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Ant Colony Optimization and its Application to Adaptive Routing in Telecommunication Networks
651 Di Caro, Gianni 2004-11-10 THESIS
Dynamics and Friction in Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes
652 Servantie, James 2006-09-11 THESIS
Manipulation sans contact pour le micro-assemblage: lévitation acoustique / Contactless handling for micro-assembly: acoustic levitation
653 Vandaele, Vincent 2008-02-21 THESIS
654 Drabo, Maxime K 2008-12-08 THESIS
Un art citoyen. Recherches sur l'orientalisation des artisanats en Grèce proto-archaïque. An art of citizenship. Sudies on Greek orientalizing artefacts.
655 Brisart, Thomas 2009-05-08 THESIS
Numerical Algorithms for the Computation of Steady and Unsteady Compressible Flow over Moving Geometries : Application to Fluid-Structure Interaction. Méthodes Numériques pour le calcul d'Ecoulements Compressibles Stationnaires et Instationnaires, sur Géometries Mouvantes : Application en Interaction Fluide-Structure.
656 Dobes, Jiri J. 2007-11-02 THESIS
Dark Matter: Signs and Genesis/ Matière noire: Signes et Genèse
657 Lopez Honorez, Laura 2007-06-26 THESIS
Évêques, pouvoir et société à Byzance (début du VIIIe siècle-milieu du XIe siècle). Territoires, communautés et individus dans la société provinciale de l'Empire byzantin / Bishops, Power and Society in Byzantium (early VIIIth-middle XIth century). Territories, Communities and Individuals in the Provincial Society of the Byzantine Empire
658 Moulet, Benjamin 2008-11-29 THESIS
Development of magnetic particle based biosensors and microreactors for drug analysis and biotransformation studies
659 Yu, Donghui 2008-06-02 THESIS
Approximation Algorithms for Covering Problems in Dense Graphs
660 Levy, Eythan 2009-03-06 THESIS
Prudent ranking rules: theoretical contributions and applications
661 Lamboray, Claude 2007-10-03 THESIS
The adjoint method of optimal control for the acoustic monitoring of a shallow water environment/La méthode adjointe de contrôle optimal pour la caractérisation acoustique d'un environnement petits fonds.
662 Meyer, Matthias 2007-12-19 THESIS
Essays in International Economics and Industrial Organization
663 Galgau, Olivia O.M. 2006-11-10 THESIS
Ethics and Public Policy in Microfinance
664 Hudon, Marek 2007-05-04 THESIS
Essays on Uninsurable Individual Risk and Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics
665 Santos Monteiro, Paulo 2008-06-26 THESIS
Algorithms for the analysis of gene expression data
666 Venet, David 2004-12-07 THESIS
Potentialités de gestion concertée de espaces de végétation naturelle en périphérie du parc national de Zakouma (Tchad) "Possibilities of a concerted management of the areas of natural vegetation around Zakouma national park (Chad)"
667 Hanon, Laurence M.S. 2008-12-17 THESIS
Two-phase flow investigation in a cold-gas solid rocket motor model through the study of the slag accumulation process
668 Tóth, Balázs 2008-01-22 THESIS
Modélisation des réactions de surface à l'échelle mésoscopique
669 De Decker, Yannick 2005-12-20 THESIS
A new mapped infinite partition of unity method for convected acoustical radiation in infinite domains
670 Mertens, Tanguy 2009-01-23 THESIS
Approche anthropologique de la présence du don contemporain dans deux expériences locales d’échange alternatif : les foires de multi-troc colombiennes et les Systèmes d’Echange Local français.
671 Escobar, Cecillia-Luca 2009-04-30 THESIS
Three Essays on Exotic Option Pricing, Multivariate Lévy Processes and Linear Aggregation of Panel Models
672 Petkovic, Alexandre 2009-03-16 THESIS
Numerical Study of Coherent Structures within a legacy LES code and development of a new parallel Frame Work for their computation.
