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Documenting and acting on local systems to improve the management of care for people affected by tuberculosis: The case of Nicaragua
751 Macq, Jean 2005-01-27 THESIS
Design of viscoelastic damping for noise & vibration control: modelling, experiments and optimisation
752 Hazard, Laurent 2007-02-20 THESIS
Arithmetic and Hyperbolic Structures in String Theory / Structures arithmétiques et hyperboliques en théorie des cordes
753 Persson, Daniel 2009-06-12 THESIS
Learning in wireless sensor networks for energy-efficient environmental monitoring/Apprentissage dans les réseaux de capteurs pour une surveillance environnementale moins coûteuse en énergie
754 Le Borgne, Yann-Aël 2009-04-30 THESIS
Tailoring the mesomorphic structure and crystalline morphology via molecular architecture and specific interactions: from small molecules to long chains
755 Gearba, Raluca Ioana 2005-07-12 THESIS
Three Essays on Spectral Analysis and Dynamic Factors
756 Liska, Roman 2008-09-10 THESIS
Identification and characterization of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-stress pathways in pancreatic beta-cells/Identification et caractérisation des voies de signalisation du stress du réticulum endoplasmique dans la cellule bêta pancréatique
757 Pirot, Pierre 2007-11-26 THESIS
Semantic Analysis in Web Usage Mining
758 Norguet, Jean-Pierre E 2006-03-20 THESIS
Finite Element and Electrical Circuit Modelling of Faulty Induction Machines - Study of Internal Effects and Fault Detection Techniques/Modélisation par éléments finis et par équations de circuits des machines asynchrones en défaut - Etude des effets internes et techniques de détection de défauts.
759 Sprooten, Jonathan 2007-09-21 THESIS
Are Peri-urban Mangrove Forests Viable? Effects of Sewage Pollution and Wood Exploitation on the Structure and Development of the Mangroves of Mombasa (Kenya)
760 MOHAMED, Mohamed M.O.S. 2008-12-12 THESIS
Active isolation and damping of vibrations via Stewart platform
761 Abu-Hanieh, Ahmed Mohammed 2003-04-01 THESIS
From Traditional to IT Mediated Interorganizational Relationships: Sensemaking of the Internet
762 Lambotte, Francois 2006-12-20 THESIS
A Multicriteria Perspective on Reverse Auctions
763 De Smet, Yves 2005-12-20 THESIS
Wages and the Bargaining Regimes in Corporatists Countries: A Series of Empirical Essays
764 Rusinek, Michael 2009-06-17 THESIS
Small Steps and Grand Leaps: A Study of Micro- and Macroevolutionary Processes
765 Tzika, Athanasia C. 2008-03-14 THESIS
Information-Theoretic Variable Selection and Network Inference from Microarray Data
766 Meyer, Patrick E 2008-12-16 THESIS
Mesp1 Functions in Multipotent Cardiovascular Progenitor Specification
767 Bondue, Antoine 2009-05-28 THESIS
Ant Colony Optimization and Local Search for the Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem: A Case Study in Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization
768 Bianchi, Leonora 2006-06-29 THESIS
Evolutionary study of the Hox gene family with matrix-based bioinformatics approaches
769 Thomas-Chollier, Morgane 2008-06-27 THESIS
Regulation of the tumor suppressor p53 by Mdm2 and Mdm4
770 Maetens, Marion 2007-12-07 THESIS
Le petit poids de naissance à terme en milieu rural sahélien: importance, déterminants et conséquences/Low birth weight at term in rural sahelian area: Importances, determinants and consequences.
