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Modelling dependence in actuarial science, with emphasis on credibility theory and copulas
451 Purcaru, Oana 2005-08-19 THESIS
Reasoning about Agents in Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering
452 Letier, Emmanuel 2002-05-22 THESIS
Celiac disease and cholecystokinin cell dysfunction : a model of interaction between the digestive, endocrine and immune systems in the gut
453 Deprez, Pierre 2003-05-28 THESIS
Les relations entre théorie et praxis dans les manuscrits économico-philosophiques de 1844, de Karl Marx
454 Irala Burgos, Adriano 1972-01-01 THESIS
Novel applications of functionalised orthoesters : towards the synthesis of various natural products
455 Maulide, Nuno 2007-07-20 THESIS
Essays on product differentiation and trade
456 Bacchiega, Emanuele 2005-03-22 THESIS
A bottom-up approach to fermion masses
457 Goffinet, François 2008-12-19 THESIS
The development of nation branding in BRICS countries
458 Dheur, Stephanie, MS 2012-08-15 THESIS
Muddy floods in the Belgian loess belt : problems and solutions
459 Evrard, Olivier 2008-04-24 THESIS
Symmetry and singularities for some semilinear elliptic problems
460 Sintzoff, Paul 2005-12-06 THESIS
Method of moments simulation of infinite and finite periodic structures and application to high-gain metamaterial antennas
461 Dardenne, Xavier 2007-03-28 THESIS
Modelling and Security Analysis of Authenticated Group Key Agreement Protocols
462 Pereira, Olivier 2003-05-16 THESIS
Modelling the mass balance and salinity of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice
463 Vancoppenolle, Martin 2008-03-14 THESIS
Micromechanics of inclusion-reinforced composites in elasto-plasticity and elasto-viscoplasticity : modeling and computation
464 Pierard, Olivier 2006-09-15 THESIS
An Integrated Affine Jump Diffusion Framework to Manage Power Portfolios in a Deregulated Market
465 Culot, Michel F.J. 2003-01-24 THESIS
Rainfed orchards in semi-arid environments : retaining the water and the soil
466 Meerkerk, André 2008-09-05 THESIS
Characterization of insect cell lines is required for appropriate industrial processes : case study of high-five cells for recombinant protein production
467 Drugmand, Jean-Christophe 2007-02-07 THESIS
Competition in successive oligopolies
468 Zanaj, Skerdilajda 2008-04-18 THESIS
Boundary control of quasi-linear hyperbolic initial boundary-value problems
469 de Halleux, Jonathan P. 2004-09-28 THESIS
Modeling, simulation and control of redundantly actuated parallel manipulators
470 Ganovski, Latchezar 2007-12-04 THESIS
Looking for conditions leading to infra-humanization
471 Cortes, Brezo 2005-04-25 THESIS
Nanomechanics with the atomic force microscope on polymer surfaces, interfaces and nano-materials
472 Nysten, Bernard 2007-05-25 THESIS
Synthesis and evaluation of enantiopure silyl perfluoroalkylsulfonylimides as catalysts for asymmetric synthesis
473 Tang, Zilong 2004-08-25 THESIS
Feedback and feedforward processes underlying grip-load force coupling during cyclic arm movements
474 Augurelle, Anne-Sophie 2003-04-28 THESIS
Symbolic Modeling of Electromechanical Multibody Systems/Modélisation Symbolique de Systèmes Multicorps Electromécaniques
475 Sass, Laurent L 2004-01-20 THESIS
Investigating a cognitive linguistic approach to the learning of english phrasal verbs
476 Condon, Nora 2008-08-26 THESIS
Design and optimization of digital circuits for low power and security applications
477 Hassoune, Ilham 2006-06-27 THESIS
Improvement of surface properties induced by specific functionalization of polyethylene
478 Iguerb, Ourida 2006-07-13 THESIS
Development and application of a methodological model that allows evaluate and compare the behaviour of external walls exposed to moisture phenomenons
479 Veas, Leonardo 2006-04-20 THESIS
Joint spectral radius : theory and approximations
480 Theys, Jacques 2005-05-30 THESIS
Micromechanics of rate-independent multi-phase composites : application to Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
481 Ouaar, Amine 2006-07-10 THESIS
Activity limitations in patients with neuromuscular disorders
482 Vandervelde, Laure 2008-05-19 THESIS
Adaptive Bayesian P-splines models for fitting time-activity curves and estimating associated clinical parameters in Positron Emission Tomography and Pharmacokinetic study
483 Jullion, Astrid 2008-07-01 THESIS
Probabilistic models in noisy environments : and their application to a visual prosthesis for the blind
484 Archambeau, Cédric 2005-09-26 THESIS
Mathematical modelling and simulation of dispersive mixing
485 Alsteens, Bernard 2005-05-11 THESIS
Adaptive biological image-guided radiation therapy in pharyngo-laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
486 Geets, Xavier 2008-04-28 THESIS
A New Limit On Vµ -> Vtau Oscillations
487 Brooijmans, Gustaaf 1998-04-15 THESIS
When and where will a target go? A behavioural and electrophysiological study of expectation in primates
488 de Hemptinne, Coralie 2008-08-26 THESIS
Volumetric capnography in the diagnosis and the therapeutic monitoring of pulmonary embolism in the emergency department
489 Verschuren, Franck 2005-12-07 THESIS
Searching for longevity determinants : following survival of newborns in a in-land village in Sardinia (1866-2006)
490 Salaris, Luisa 2009-02-16 THESIS
Improvement of the mechanical properties of TRIP-assisted multiphase steels by application of innovative thermal or thermomechanical processes
491 Georges, Cédric 2008-08-28 THESIS
Joint source-channel turbo techniques and variable length codes
492 Jaspar, Xavier 2008-04-08 THESIS
Dynamics, information and computation / Dynamique, information et calcul
493 Delvenne, Jean-Charles 2005-12-16 THESIS
A constraint programming approach to subgraph isomorphism
494 Zampelli, Stéphane 2008-06-24 THESIS
On the relationships between microstructure and mechanical properties of TRIP-assisted multiphase steels : strength, ductility, fracture and fatigue
495 Lacroix, Gauthier 2007-11-23 THESIS
High-dimensional data analysis : optimal metrics and feature selection
496 François, Damien 2007-01-10 THESIS
The use of extraretinal information to compensate for self-movement
497 Blohm, Gunnar 2004-10-19 THESIS
From Kurzweil-Henstock integration to charges in Euclidean spaces
498 Moonens, Laurent 2008-04-11 THESIS
Volatility dynamics around information : empirical evidence from the euro/dollar currency market
499 Ben Omrane, Walid 2006-11-17 THESIS
Hydrogeophysical characterization of soil using ground penetrating radar
500 Lambot, Sébastien 2003-11-10 THESIS

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