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The assessment practice of a 1 st grade teacher in a municipal school of Fortaleza: between the written and lively
2001 furlanetto, Claudia Regina 2007-04-23 THESIS
Analysis of Performance of Asset: A Study of Case of the Treasure-house of the northeast Bank of Brazil
2002 de Lima, José Valente 2008-04-29 THESIS
Efficiency and banking competition in Brazil
2003 Wichmann, Bruno Moreira 2006-05-15 THESIS
Evaluation of the application of good practices in laboratory and quality systems in public institutions of research and superior education in health care area in Brazil
2004 Nunes Camurça, Ernestina Maria 2006-02-17 THESIS
In vivo quantification of corneal angiogenesis using digital image processing
2005 Fechine Jamacaru, Francisco Vagnaldo 2006-11-24 THESIS
Influence of npk fertilizer with the production and chemical composition of brachiaria brizantha cv-4 mg.
2006 Radin Magalhães, Thaisa Grazielle 2006-07-21 THESIS
Entorno of the national park of Ubajara-Ce: socioambiental characterization of the District of Araticum
2007 de Araújo, Vilma Terezinha 2008-10-01 THESIS
Oral supplementation of alanyl-glutamine in children on a poor community at Fortaleza-CE : impact on intestinal barrier function and nutritional status
2008 Lima, Noélia Leal 2006-12-18 THESIS
Three Essays About Agricultural Productivity
2009 Carvalho, Rosemeiry Melo 2003-11-05 THESIS
Level of knowledge of dental surgeons about dental fluorosis
2010 Fátima Azevedo, Maria de 2007-08-24 THESIS
Growth evaluation of premature children with very low weight coming from the neonatal unit
2011 Coelho Oliveira, Márcia Maria 2005-12-01 THESIS
Molecular caracterization of lactic acid bacterias (lab with technological potential for production of coalho cheese in the Ceará
2012 Martins de, Ana Amélia 2008-06-06 THESIS
The textual production of deaf students by the support of educative softwares
2013 Castro Lopes, Ligiane de 2006-09-19 THESIS
The conceptual and functional status of proforms. Pronoun - the protype of proforms.
2014 Bernardo Campelo, Kilpatrick Müller 2007-10-04 THESIS
JMED-An architecture PEER-TO-PEER for applications in telemedicine
2015 teles, Cláudio Pedrosa 2006-06-23 THESIS
Use of potentially-nephrotoxic drugs in pediatic patients: prevalence, risk factores and prevention
2016 Feitosa Veneranda, Ana Lucia 2006-09-06 THESIS
Evaluation of nursing systematized orientation in the post-operatory of women submitted to mastectomy
2017 Melo, Elizabeth Mesquita 2007-03-20 THESIS
The (new)pragmatism as (de)structural axis of contemporany education
2018 Soares, José Rômulo 2007-06-06 THESIS
Study of the effect of the rosemary gel pepper (lippia sidoides) roeira (myracrodruon urundeuva) and its isolated active principles in the experimental periodontal illness
2019 Botelho Soares, Marco Antonio 2007-08-29 THESIS
Behavioral, neurochemical, histopatological and biochemical alterations in rats treated with cocaine and ethanol singly or in association
2020 Pampolha Lima, Iri Sandro 2003-02-07 THESIS
The inclusion of the person with deficiency in the work market: analysis of the public politics in Teresina
2021 dos Santos, Simonelly Valéria 2008-02-22 THESIS
Directional optic staple dispersion profile fiber(DPF)
2022 Lima Junior, Almir Wirth 2007-03-05 THESIS
Changes in the socioeconomic and environmental profile from tourist activity in the municipal district of Guaramiranga-CE.