771 Kaboré, Patrick C 2009-06-29 THESIS
Development of cancer immunotherapy based on parvoviral vectors and hybrid cell vaccination
772 Cheong, Siew Chiat 2005-02-16 THESIS
Mdm4 and Mdm2 cooperate to inhibit p53 activity in proliferating cells in vivo
773 Francoz, Sarah S 2006-06-02 THESIS
The Principle of Non-Discrimination in Article III of GATT and the GATT/WTO Jurisprudence of "Like Products"
774 Melloni, Mattia 2005-03-14 THESIS
Amplitude equations and nonlinear dynamics of surface-tension and buoyancy-driven convective instabilities
775 Colinet, Pierre 1997-10-17 THESIS
Losses of heat and particles in the presence of strong magnetic field perturbations
776 gupta, abhinav 2009-01-20 THESIS
Gender Role Attitudes, Work Decisions and Social Policies in Europe. A Series of Empirical Essays
777 De Henau, Jérôme 2006-11-14 THESIS
L’agriculture urbaine et périurbaine à Yaoundé : analyse multifonctionnelle d’une activité montante en économie de survie/Urban and peri-urban agriculture in Yaounde, Cameroon: multifunctional analysis of rising activities in survival economies
778 NGUEGANG ASAA, Prosper 2008-12-16 THESIS
Biochemical study of lipid phosphatase SHIP2 in control of PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 in response to serum and H2O2
779 ZHANG, jing 2007-12-13 THESIS
Acquisition of reading and spelling skills of German-French biliterate children in Luxembourg
780 Ugen, Sonja S 2008-09-23 THESIS
An Object Oriented and High Performance Platform for Aerothermodynamics Simulation
781 Lani, Andrea 2008-12-04 THESIS
Mise au point d'une bière sans gluten à partir de céréales et de pseudo-céréales
782 Deremince, Bruno , MA 2014-07-01 THESIS
Multi-marker detection approach for improving breast cancer treatment tailoring
783 Desmedt, Christine 2008-08-27 THESIS
Essays in Game Theory Applied to Political and Market Institutions
784 Bouton, Laurent 2009-11-15 THESIS
Development and Validation of Distributed Reactive Control Systems/Développement et Validation de Systèmes de Contrôle Reactifs Distribués
785 Meuter, Cédric 2008-03-14 THESIS
Essays in Entrepreneurial Finance
786 Bozkaya, Ant 2007-06-12 THESIS
L'Université de Liège dans sa ville (1817-1989). Une étude d'histoire urbaine
787 Frankignoulle, Pierre 2005-05-06 THESIS
Cationic lipids involved in gene transfer increase intracellular calcium level/Les lipides cationiques impliqués dans le transfert de gène augmentent le niveau de calcium intracellulaire
788 Ouali, Mustapha 2007-02-15 THESIS
Binding sites in protein structures: characterisation and relation with destabilising regions
789 Dessailly, Benoit H 2007-09-20 THESIS
Inflammatory and helper T lymphocyte responses in human abdominal aortic aneurysm
790 Galle, Cécile 2006-10-16 THESIS
Marsile Ficin et le Parménide de Platon. Édition critique, traduction et perspective de l’In Parmenidem
791 Vanhaelen, Maude 2005-02-24 THESIS
Codes et tableaux de permutations, construction, énumération et automorphismes /Permutation codes and permutations arrays: construction, enumeration and automorphisms
792 Bogaerts, Mathieu 2009-06-22 THESIS
Oncolytic Viruses Cancer Therapy
793 Zeicher, Marc 2008-10-21 THESIS
Essays on the Economics of Education and Migration
794 Speciale, Biagio 2007-11-19 THESIS
Stephen Poliakoff: Another Icon of Contemporary British Drama
795 Idrissi, Nizar 2008-02-01 THESIS
Essays on the Economics of Fragmentation
796 Mulatero, Fulvio 2007-03-16 THESIS
797 Karakaya, Güngör 2008-12-15 THESIS
Incidence de l'imagerie motrice sur les apprentissages moteurs/ Impact of motor imagery on motor learning
798 Delbecque, Laure A 2008-05-23 THESIS
Essays in Behavioral Economics
799 Sebald, Alexander 2008-09-25 THESIS

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