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Designing Conventional, Spatial, and Temporal Data Warehouses: Concepts and Methodological Framework
701 Malinowski Gajda, Elzbieta 2006-10-02 THESIS
Contribution à l'extraction et à l'exploitation d'attributs géométriques du maillage 3D de fragments archéologiques
702 Laugerotte, Cédric 2006-03-03 THESIS
Three Essays on the Economics of Science and Higher Education
703 Walckiers, Alexis 2008-03-05 THESIS
Partir des propositions des acteurs pour améliorer les résultats du Programme National de Lutte contre la Tuberculose au Burkina Faso. Mots clés :Tuberculose, patients, professionnels de santé, communauté, adhésion/ Tuberculosis, patients, health workers, community, adhesion
704 Dembele, Sary Mathurin 2008-12-04 THESIS
Interactions between the microbial network and the organic matter in the Southern Ocean: impacts on the biological carbon pump / Interactions entre le réseau microbien et la matière organique dans l'Océan Antarctique : impacts sur la pompe biologique à carbone
705 Dumont, Isabelle 2009-07-03 THESIS
Activité hydrothermale des volcans Kelud et Papandayan (Indonésie) et évaluation des flux de gaz carbonique
706 Mazot, Agnès 2005-12-20 THESIS
Finite Element Modeling of Shear in Thin Walled Beams with a Single Warping Function
707 Saadé, Katy 2005-05-24 THESIS
La Marchandisation des Traditions. Etude de cas dans le Maramures (Roumanie) / The commodification of traditions. Case study in Maramures (Romania)
708 Nagy, Raluca 2009-03-24 THESIS
Numerical simulation of aerodynamic noise in low Mach number flows|Calcul numérique du bruit aérodynamique en régime subsonique
709 Detandt, Yves Y 2007-09-13 THESIS
Solution of algebraic problems arising in nuclear reactor core simulations using Jacobi-Davidson and Multigrid methods
710 Havet, Maxime M 2008-10-10 THESIS
Oligo-and Polyfluorenes of Controlled Architecture for Applications in Opto-electronics
711 Ego, Christophe 2005-06-27 THESIS
Rainbow Thermometry development and application to evaporation and diffusion processes
712 Vetrano, Maria Rosaria 2006-10-04 THESIS
Compact Air Separation System for Space launcher/ Système de séparation d'air compact pour lanceur spatial
713 Bizzarri, Didier L.G. 2008-09-01 THESIS
Multi-scale modeling of damage in masonry walls
714 Massart, Thierry J. 2003-12-02 THESIS
What are the short-term and long-term impacts of the financial crisis on consumer behavior and how should companies adapt their marketing strategy?
715 Coppens, Kevin, MA 2014-06-30 THESIS
Five Essays on Human and Social Capital
716 David, Quentin 2009-06-02 THESIS
An artificial compressibility analogy approach for compressible ideal MHD: Application to space weather simulation
717 YALIM, Mehmet Sarp 2008-12-05 THESIS
Industry wage Differentials, Rent Sharing and gender: Three Empirical Essays
718 Tojerow, Ilan 2008-04-21 THESIS
Methodological investigations on vegetation typology and phytogeography of rain forests of tropical Africa
719 Senterre, Bruno B.M.L. 2005-06-17 THESIS
Essays on the Economics of Banking and the Prudential Regulation of Banks
720 Van Roy, Patrick 2006-05-23 THESIS
Incomplete and Uncertain Information in Relational Databases
721 Zimanyi, Esteban 1992-01-01 THESIS
Fault Detection in Autonomous Robots
722 Christensen, Anders L 2008-06-27 THESIS
Role of Th2 cytokines and polymorphonuclear cells in allograft rejection in mice
723 Surquin, Murielle 2007-10-08 THESIS
Division of Labour in Groups of Robots
724 Labella, Thomas Halva 2007-02-09 THESIS
Multi-criteria decision aiding model for the evaluation of agricultural countermeasures after an accidental release of radionuclides to the environment
725 Turcanu, Catrinel O 2007-10-31 THESIS
Ant Colony Optimization for Continuous and Mixed-Variable Domains
726 Socha, Krzysztof 2008-05-09 THESIS
Self-Assembling Robots
727 Groß, Roderich 2007-10-12 THESIS
String Field Theory, Non-commutativity and Higher Spins
728 Bouatta, Nazim 2008-09-10 THESIS
The protection of Rosuvastatin and Ramipril against the development of nitrate tolerance in the rat and mouse aorta./ La protection de la Rosuvastatine et du Ramipril vis-à-vis du développement de la tolérance à la nitroglycérine dans l'aorte de rats et de souris.
