matrix methods [electronic resource] /
53 Thorndyke, Brian. THESIS
Design of all-bolted extended double angle, single angle, and tee shear connections [electronic resource] /
54 Higgins, Adam. THESIS
Development of the family resilience assessment scale to identify family resilience constructs [electronic resource] /
55 Sixbey, Meggen Tucker. THESIS
Applying database and ontology design techniques to a NASA biological research repository [electronic resource] /
56 Davidson, Christopher. THESIS
Load resistance factor design (LRFD) for driven piles based on dynamic methods with assessment of skin and tip resistance from PDA signals [electronic resource] /
57 Perez Perez, Ariel THESIS
Hydrogen atom abstraction reactivity of a primary fluoroalkyl radical in water [electronic resource] /
58 Cradlebaugh, Joseph Aaron. THESIS
Effect of lameness on ovarian activity in post-partum holstein cows [electronic resource] /
59 Garbarino, Eduardo Jose THESIS
Developing biological indicators for isolated forested wetlands in Florida [electronic resource] /
60 Reiss, Kelly Chinners THESIS
Religion and politics in films about the Vietnam war [electronic resource] /
61 Allbritton, Jay Michael. THESIS
Elite Alpine Ski Racing coaches' achievement goal orientations as predictors of their coaching behavior [electronic resource] /
62 Perlus, Haley S. THESIS
Test of salt marsh as a site of production and export of fish biomass with implications for impoundment management and restoration [electronic resource] /
63 Stevens, Philip W. THESIS
Designing and implementing a surface modeling system [electronic resource] /
64 Shiue, Le-Jeng THESIS
Notification services in a distributed conferencing system [computer file] /
65 Shukla, Swati Patanjali. THESIS
Simulation of flooding responses to land cover change in the Quebrada Estero watershed in San Ram'on, alajuela, Costa Rica [electronic resource] /
66 Marsik, Matthew P. THESIS
Metabolic adaptations following disuse and their impact on skeletal muscle function [electronic resource] /
67 Pathare, Neeti C. THESIS
Neutronic design and optimization of a porous-fuel, high-temperature, gas-cooled reactor for space power and propulsion applications [electronic resource] /
68 Perez Cardentey, Eddy. THESIS
Reassessing the impact of institutions on economic reform in Brazil [electronic resource] /
69 Knox, Brandon. THESIS
Protein-protein interaction map of the Arabidopsis thaliana general transcription factors A, B, D, E, and F [electronic resource] /
70 Lawit, Shai Joshua THESIS
Implementation of distributed database and reliable multicast for Distributed Conferencing System version 2 [electronic resource] /
71 Date, Amit Vinayak. THESIS
Buffer management in tone allocated multiple access protocol [electronic resource] /
72 Suryadevara, Usha. THESIS
Theoretical modeling and design of complex materials [electronic resource] /
73 Du, Mao-Hua. THESIS
Konark - an ad-hoc service discovery protocol [electronic resource] /
74 Desai, Nitin THESIS
Dynamics and control for formation flying system [electronic resource] /
75 Xu, Yunjun. THESIS
A mobile file service based on double middleware [electronic resource]
76 Zhang, Jinsuo THESIS
The new vocationalism [electronic resource] : a Deweyan analysis /
77 Dow, Jeffrey L. THESIS
Large-scale distributed services [electronic resource] /
78 Vorapanya, Anek. THESIS
Effects of interface windowing modes and individual differences on disorientation and cognitive load in a hypermedia learning environment [electronic resource] /
79 Demirbilek, Muhammet. THESIS
Voting-enabled role-based access-control model for distributed collaboration [electronic resource] /
80 Manian, Vijay. THESIS
Leadership in the cooperative extension system [electronic resource] : an examination of leadership styles and skills of state directors and administrators /
81 Moore, Lori L. THESIS
Better nutritional status as measured by the mini nutritional assessment tool is associated with increased immune response in elderly nursing home residents with pressure ulcers [electronic resource] /
82 Hudgens, Jan Elizabeth. THESIS
Immersion, stylization, naturalization, and the erasmatron [electronic resource] : bridging the gap between gameplay and narrative towards the promise of interactive storytelling /
83 Sansone, Michael. THESIS
The role of caregivers in the treatment of childhood malaria in Turbo, Colombia [electronic resource] /
84 Polanco, Ysabel. THESIS
The effects of propofol on pain intensity and unpleasantness [electronic resource] /
85 Froelich, Michael Arnold. THESIS
The role of calcium in and methodologies for overcoming pH excursions for reactivated granular activated carbon [electronic resource] /
86 Bach, Morgana T. THESIS
Histone modifications and chromatin dynamics of the mammalian inactive sex chromosomes title [electronic resource] /
87 Khalil, Ahmad M. THESIS
Mechanistic study of sorbent injection for vanadium emission control in combustion systems [electronic resource] /
88 Lee, Sang-Rin. THESIS
Studies in applied microeconomics [electronic resource] /
89 Dewey, James F. THESIS
The effects of yellow passion fruit, Passiflora edulis flavicarpa, phytochemicals on cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of leukemia lymphoma MOLT-4 cell line [electronic resource] /
90 De Neira, Cindy Marie. THESIS
Jobsite security in residential construction
91 Montealegre, Francisco. THESIS
Predator-mediated coexistence and multiple predator effects in a treehole community [electronic resource] /
92 Griswold, Marcus W. THESIS
Calcium-dependent protein kinase regulates soybean serine acetyltransferase in response to oxidative stress [electronic resource] /
93 Liu, Fenglong. THESIS
Laboratory rip current circulation using video-tracked lagrangian drifters [electronic resource] /
94 Thomas, David A. THESIS
Reusable template library for parallel patterns
95 Wong, Chi-Kin. THESIS cf [electronic resource] : collaboration groupware for mobile devices using the compact framework /
96 Patel, Mihir P. THESIS
Structure and growth of anisotropic metal colloids [electronic resource] /
97 Lofton, Charles THESIS
Sh2-UR1 [electronic resource] : an allosteric mutant of ADPglucose pyrophosphorylase /
98 Caren, Joel Rogers THESIS
Identification and characterization of a major hepatic glutathione S-transfase [sic] isoenzyme in largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) that conjugates 4-hydroxynon-2-enal [electronic resource] /
99 Pham, Robert Tran. THESIS
An exploratory data collection approach for the assessment of level of service from a traveler's perspective [electronic resource] /
100 Seager, Kimberly. THESIS

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