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Models of restructured electricity systems
351 Daxhelet, Olivier 2008-05-09 THESIS
Design and application of state observers for exothermic fed-batch reactors with uncertain kinetics and heat transfer
352 Sauvage, Frédéric 2007-12-12 THESIS
Iterative model-free controller tuning
353 Solari, Gabriel 2005-08-08 THESIS
Essays on technological progress, organizational changes and growth
354 Mattalia, Claudio 2008-07-07 THESIS
Metabolic design of dynamic bioreaction models
355 Provost, Agnès 2006-11-06 THESIS
Compensation between warmth and competence : antecedents and consequences of a negative relation between the two fundamental dimensions of social perception
356 Kervyn, Nicolas 2008-11-27 THESIS
Modelling and control of road traffic networks
357 Haut, Bertrand 2007-09-20 THESIS
Transcritical transient flow over mobile beds Boundary conditions treatment in a two-layer shallow-water model
358 Savary, Céline 2007-03-07 THESIS
Interannual variability and future changes of the Southern Ocean sea ice cover
359 Lefebvre, Wouter 2007-11-16 THESIS
Solute transport in a heterogeneous unsaturated subsoil : experiments and modeling
360 Javaux, Mathieu 2004-05-28 THESIS
Climate change over the next millennia using LOVECLIM, a new Earth system model including the polar ice sheets
361 Driesschaert, Emmanuelle 2005-10-24 THESIS
A relativistic BCS theory of superconductivity : an experimentally motivated study of electric fields in superconductors
362 Bertrand, Damien 2005-07-05 THESIS
Measuring variation : an epistemological account of causality and causal modelling
363 Russo, Federica 2005-06-17 THESIS
Estimation of evapotranspiration fluxes at the field scale : parameter estimation, variability and uncertainties
364 Hupet, François 2003-12-16 THESIS
Friction relaxation model for fast transient flows
365 Kucienska, Beata 2004-07-01 THESIS
Measurements of photon induced processes in CMS and forward proton detection at the LHC
366 Rouby, Xavier 2008-09-26 THESIS
Evaluating the effect of participation in subsidised employment
367 Göbel, Christian 2007-06-28 THESIS
A two-phase, two-component bubbly flow model.
368 Bogoi-Citu, Alina A. 2003-09-19 THESIS
Novel turbo-equalization techniques for coded digital transmission
369 Dejonghe, Antoine 2004-12-10 THESIS
New methodologies towards lactones and methylene-lactones : application to the total synthesis of Polycavernoside A.
370 Dumeunier, Raphaël 2004-06-04 THESIS
Integer programming-based decomposition approaches for solving machine scheduling problems
371 Sadykov, Ruslan 2006-06-26 THESIS
Variable selection and neural networks for high-dimensional data analysis: application in infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics
372 Benoudjit, Nabil 2003-11-24 THESIS
Exploring structure and reformulations in different integer programming algorithms
373 Louveaux, Quentin 2004-06-17 THESIS
Development and validation of a LES methodology for complex wall-bounded flows : application to high-order structured and industrial unstructured solvers
374 Georges, Laurent 2007-06-12 THESIS
Generalised algebraic models
375 Centazzo, Claudia 2004-12-10 THESIS
Relationships between thermomechanical processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of the beta metastable Ti-LCB alloy
376 Lenain, Astrid 2007-12-14 THESIS
Modeling and simulation of multi-dimensional compressible flows of gaseous and heterogeneous reactive mixtures
377 Deledicque, Vincent 2007-12-11 THESIS
A methodology for characterizing and introducing MOSFET imperfections in analog top-down synthesis and bottom-up validation
378 Vancaillie, Laurent 2005-08-31 THESIS
Strategic complementarities and network effects
379 Garcia, Filomena 2006-01-10 THESIS
Compartmental fluid-flow modelling in packet switched networks with hop-by-hop control
380 Guffens, Vincent 2005-12-20 THESIS
Nonparametric statistical inference for dependent censored data
381 El Ghouch, Anouar 2007-10-05 THESIS
Soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions in the West African monsoon / Interactions entre le sol, la végétation et l'atmosphère dans la mousson ouest-africaine
382 Vanvyve, Emilie 2007-09-04 THESIS
Towards a generic framework for the abstract interpretation of Java
383 Pollet, Isabelle 2004-04-23 THESIS
Total oxidation of chlorinated VOCs on supported oxide catalysts
384 Bertinchamps, Fabrice 2005-11-04 THESIS
Design, implementation and evaluation for continuous interaction in image-guided surgery
385 Trevisan, Daniela 2006-03-03 THESIS
A two-Higgs-doublet model : from twisted theory to LHC phenomenology
386 Herquet, Michel 2008-09-12 THESIS
A Constraint Satisfaction Approach for Enclosing Solutions to Initial Value Problems for Parametric Ordinary Differential Equations
387 Janssen, Micha 2001-10-26 THESIS
Design and characterization of monolithic microwave integrated circuits in CMOS SOI technology for high temperature applications
388 El Kaamouchi, Majid 2008-09-24 THESIS
Multiuser communications over frequency selective wired channels and applications to the powerline access network
389 Sartenaer, Thierry 2004-09-14 THESIS
Radioactive ion implantation of thermoplastic elastomers
390 Borcea, Veronica 2008-09-11 THESIS
Biodiversity of shipwrecks from the Southern Bight of the North Sea
391 Zintzen, Vincent 2007-02-26 THESIS
Synthesis of new zinc and cobalt complexes : application to the enantioselective hydrosilylation of ketones
392 Pressel, Yann 2006-11-03 THESIS
Spatial prediction of soil properties: the Bayesian Maximum Entropy approach./ Prédiction spatiale de propriétés pédologiques : l'approche du Maximum d'Entropie Bayésien.
393 D'Or, Dimitri 2003-05-13 THESIS
Modelling queueing networks with blocking using probability mass fitting
394 Tancrez, Jean-Sébastien 2009-03-18 THESIS
Contract design, credit markets and aggregate implications
395 Attar, Andrea 2005-09-01 THESIS
Equilibrium business cycles and the labor market
396 Pierrard, Olivier 2004-06-29 THESIS
L'intelligence des feux rouges. Sociologie d'une entreprise gestionnaire
397 Lannoy, Pierre 2001-04-23 THESIS
Econometric analysis of financial count data and portfolio choice : a dynamic approach
398 Rengifo Minaya, Erick W. 2005-06-22 THESIS
Essays on investment and technological adoption
399 de Oliveira Cruz, Bruno 2005-03-16 THESIS
Pre-orthographical constraints in reading and multi-element processing in dyslexia/Contraintes pré-orthographiques en lecture et traitement d'éléments multiples chez des dyslexiques
400 Dubois, Matthieu 2008-02-27 THESIS

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