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Response to EGFR inhibitors in fibroblast cell lines and its association with germline polymorphisms
2201 Montenegro, Raquel Carvalho 2006-05-11 THESIS
The effect of the adenosine deaminase inhibitor, EHNA, on Clostridium difficile toxin-A-induced enteritis in murine ileal loops
2202 Torquato de, Ana Flávia 2008-06-06 THESIS
Evolution and profile of the antisperm antibodies during the first 180 days of the vasectomized individuals
2203 Moreira da, Flávio Barbosa 2005-07-11 THESIS
The Etanol and the Gasoline are Perfect Substitutes?
2204 Guimarães, Ângela 2008-08-27 THESIS
Argumentative relationship between topoi and inference law.
2205 Lima Mesquita, Lívia de 2006-12-04 THESIS
2206 de Lemos, Angela Maria 2007-02-26 THESIS
Studies of seizures and actions of nimodipine on pilocarpine-induced seizures in young rats.
2207 Silva Nascimento, Viviane da 2005-03-29 THESIS
Comparative study of capture híbrida-hpv-dna for domiciliary autocoleta and it collects doctor
2208 Júnior, Francisco Holanda 2005-04-04 THESIS
Genotoxic and mutagenic assessment of kaurenoic acid, a diterpene isolated from Copaifera langsdorffii
2209 Cavalcanti, Bruno Coêlho 2006-12-14 THESIS
Study of a new adenosine receptor A2A agonist, ATL313, on Clostridium difficile toxin A-induced enteritis in ileal pouch isolated of mice
2210 Cavalcante, Ingrid Chaves 2005-04-29 THESIS
Factors that interfere in clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) procedure in children with myelomeningocele under caregiver?s perception
2211 da Costa, Juliana Neves 2005-10-19 THESIS
Effects of acute mild hypovolemia in gastric emptying and intragastric distribution of liquid meal in healthy humans
2212 Furtado Freire, Caio Cesar 2008-05-20 THESIS
Clinical study of melatonin effects about sleep quality and pulmonary function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
2213 Nunes, Deuzilane Muniz 2007-12-07 THESIS
Performance of various reprodutivo genótipos of goats for the production of meat acasalamento subject to station during the season of the State of Ceará chuvosa
2214 Caetano Fernandes, José Ivan 2007-08-20 THESIS
Clinical and epidemiologic profile of acute respiratory infections caused by adenovirus in children attended in reference hospital in the city of Fortaleza - CE
2215 Lima de, Jacó Ricarte 2007-06-01 THESIS
Evaluation clinical-laboratory of patients with rheumatoid arthritis: comparative analysis of anticitrullina the rheumatoid factor and antibodies
2216 de Figueiredo, Vilena Barros 2005-10-04 THESIS
System of computational vision for the characterization of the graphite using microphotographies
2217 Costa de, Victor Hugo 2007-10-06 THESIS
Effect of the administration of continuous positive pressure in aerial ways in not invasive way on the aeration of parênquima pulmonary in patients with pulmonary illness obstrutiva chronicle
2218 Branco Fortaleza, Simone Castelo 2006-09-28 THESIS
Sonogram Evaluation of supreefect with GnRH Analogues in Girls With Idiopathic Central Precocious Puberty Studies
2219 Ribeiro Falanga, Ângela Clotilde 2004-12-27 THESIS
MYGSI a proposal of security for peer-to-peer gird
2220 Sousa do, João Carlos 2006-10-09 THESIS
Autoantibodies profile in patients with chronic hepatitis C and the influence of Interferon-alfa plus Ribavirin
2221 Vilar, Janaina Leitão 2006-11-30 THESIS
Use of chlorhexidine and vancomycin in inhibition of Mutans streptococci in children with dental caries: a clinical trial, double-blind, randomized
2222 Dantas Lobo, Patrícia Leal 2007-02-05 THESIS
Antineoplastic potential of biflorin, amp;#1086;- naftoquinone isolated from the roots of Capraria biflora L
2223 de Vasconcellos, Marne Carvalho 2007-12-14 THESIS
Biochemical, Toxicological and Allergenic Aspects of the Latex from the Plant Calotropis procera (Ait.) R. Br.