729 Otto, Anne 2006-06-27 THESIS
Role of Bro1, the Yeast Homologue of Mammalian Alix, in Ubiquitin-dependent Protein Sorting into the Multivesicular Body (MVB) Pathway
730 Nikko, Elina 2005-02-18 THESIS
Essays on the Empirical Analysis of Patent Systems
731 van Zeebroeck, Nicolas 2008-03-13 THESIS
Construction and analysis of compact residual discretizations for conservation laws on unstructured meshes
732 Ricchiuto, Mario 2005-06-21 THESIS
Analysis of genomewide expression pro?les of thyroid tumors and of their in vitro models
733 Weiss Solís, David Y 2009-05-18 THESIS
Algorithmic Analysis of Complex Semantics for Timed and Hybrid Automata.
734 Doyen, Laurent 2006-06-13 THESIS
Study of aerosol transport and deposition in the lungs using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
735 van Ertbruggen, Caroline 2005-06-20 THESIS
Highly variable real-time networks: an Ethernet/IP solution and application to railway trains
736 Constantopoulos, Vassilios 2006-07-03 THESIS
Towards in silico detection and classification of prokaryotic Mobile Genetic Elements
737 Lima Mendez, Gipsi 2008-01-07 THESIS
Economic and technological performances of international firms
738 Cincera, Michele 1998-04-29 THESIS
Images des traumastismes de la guerre dans le roman canadien du début du 20ème siècle/Wounded Warriors: Representations of Disabled Soldiers in Canadian Fiction of the First World War
739 Tector, Amy M 2009-05-14 THESIS
Interaction of the cytoskeletal protein talin with the integrin beta3 subunit cytoplasmic tail: Characterization of the talin rod IBS2 integrin binding site.
740 Moes, Michèle 2007-10-11 THESIS
Essays on monetary policy, saving and investment
741 Lenza, Michele 2007-06-04 THESIS
Valuing credit risky bonds: generalizations of first passage models
742 Loulit, Ahmed 2006-09-13 THESIS
Gaussian Graphical Model Selection for Gene Regulatory Network Reverse Engineering and Function Prediction
743 Kontos, Kevin 2009-07-02 THESIS
Reactive processes during the discharge of high temperature volcanic gases
744 Africano, Fátima 2005-01-25 THESIS
Algorithmic Developments for a Multiphysics Framework
745 Wuilbaut, Thomas 2008-12-17 THESIS
Progressive Collapse: Comparison of Main Standards, Formulation and Validation of New Computational Procedures
746 Menchel, Kfir 2008-10-29 THESIS
Sociologie politique comparée de l'ouverture du mariage civil aux couples de même sexe en Belgique, en France et en Espagne: des spécificités nationales aux convergences transnationales/Comparative political sociology of the opening-up of civil marriage to same-sex couples in Belgium, France and Spain: from national peculiarities to transnational convergences
747 Paternotte, David 2008-12-16 THESIS
Etude taxonomique et biogéographique des plantes endémiques d’Afrique centrale atlantique : le cas des Orchidaceae/Taxonomic and biogeographic study of plants endemic to the Atlantic Central Africa : the case of the Orchidaceae
748 Droissart, Vincent 2009-01-16 THESIS
Combinatorial aspects of genome rearrangements and haplotype networks
749 Labarre, Anthony, PhD 2008-12-09 DISSERTATION
Space astrometry of unresolved binaries: From Hipparcos to Gaia/Astrometrie spatiale des binaires non-resolues: D'Hipparcos a Gaia
750 Pourbaix, Dimitri 2007-09-13 THESIS

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