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Predictors of indoor dust mite and cockroach levels
1 Brooks, J. Mark THESIS
Association between the exposure to aflatoxin and micronutrient status of HIV infected adults in Ghana
2 Obuseh, Francis Ayodele. THESIS
Regulation of [beta]-catenin by Gli1 in epithelial transformation
3 Li, Xingnan. THESIS
Regulation of vertebrate gastrulation by ErbB signaling
4 Nie, Shuyi. THESIS
An investigation of characteristics exhibited by Alabama public schools designated as alert, caution, and clear [electronic resource] : a comparative study /
5 Toles, Cynthia L. THESIS
Vitamin D receptor deficiency and postnatal tooth formation
6 M.S. Zhang, Xueming THESIS
A role for p63 in the regulation of cell cycle progression and cell death
7 Helton, Eric Scott. THESIS
Barrier membranes for ridge augmentation is there an optimal pore size? /
8 Gutta, Rajesh. THESIS
Students' perceptions of mentoring in a university cooperative education program [electronic resource] /
9 Fifolt, Matthew M. THESIS
The role of CD5 in experimental autoimmune encephalitomyelitis
10 Axtell, Robert C. THESIS
Development and initial validation of a self-efficacy scale for use with registered dietitians working with overweight youth
11 (Christopher Mark) Reinold, Christopher M. THESIS
Hole patching in 3D unstructured surface mesh [electronic resource] /
12 Kumar, Amitesh. THESIS
Micro-computed tomographic analysis of bone healing subsequent to graft placement
13 Chopra, Preeti M. THESIS
Use of the 15-second lateral step-up for comparison of hip function between two surgical approaches for intramedullary nailing of femur fractures
14 Futch, Lydia A. THESIS
A survey assessment of veterinarians to determine the level of preparedness for an infectious disease outbreak [electronic resource] /
15 Crutchley Bushell, Tamara THESIS
Outcome assessment on skeletal stability after rigid external distraction osteogenesis in cleft lip and palate patients
16 Tabarini, Julio Enrique THESIS
Effects of optical blur on visual performance and comfort of computer users
17 Zeried, Ferial M. THESIS
Evalutation [i.e. Evaluation] of sediment-sensitive biological metrics as biomonitoring tools on varied spatial scales [electronic resource] /
18 Owens, Janna Yvonne THESIS
Multiple roles benefits or strain? an examination of the effects of work and mothering on health lifestyle behaviors for women living with HIV/AIDS /
19 Mwaria, Mercy W. THESIS
The role of chloride in the volume regulation of human glioma cells
20 Ernest, Nola Jean. THESIS
Bacillus anthracis spore-host interactions
21 Swiecki, Melissa K. THESIS
Underlying purinergic signaling important for monocilium-dependent signaling in ductal epithelia : implications for polycystic kidney disease
22 (Michael Brian) Hovater, Michael THESIS
Factors influencing the adoption of administrative innovations
23 (Tommy Joe) Sanders, Tom J. THESIS
The impact of a community health advisor-based intervention on self-reported frequency of dental visits in a rural, low income African American Alabama community
24 Clarke, Stephen J. THESIS
Ca²?/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II regulates the growth of human osteosarcoma cells in vivo
25 Choo, Hyeran. THESIS
Development and testing of feed a feedback expert system for EMS documentation /
26 Saini, Devashish. THESIS
Surface reproducibility of impression materials
27 M.S. Shah, Amit THESIS
Intestinal peptides and ethnic differences in insulin secretion
28 Higgins, Paul B. THESIS
Increased hexosamine biosynthesis and protein O-GLCNAC protect isolated rat heart from ischemia/reperfusion injury
29 Ph.D. Liu, Jia THESIS
Life course religiosity and spirituality and their relationship to health and well-being among homebound older adults
30 Robinson, Caroline O. THESIS
Using genetic admixture and lipoprotein lipase polymorphisms to explain variations in plasma triglycerides and high density lipoprotein cholesterol in premenopausal African and European American females
31 Natour, Nihal Omar THESIS
Perceived stress, pain coping strategies, pain interference, and social support mediators and moderators of depression in a spinal cord injury sample with chronic pain /
32 Wilson, Michael W. THESIS
The association between insulin and inflammation in African American and European American children
33 Alvarez, Jessica A. THESIS
Isolation and characterization of human periodontal ligament stem cells
34 Gay, Isabel C. THESIS
The influence of insulin on lipolysis in African American and Caucasian prepubertal, premenopausal, and postmenopausal females
35 Goree, Laura Lee THESIS

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