673 Giammanco, Raimondo R 2005-12-22 THESIS
Improved Nuclear Predictions of Relevance to the R-Process of Nucleosynthesis
674 Samyn, Mathieu 2004-01-22 THESIS
Essays on Understanding Financial Architecture
675 Vespro, Cristina 2008-06-23 THESIS
Characterisation of the mechanism of human serum resistance in Trypanosoma brucei gambiense.
676 Felu, Cécile 2006-09-15 THESIS
Storing information through complex dynamics in recurrent neural networks
677 Molter, Colin C 2005-05-20 THESIS
Pseudo-spectral methods applied to hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence.
678 Debliquy, Olivier 2004-12-23 THESIS
Impact of decentralized power on power systems
679 Morales, Ana A 2006-09-28 THESIS
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Ant Colony Optimization
680 Blum, Christian 2004-01-23 THESIS
New strategies of acquisition and processing of encephalographic biopotentials
681 Nonclercq, Antoine 2007-06-04 THESIS
Wage Inequalities in Europe: Influence of Gender and Family Status. A series of empirical essays/Inégalités salariales en Europe : Influence du Genre et du Statut Familial. Une série d’essais empiriques.
682 Sissoko, Salimata 2007-09-03 THESIS
Family, Work and Welfare States in Europe: Women's Juggling with Multiple Roles/Famille, Emploi et Etat-providence: la jonglerie des femmes avec leurs multiples rôles
683 O'Dorchai, Síle S. 2007-01-24 THESIS
Fingering of chemical fronts
684 De Wit, Anne 2004-02-20 THESIS
Regions, Distances and Graphs
685 Collette, Sébastien 2006-11-22 THESIS
Méthodes de contrôle de la qualité de solutions éléments finis (application à l'acoustique)
686 Bouillard, Philippe 1997-12-05 THESIS
Reusability and hierarchical simulation modeling of communication systems for performance evaluation
687 Mrabet, Radouane 1995-06-12 THESIS
Robustness and Preferences in Combinatorial Optimization
688 Hites, Romina 2005-12-15 THESIS
Essays on the value of academic patents and technology transfer/ Essais sur la valeur des brevets universitaires et le transfert de technologie
689 Sapsalis, Eleftherios 2007-06-12 THESIS
Stochastic Approach to Brokering Heuristics for Computational Grids/Approche Stochastique d'Heuristiques de Méta-Ordonnancement dans les Grilles de Calcul
690 Berten, Vandy J.F. 2007-06-08 THESIS
Experimental and numerical study of aeroacoustic phenomena in large solid rocket boosters
691 Anthoine, Jérôme 2000-10-26 THESIS
Essays on Systematic and Unsystematic Monetary and Fiscal Policies
692 Cimadomo, Jacopo 2008-09-24 THESIS
Neutron Transport with Anisotropic Scattering. Theory and Applications
693 Van den Eynde, Gert 2005-05-12 THESIS
The Problem of Tuning Metaheuristics as seen from a Machine Learning Perspective
694 Birattari, Mauro 2004-12-20 THESIS
From Timed Models to Timed Implementations
695 De Wulf, Martin 2006-12-20 THESIS
Essays in the Empirical Analysis of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
696 Romain, Astrid 2007-02-09 THESIS
Multicriteria Optimization with Expert Rules for Mechanical Design
697 Filomeno Coelho, Rajan 2004-04-01 THESIS
Optimization of the maintenance policy of reciprocating compressor based on the study of their performance degradation.
698 Vansnick, Michel P 2006-12-21 THESIS
Essays on the Dynamics of Cross-Country Income Distribution and Intra-Household Time Allocation
699 Hites, Gisèle 2007-09-12 THESIS
Active and Passive Vibration Isolation and Damping via Shunted Transducers
700 de Marneffe, Bruno 2007-12-14 THESIS

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