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Numerical simulation of Czochralski bulk crystal growth process : investigation of transport effects in melt and gas phases
301 Wu, Liang 2008-10-03 THESIS
Mean preservation in censored regression using preliminary nonparametric smoothing
302 Heuchenne, Cédric 2005-08-18 THESIS
Accuracy and consistency in finite element ocean modeling
303 White, Laurent 2007-03-23 THESIS
Metallo-supramolecular block copolymers : from synthesis to smart nanomaterials
304 Guillet, Pierre 2008-07-08 THESIS
Thrombin inhibitors grafting on polyester membranes for the preparation of blood-compatible materials
305 Salvagnini, Claudio 2005-11-28 THESIS
On the assimilation of ice velocity and concentration data into large-scale sea ice models
306 Dulière, Valérie 2007-09-28 THESIS
Parallel field-induced universal conductance fluctuations in open quantum dots
307 Gustin, Cédric 2005-03-15 THESIS
Assessing pesticide leaching at the regional scale : a case study for atrazine in the Dyle catchment
308 Leterme, Bertrand 2006-12-14 THESIS
Statistical tools for the analysis of event-related potentials in electroencephalograms
309 Bugli, Céline 2006-06-23 THESIS
Aspects of probabilistic modelling for data analysis
310 Delannay, Nicolas 2007-10-23 THESIS
Bayesian data fusion in environmental sciences : theory and applications
311 Fasbender, Dominique 2008-11-17 THESIS
The geochemical behaviour of uranium in the Boom Clay
312 Delécaut, Grégory 2004-06-28 THESIS
Dense deformation estimation for pairwise and multi-subjects registration
313 De Craene, Mathieu 2005-10-24 THESIS
Multimodal images registration constrained by rigid structures with applications in radiotherapy
314 du Bois d'Aische, Aloys 2005-10-03 THESIS
Cache-based vulnerabilities and spam analysis
315 Neve de Mevergnies, Michael 2006-07-14 THESIS
Locally anti de Sitter spaces and deformation quantization
316 Claessens, Laurent 2007-09-13 THESIS
Implications of nitric oxide in therapeutic and tumor angiogenesis : from the dissection of the VEGF signaling pathway to preclinical applications
317 Brouet, Agnès 2004-10-07 THESIS
Constructivist learning : an operational approach for designing adaptive learning environments supporting cognitive flexibility
318 Vu Minh, Chieu 2005-09-30 THESIS
What climate change for the 21st century ? A projection with LMD5-CLIO2 and its sensitivity to freshwater flux from the Greenland ice sheet
319 Poncin, Chantal 2003-09-08 THESIS
Studies of demetallation of haemin by mammalian apoferritins
320 de Val Alda, Natalia 2007-10-19 THESIS
Essays on market structure, location and growth
321 Minniti, Antonio 2007-08-30 THESIS
Improving the convergence of IP routing protocols
322 Francois, Pierre 2007-10-30 THESIS
Impact of oxygen and blood flow heterogeneities in tumors : new insights for anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic therapies
323 Martinive, Philippe 2007-02-27 THESIS
Identification of genes involved in the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by two Sphingomonas species
324 Schuler, Luc 2007-12-13 THESIS
Communication and cancer : the impact of locus of control on communication between the medical specialist and his patient
325 Libert, Yves 2004-12-10 THESIS
A multiscale multiphysics investigation of aluminum friction stir welds : from thermal modelling to mechanical properties through precipitation evolution and hardening
326 Simar, Aude 2006-07-17 THESIS
Late fertility : its causal effects on health of the newborn and its implications in fertility decision process / Fécondité tardive : effets causaux sur la santé du nouveau-né et implications dans le processus de décision en matière de fécondité
327 Vandresse, Marie 2008-04-23 THESIS
Thin film acoustic waveguides and resonators for gravimetric sensing applications in liquid
328 Francis, Laurent A. 2006-02-01 THESIS
Micromechanics of strength and strain hardening in mono- and multiphase fine grained materials
329 Delincé, Marc 2008-02-28 THESIS
CMS Trigger strategies for the selection of MSSM Higgs bosons using electron tau-jet decay modes
330 van der Aa, Olivier 2005-02-07 THESIS
Reconstruction of the 1979-2005 Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance using satellite data and the regional climate model MAR
331 Fettweis, Xavier 2006-08-28 THESIS
On-line periodic scheduling of hybrid chemical plants with parallel production lines and shared resources
332 Simeonova, Iliyana 2008-08-28 THESIS
Digital watermarking algorithms robust against loss of synchronization
333 Delannay, Damien 2004-04-02 THESIS
Two-layer flow behaviour and the effects of granular dilatancy in dam-break induced sheet-flow
334 Spinewine, Benoit 2005-12-02 THESIS
A tube based configuration formalism for entangled linear polymers under flow
335 Leygue, Adrien 2005-07-05 THESIS
Testing specifications in partial observability models : a Bayesian encompassing approach
336 Almeida, Carlos 2007-10-04 THESIS
Ternary cubic forms and central simple algebras of degree 3
337 Raczek, Mélanie 2007-12-07 THESIS
Valuation, hedging and the risk management of insurance contracts
338 Barbarin, Jérôme 2008-06-03 THESIS
Study of WW decay of a Higgs boson with the ALEPH and CMS detectors
339 Delaere, Christophe 2005-07-06 THESIS
Code-aided synchronization for digital burst communications
340 Herzet, Cédric 2006-04-21 THESIS
Infinite matrix products : from the joint spectral radius to combinatorics
341 Jungers, Raphaël 2008-06-10 THESIS
Partially sufficient statistics and identification in conditional models
342 Oulhaj, Abderrahim 2003-05-05 THESIS
High frequency gas temperature and surface heat flux measurements
343 Iliopoulou, Vasiliki 2005-09-14 THESIS
Single-Molecule Spectroscopy: Novel methods and their application to the analysis of polyfluorene conjugated polymers
344 Muls, Benoît 2008-01-14 THESIS
Perception and re-synchronization issues for the watermarking of 3D shapes
345 Rondao Alface, Patrice 2006-10-26 THESIS
Efficiency of a high-pressure turbine tested in a compression tube facility
346 Yasa, Tolga 2008-07-01 THESIS
Micromechanical modeling of dual-phase elasto-plastic materials : influence of the morphological anisotropy, continuity and transformation of the phases
347 Lani, Frédéric 2005-02-11 THESIS
Three-dimensional crack analysis in aeronautical structures using the substructured finite element / extended finite element method
348 Wyart, Eric 2007-03-29 THESIS
Evolutionary factor analysis
349 Motta, Giovanni 2009-02-06 THESIS
Coupling of the deoxygenation of benzoic acid with the oxidation of propylene as a new tool to elucidate the architecture of Mo-based oxide catalysts
350 Dury, Frédéric 2005-12-07 THESIS

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