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The Taylor map on complex path groups [electronic resource] /
1 Cecil, Matthew Steven THESIS
Applications of DuPont photopolymer cromalin® for dry deposition of particles [electronic resource] /
2 Hurt, Michielle Helene. THESIS
Imaginaries of transnationalism [electronic resource] : media and cultures of consumption in El Salvador /
3 Rivas, Cecilia Maribel. THESIS
Biophysical Characterization of NEMO and IKK? [electronic resource] /
4 Drew, Devin Lee THESIS
A declaration of independence [electronic resource] : the Golgi apparatus is here to stay /
5 Pecot, Matthew Y. THESIS
Investigation of passive propellant feeding in electrospray thrusters
6 Ferrer Argemi, Laia, BS 2014-03-26 OTHER
The fluid dynamics of an underfloor distribution system [electronic resource] /
7 Liu, Qing (Qing THESIS
Role of rules in transfer of mathematical word problems [electronic resource] /
8 Kanevsky, Inna Glaz. THESIS
Vibration-based structural health monitoring of highway bridges [electronic resource] /
9 Guan, Hon THESIS
Essays on hypothesis testing in the presence of nearly integrated variables [electronic resource] /
10 Miyanishi, Masako. THESIS
Carbon dioxide signal transduction in Arabidopsis guard cells [electronic resource] /
11 Young, Jared (Jared THESIS
Implicit solvent method development and application [electronic resource] : fast molecular surfaces, constant pH and accelerated dynamics, and rational drug design /
12 (John Thomas)., Mongan John THESIS
Elastic Viscoplastic Modeling of Rate Dependent Behavior of Clay
13 Sathialingam, Namasivayam, PhD 1991-12-18 DISSERTATION
A New and Independent Art: Antonín Dvo?ák and the Cultural Omnivore Thesis
14 Eaton, Samuel 2014-06-10 OTHER
The role of the TAM family of receptor PTKs in retinal homeostasis [electronic resource] /
15 Prasad, Dipti. THESIS
Spontaneous emission and optical control of spins in quantum dots [electronic resource] /
16 Economou, Sophia E. THESIS
Computational modelling of the mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline metals based on the deformation mechanisms and their transitions [electronic resource] /
17 Zhu, Baozhi THESIS
U.S. racial imaginaries [electronic resource] /
18 Kim, Jinah THESIS
A matter of timing [electronic resource] : explaining cross-national variation in the parliamentary oversight of European Union affairs /
19 Hamerly, Ivy Lyn. THESIS
Regulation of target gene expression in sensory neurons by Brn3a [electronic resource] /
20 Lanier, Jason James. THESIS
Professional degeneration and political decay [electronic resource] : Shanghai schoolteachers and the Socialist state, 1949-1968 /
21 U, Eddy.; University of California, Berkeley. THESIS
Constrained coding and signal processing for data storage systems [electronic resource] /
22 Aviran, Sharon. THESIS
Beyond structural realism [electronic resource] /
23 Newman, Mark Philip. THESIS
A model of forensic analysis using goal-oriented logging [electronic resource] /
24 Peisert, Sean Philip. THESIS
Human attention and intent analysis using robust visual cues in a Bayesian framework [electronic resource] /
25 McCall, Joel Curtis THESIS
Engineering protein kinase A to identify novel [electronic resource] : PKA substrates /
26 Schauble, Sharmin May. THESIS
Multifunctional composites and structures with integrated mechanical and electromagnetic properties [electronic resource] /
27 Amirkhizi, Alireza Vakil. THESIS
Gyrokinetic studies of particle transport in tokamaks [electronic resource] /
28 Estrada-Mila, Carlos A. THESIS
Models for solvated biomolecular structures [electronic resource] /
29 Cerutti, David (David THESIS
Compact modeling of Double-Gate MOSFETs [electronic resource] /
30 Lu, Huaxin. THESIS
Optimization of protein and RNA detection methodologies and a new approach for manipulating protein activity in living cells [electronic resource] /
31 Martin, Brent R. THESIS
Continuous diagnostic frequency ultrasound and the microcirculation [electronic resource] /
32 Hightower, C. Makena. THESIS
Bayesian methods for finding sparse representations [electronic resource] /
33 Wipf, David Paul. THESIS
Studies of Nonlinear and Chaotic Phenomena in Solid State Systems
34 Bryant, Paul Henry, PhD 1987-12-15 DISSERTATION
The science of the stars in Danzig from Rheticus to Hevelius [electronic resource] /
35 Jensen, Derek THESIS
Trade liberalization and labor movement in the East Asian newly industrialized countries [electronic resource] /
36 Joo, Jonathan Jin-Man.; University of California, Irvine. THESIS
Charge transport and chemical sensing properties of organic thin-films [electronic resource] /
37 Yang, Dengliang THESIS
Earthquake locations and seismic velocity models for Southern California [electronic resource] /
38 Lin, Guoqing THESIS
Photoluminescent metalloles for chemical sensing of nitroaromatic explosives and chromium(VI) [electronic resource] /
39 Toal, Sarah Josepha. THESIS
Static timing analysis in VLSI design [electronic resource] /
40 Zhou, Shuo. THESIS
An adaptive mesh refinement technique for dynamics of solids [electronic resource] /
41 Trivedi, Abhishek. THESIS
Protocols and security proofs for data authentication [electronic resource] /
42 Mityagin, Anton. THESIS
The Americanization of Chinese medicine [electronic resource] : a discourse-based study of culture-driven medical change /
43 Bowen, William Michael.; University of California, Riverside. THESIS
Design, characterization, and modeling of GaN based HFETs for millimeter wave and microwave power amplifier applications [electronic resource] /
44 Conway, Adam M. THESIS
Self-reported and performance-based functioning in middle-aged and older outpatients with schizophrenia [electronic resource] /
45 Perivoliotis, Dimitri G. THESIS
A cross-sectional analysis of bullying and stealing behaviors in a nation-wide sample of early adolescents [electronic resource] /
46 Ho, Ngoc J. THESIS
Meshing motivations [electronic resource] : individual and collective action in the Taiwanese legislature /
47 Batto, Nathan Frank. THESIS
Micropatterned co-cultures of hepatocytes and nonparenchymal cells [electronic resource] : mechanisms of differentiation, dynamics and applications /
48 Khetani, Salman R. THESIS
Sphingosine 1-phosphate signaling in the heart and its role in cardioprotection [electronic resource] /
49 Means, Christopher Kable. THESIS
Exploring Dipolar Coupling and the Chemical Shift for Structure Determination in Solids and in Liquid Crystals
50 Havlin, Robert, PhD 2002-12-18 DISSERTATION

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