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Provable security and fairness in cryptographic identification and signature schemes / Sécurité prouvée et équité dans les schémas cryptographiques d'identification et de signature
401 Cathalo, Julien 2007-09-28 THESIS
Etch rate modification by implantation of oxide and polysilicon for planar double gate MOS fabrication
402 Charavel, Rémy 2007-01-31 THESIS
Towards security limits of embedded hardware devices : from practice to theory
403 Peeters, Eric 2006-11-16 THESIS
Localisation of brain functions : stimuling brain activity and source reconstruction for classification
404 Noirhomme, Quentin 2006-10-18 THESIS
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for geophysical flow modeling
405 Bernard, Paul-Emile 2008-11-14 THESIS
Experimental study of 2D hole systems : coherent transport in quantum dots and magnetothermopower
406 Faniel, Sébastien 2007-12-06 THESIS
Asymmetric cyclopentannulation reactions: scope and limitation
407 Schanen, Patrick 2003-09-26 THESIS
Statistical contribution to the virtual multicriteria optimisation of combinatorial molecules libraries and to the validation and application of QSAR models
408 Le Bailly de Tilleghem, Céline 2008-01-07 THESIS
Topology and mass generation mechanisms in abelian gauge field theories
409 Bertrand, Bruno 2008-09-09 THESIS
The limits of network transparency in a distributed programming language
410 Collet, Raphaël 2007-12-19 THESIS
Consistency techniques for test data generation
411 Tran Sy, Nguyen 2005-06-10 THESIS
Normative and quantitative analysis of educational inequalities, with reference to Brazil
412 Domingues Waltenberg, Fabio 2007-07-02 THESIS
Supramolecular organization of collagen layers adsorbed on polymers
413 Gurdak, Elzbieta 2006-08-30 THESIS
Simulation of three-dimensional two-phase flows : coupling of a stabilized finite element method with a discontinuous level set approach
414 Marchandise, Emilie 2006-12-14 THESIS
JPEG 2000 and parity bit replenishment for remote video browsing
415 Devaux, François-Olivier 2008-09-19 THESIS
Dominant vectors of nonnegative matrices : application to information extraction in large graphs
416 Ninove, Laure 2008-02-21 THESIS
A methodology for developing multimodal user interfaces of information systems
417 Stanciulescu, Adrian 2008-06-25 THESIS
Study of radiolysis mechanisms for a better understanding of drugs radiosterilization
418 Maquille, Aubert 2007-10-24 THESIS
Multiple-valued functions in the sense of F. J. Almgren
419 Goblet, Jordan 2008-06-19 THESIS
Graphs and networks for the analysis of autonomous agent systems
420 Hendrickx, Julien 2008-02-14 THESIS
On the physics and mechanics of phase transformations in TRIP-assisted multiphase steels
421 Jacques, Pascal 1999-02-02 THESIS
Physiology of load-carrying in Nepalese porters
422 Bastien, Guillaume 2005-08-29 THESIS
Methodological aspects of the mapping of disease resistance loci in livestock/Aspects méthodologiques de la cartographie de gènes intervenant dans la résistance aux maladies chez les animaux d'élevage
423 Tilquin, Pierre 2003-09-19 THESIS
In-situ monitoring of the internal stress evolution during titanium thin film anodising
424 Vanhumbeeck, Jean-Francois 2009-01-08 THESIS
Regulation of muscle cell differentiation and growth by nutrients and exercise
425 Deldicque, Louise 2007-12-18 THESIS
Use of mathematical expansions to model crystal growth from the melt under the effect of magnetic fields
426 Bioul, François 2007-01-03 THESIS
Mixed reality interactive storytelling : acting with gestures and facial expressions
427 Martin, Olivier 2007-05-04 THESIS
Differential processing of quantity and order of numbers : neuropsychological, electrophysiological and behavioural evidence
428 Turconi, Eva 2005-09-29 THESIS
Loading rate effects on pile load-displacement behaviour derived from back-analysis of two load testing procedures
429 Charue, Nicolas 2004-10-25 THESIS
Cellular approach for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using adult mesenchymal stem cells
430 Boucherie, Cédric 2008-12-12 THESIS
Charm studies in emulsion
431 Kalinin, Sergey 2006-03-20 THESIS
Changes in soil organic carbon at regional scales : strategies to cope with spatial variability
432 Stevens, Antoine 2008-03-19 THESIS
On the control of the interactions between phase transformations and mechanical properties in finely-grained multiphase alloys, a way for sustainable development in materials science
433 Jacques, Pascal 2007-09-03 THESIS
Transport phenomena in porous media / Phénomène de transport en milieux poreux
434 Loix, Fabrice 2005-12-19 THESIS
BGP-based interdomain traffic engineering
435 Quoitin, Bruno 2006-08-28 THESIS
Noncontact dimensional metrology by triangulation under laser plane lighting : development of new ambulatory instruments / Métrologie dimensionnelle sans contact par triangulation sous éclairage par plans laser : développement de nouveaux instruments ambulatoires
436 Demeyere, Michaël 2006-03-14 THESIS
Harmonization of regulations and trade : empirical evidences for the european manufacturing sector
437 Vancauteren, Mark 2004-12-20 THESIS
Cyclic prefixed block transmission for wireless communications : performance analysis and optimization
438 Devillers, Bertrand 2009-03-06 THESIS
Affect, cognition, awareness and behavior in eating disorders : comparison between obesity and anorexia nervosa
439 Cserjesi, Renata 2008-07-03 THESIS
Linking spatial patterns of land-use to agents of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
440 Borrego Lorena, Rodrigo 2008-04-09 THESIS
Shrinkage methods for multivariate spectral analysis
441 Böhm, Hilmar 2008-01-29 THESIS
Measurement, optimization and multiscale modeling of silicon wafer bonding interface fracture resistance
442 Bertholet, Yannick 2006-10-20 THESIS
Patterns of safe collaboration
443 Spiessens, Fred 2007-02-21 THESIS
Unleashing traffic engineering for IPv6 multihomed sites
444 de Launois, Cédric 2005-10-06 THESIS
The institutional framework of participatory mechanisms to identify the needs of poor people : the case of Vietnam
445 Do, Phu Hai 2008-12-17 THESIS
Model reduction of linear systems : an interpolation point of view
446 Vandendorpe, Antoine 2004-12-20 THESIS
Novel strategies towards : aminophosphonic derivatives by [4+2] cycloadditions
447 Monbaliu, Jean-Christophe 2008-11-28 THESIS
Simulation of turbulent aircraft wake vortex flows and their impact on the signals returned by a coherent Doppler LIDAR system
448 Bricteux, Laurent 2008-03-07 THESIS
Turbo equalization and turbo estimation for multiple-input multiple-output wireless systems
449 Wautelet, Xavier 2006-09-13 THESIS
Towards putting abstract interpretation of Prolog into practice : design, implementation and evaluation of a tool to verify and optimise Prolog programs
450 Gobert, François 2007-12-11 THESIS

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