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The tumor vasculature : functional reactivity and therapeutic implications
551 Sonveaux, Pierre 2004-01-16 THESIS
Peroxiredoxin expression in the endocrine pancreas and their regulation by pro-inflammatory cytokines
552 Romanus, Pierre 2008-11-28 THESIS
Programming in ambience : gearing up for dynamic adaptation to context
553 Gonzalez Montesinos, Sebastian A. 2008-10-24 THESIS
Interactions between fingers and numbers : towards finger numeral representations
554 Di Luca, Samuel 2008-05-15 THESIS
Familial hypercholesterolemia in Belgium : genetic, clinical and epidemiologic aspects
555 Descamps, Olivier 2007-06-22 THESIS
Nonparametric analysis for risk management and market microstructure
556 Cosma, Antonio 2004-12-20 THESIS
Miniplates as temporary anchorage in orthodontics : experimental and clinical studies
557 Cornelis, Marie 2008-03-10 THESIS
Anodic aluminum oxide processing, characterization and application to DNA hybridization electrical detection
558 Moreno Hagelsieb, Luis 2007-07-12 THESIS
Influence of diverse olfactory cues on social, foraging, and spatial behaviours of the bank vole
559 Verplancke, Géraldine 2008-12-04 THESIS
Upscaling of solute transport in heterogeneous media : theories and experiments to compare and validate Fickian and non-Fickian approaches
560 Frippiat, Christophe 2006-05-29 THESIS
Extension of the spectral element method to exterior acoustic and elastodynamic problems in the frequency domain
561 Ambroise, Steeve 2006-01-19 THESIS
Magnetic resonance elastography for the non-invasive staging of liver fibrosis
562 Huwart, Laurent 2007-12-19 THESIS
Inequalities and inequities in mental health and care
563 Lorant, Vincent 2002-10-02 THESIS
Nonnegative matrix factorization algorithms and applications
564 Ho, Ngoc-Diep 2008-06-09 THESIS
Role of IGF-I in glucocorticoid-induced muscle atrophy
565 Schakman, Olivier 2009-02-10 THESIS
Essays in spatial economics
566 Mion, Giordano 2004-12-20 THESIS
Soil characteristics, cropping patterns, and use of organic resources in the coastal sandy area of Thua Thien Hue province, Central Vietnam
567 Hoang Thi Thai, Hoa 2008-11-25 THESIS
Populations, farming systems and social transitions in Sahelian Niger : an agent-based modeling approach
568 Saqalli, Mehdi 2008-06-23 THESIS
Silicon cycle in the soil-plant system : biogeochemical tracing using Si isotopes
569 Opfergelt, Sophie 2008-05-26 THESIS
Antibiotic accumulation and efflux in eukaryotic cells : a journey at the frontier of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
570 Van Bambeke, Françoise 2005-04-07 THESIS
Comprehensive assessment of patients with aortic valve disease by non-invasive cardiac imaging
571 Pouleur, Anne-Catherine 2008-09-15 THESIS
Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the accumulation of radiocaesium by plants
572 Dupré de Boulois, Hervé 2007-01-11 THESIS
An integrated detection and identification methodology applied to ground-penetrating radar data for humanitarian demining applications
573 Lopera-Tellez, Olga 2008-03-17 THESIS
Strategic complementarity and endogenous heterogeneity in oligopolistic markets
574 Knauff, Malgorzata 2006-01-10 THESIS
Developmental programming of adulthood obesity and cardiovascular disease in the mouse by maternal nutritional imbalance
575 Bol, Vanesa 2008-11-12 THESIS
Immunization of melanoma patients with tumor antigens recognized by T lymphocytes, using peptides and a recombinant protein encoded by MAGE-A3
576 Marchand, Marie 2006-10-23 THESIS
The cognitive representation of face distinctiveness : theoretical contribution and direct evidence for face space models
577 Potter, Timothy 2008-09-17 THESIS
International R&D collaboration networks and free trade agreements
578 Song, Hua Sheng 2006-03-24 THESIS
Compositional Analysis of Iterated Relations: Dynamics and Computations
579 Geurts, Frédéric 1997-03-22 THESIS
Spatial and integrated modelling of the transmission of vector-borne and zoonotic infections
580 Linard, Catherine 2009-01-23 THESIS
Trauma and bereavement : symptomatology, aetiology and interventions : a case of young survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda
581 Sezibera, Vincent 2008-09-17 DISSERTATION
Nano-patterned photoactive surfaces
582 Frédérich, Nadia 2006-12-13 THESIS
Automated object-based change detection for forest monitoring by satellite remote sensing : applications in temperate and tropical regions
583 Desclée, Baudouin 2007-05-30 THESIS
Economic dynamics with heterogeneous capital goods
584 Zou, Benteng 2005-06-21 THESIS
Harmony between groups : nuancing traditional views of color-blindness and color-consciousness
585 Maquil, Annemie 2007-01-19 THESIS
Characterization and modeling of SOI RF integrated components
586 Dehan, Morin 2003-11-28 THESIS
Les rôles et comportements tectoniques de mudmounds waulsortiens au sein de séries calcaro-schisteuses dinantiennes lors des déformations varisques : étude des déformations de lithofacies structuraux en divers domaines waulsortiens du Synclinorium de Dinant, du Synclinorium de Laval et du Sud de l'Irlande
587 Brodkom, Frédéric 1994-04-22 THESIS
Forest stand characterisation using very high resolutions satellite remote sensing/Caractérisation des peuplements forestiers par télédétection à très hautes résolutions
588 Kayitakire, François 2006-04-26 THESIS
Hepatocyte differentiation potential of mesenchymal cell lineages for liver regenerative medicine
589 Lysy, Philippe 2008-04-24 THESIS
Spectral functions and smoothing techniques on Jordan algebras
590 Baes, Michel 2006-09-22 THESIS
Destructive and constructive aspects of efficient algorithms and implementation of cryptographic hardware
591 Meurice de Dormale, Guerric 2007-10-04 THESIS
Thermomechanical Processing of TRIP-assisted Multiphase Steels
592 Godet, Stéphane 2003-04-27 THESIS
Finite element modeling of spherical induction actuator
593 Galary, Grzegorz 2005-10-14 THESIS
Numbers in the dark : early visual deprivation and the semantic numerical representation
594 Castronovo, Julie 2007-04-06 THESIS
Implications of traffic characteristics on interdomain traffic engineering
595 Uhlig, Steve 2004-03-02 THESIS
L'effet hyperfin dans la capture exclusive de muons par le 11B et le couplage pseudoscalaire induit
596 Wiaux, Vincent 1999-07-09 THESIS
Individual and institutional asset liability management
597 Hainaut, Donatien 2007-09-25 THESIS
Emotions, beliefs and illusionary finance
598 Salzman, Diego A. 2007-06-28 THESIS

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