2023 Gomes de, Ana Lúcia 2005-03-23 THESIS
MIMO receptors based on PARAFAC decomposition algorithm
2024 de Lacerda, Raul Liberato 2005-08-17 THESIS
Operational risks - an application of the method of distribution of aggregate losses: a study of case in financial institution
2025 Magalhães de, Luiz Eduardo THESIS
Distribution space and competitive interactions in zoantídeos (CNIDARA: ZOANTHIDAE) in an environment of reefs of sandstone in northeastern Brazil
2026 Rabelo, Emanuelle Fontenele 2007-12-09 THESIS
Groundwater Flow: computation modeling and calibration of the parameters hydrodynamics
2027 Moura Leal, Carlos Roberto 2007-06-08 THESIS
Discovery of relationships between software patterns using latent semantics
2028 Silveira de, Rute Nogueira 2006-09-11 THESIS
Abnormal eating behavior and inappropriate practices for weight control amongst female adolescents in fortaleza
2029 Olsen do, Antonio Maia 2002-07-11 THESIS
On the application of Gauss for hypersurfaces of constant mean curvature in sphere
2030 da Silva, Adam Oliveira 2009-01-21 THESIS
Production of hydrocarbons through Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of using catalysts of Fe / K
2031 Mesquita, Francisco Edson 2007-03-07 THESIS
Technological innovation and regional growth in Brazil
2032 de Oliveira, Zilah Maria 2007-08-20 THESIS
Melodrama and Nation on Brazilian Cinema of the Forties
2033 de Carvalho, Cid Vasconcelos 2007-05-18 THESIS
Model of authentical and authorization based on certifyd of attributes for control of acess of applicationa in distributd environment using coloured petri nets
2034 Fernandes Villar, Melissa Vieira 2007-08-06 THESIS
Assistence prenatal in the state of Ceará in perspective the program of humanization in prenatal and birth (phpn)
2035 Passos, Anderson Aguiar 2006-12-22 THESIS
Variability of ITS-1 region of nuclear ribosomal cluster in three populations of oysters from the Coast Estuaries Cearense
2036 Vasconcelos, Régis Fernandes 2009-03-12 THESIS
Increase of the income or reduction of the inaquality? What it is more efficient in the combat to the poverty: new evidences for the agricultural, urban zones and metropolitans in Brazil
2037 Braga dos, Antônio Francisco 2008-09-19 THESIS
Morphological and morphometric analysis of colonic anastomosis healing, in rats, under action of 10% aroeira-do-sertão enema (Myracrodruon urundeuva Fr. All.)
2038 Araújo de, Annya Costa 2005-08-26 THESIS
Investigation of risk factors for type 2 mellitus diabetes in school adolescents from Fortaleza-Ce
2039 Vilarouca da, Ana Roberta 2006-11-22 THESIS
Analysis of models of secular series for the monthly forecast of the income tax
2040 Santos, Alan Vasconcelos 2003-07-03 THESIS
?I liked to run after the pigeons?: the itinerary of play in infant education.
2041 Vidal Costa, Maria Regiane 2006-04-06 THESIS
Influence of Containers and substrate in seedlings quality of cumaru (Amburana cearensis (Arr. Cam.) A.C. Smith)
2042 Doben da, Henrique Mau 2009-02-04 THESIS
Automatic system for analysis of heart rate variability
2043 do Vale, João Paulo 2008-10-08 THESIS
Accompaniment of children and adolescents with family history of arterial hypertension
2044 Chaves, Emília Soares 2007-08-31 THESIS
Electroplating,characterization and studies of behavior corrosion of Ni-Mo and Ni-W
2045 Vaz, Gustavo Leitão 2007-02-05 THESIS
Study of the asphaltic cement of petroleum modified for copolymers of ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA)
2046 Valentim de, Ana Ellen 2005-07-13 THESIS
Performance of pigs in the nursery phase fed diets containing deferentes levels of scraping the full inclusion of cassava and forms of arraçoamento
2047 Sampaio Oliveira, Tânia Elizabeth 2005-04-08 THESIS
Health professionals social representations from Family Health Program about psychoactives drugs the city of Fortaleza
2048 de Mederios, Joedna Souza 2006-06-29 THESIS
Non-verbal mother-child communication analysis for maternal hiv presence in an experimental environment
2049 Sousa Paiva, Simone de 2007-12-19 THESIS
Micronucleus and others nuclear anomalies: A prediction test for oral cancer
2050 Skeff de, Maria Adriana 2006-10-16 THESIS

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