2224 de Aguiar, Valéria Cavalcanti 2006-08-18 THESIS
Effect of copaifera langsdorfii (desf.) In ischemia-reperfusion of random skin flaps on rats
2225 de Lima, Joaquim José 2007-12-10 THESIS
Diagnosis of the restriction of growth fetal for the relation diameter transverso of the abdominal cerebelo/circunferência
2226 Arimatea Barreto, José de 2003-05-21 THESIS
Medication compliance in outpatients with chronic kidneydisease assisted by Renal Care Unit of the Academical Hospital
2227 Moreira, Leonardo Barbosa 2005-10-06 THESIS
quot;Nos caminhos da memória, nas águas do Jaguaribequot;: memória das enchentes em Jaguaruana-Ce (1960, 1974, 1985)
2228 Ribeiro e, Kamillo Karol 2006-04-20 THESIS
DTX: a mechanism of control of distributed concurrency for XML data
2229 Moreira, Leonardo Oliveira 2008-07-24 THESIS
Inclusion of almond meal of the cashew nut in the diet for laying quails
2230 Soares, Marcelo Borges 2005-04-12 THESIS
Analysis of the tourism in Aquiraz - Ceará: politics, development and sustainability
2231 Sousa, Michele de 2005-09-16 THESIS
The Influence of the composition of the commerce in the income inaquality and indices of poverty for Brazil and its regions in the decade of 1990
2232 Silva Guedes, Nádia Maria THESIS
Economic growth, commercial opening and well-being in Brazil
2233 de Lima, Francisco Soares 2003-11-05 THESIS
Commercial opening and Inflation: A Empíric Evidence for Brazil
2234 Alcântara Macedo, Isac de 2007-03-30 THESIS
North-American Intervention and influency on Japanese and Brasilian Culture and Education in Post II World War - Memory by orality.
2235 Sampaio Mello, Valéria Maria 2006-05-10 THESIS
Sigma-coberturas de grupos solúveis finitos
2236 Veras, Darlan Portela 2007-04-20 THESIS
The double aspect of the emotions in the broadcast campaign amp;#8220;Lula for Presidentamp;#8221;
2237 da Silva, Ricardo Rifane 2007-10-10 THESIS
Imtegrated analysis of the model of protect the environment and management of the conservation units of the City of Paraipaba-Ce
2238 Sampaio, Helena Stela 2007-10-02 THESIS
Effect of the micorrízico inoculation with fungo arbuscular and of the organic fertilization in the development of changes of the wise person (coesalpiniaefolia Mimosa Benth) under estresse saline
2239 Castro Tavares, Rodrigo de 2007-02-26 THESIS
Histomorfometric evaluation of mechanoreceptors and free nerves ending in the ankle lateral ligaments submitted physiologic stress
2240 Barbosa Moraes, Miguel Ricardo 2006-03-17 THESIS
Social participation in the urban planning and management: the participativo budget of Olinda
2241 Duchrow, Alina D'alva 2004-09-09 THESIS
Determinative of the Foreign Investment Direct in Brazil in the Period of 1987 - 2004
2242 dos Santos, Manoel Miguel 2006-02-23 THESIS
Pimecrolimus cream 1% efficacy study in adults with facial seborrheic dermatitis infected with HIV virus.
2243 de Moraes, Andrea Pinheiro 2006-07-17 THESIS
Contribution to the study of the factors that influence in the decision of the borrower of habitacional financing
2244 Lima, Tchaykowsky Adriano 2004-04-16 THESIS
Estimates of service for covariância characteristics of growth of race tabapuã using model regressão random
2245 de Sousa, Severino Cavalcante 2007-02-12 THESIS
The winds of the maritimidade on the coast of Ceará-Brazil: consequences of the flows of vehicles in the National Park of Jericoacoara
2246 de Lima, Ingrid Carneiro 2007-10-17 THESIS
The policy to attract industrial investments of Ceará, and the impact on jobs: an analysis of period 2002 - 2005
2247 Nunes Nogueira, Fernando Antonio 2008-12-16 THESIS
Dynamic two-dimensional anorretal ultrasound in the diagnosis of Anismus in adult women - comparative study to the anal manometria and dynamic three-dimensional anorretal ultrasound
2248 Lima Barreto, Rosilma Gorete 2007-07-30 THESIS
Employment of chitin and chitosan for adsorption of phenol of petroleum refinery wastewater
2249 Liberato Milhome, Maria Aparecida 2006-05-25 THESIS
Analysis of the efficiency technique of the production of goat ovinos and in the city of Tauá-Ceará
2250 Neto, José Alcântara 2005-05-03 THESIS

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