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Attacked woman by human papillomavirus and Repercussions in the family
1951 Joca, Mirella Teixeira 2007-09-12 THESIS
College Entrance Exam at UFC: Implications forHighSchool ? Analysis From The Changes RealizedFfrom 1978 TO 2004
1952 Moreira da, João Eudes 2007-05-02 THESIS
Development agents in all districts: study of case of the agent of development of the northeast Bank of Brazil
1953 de Lavor, João Ferreira 2003-12-22 THESIS
Behavioral and neurochemical effects of melatonin in 6-OHDA-lesioned rats
1954 Vasconcelos Aguiar, Lissiana Magna 2002-06-14 THESIS
New Boarding for the nonmonotonic reasoning
1955 Melo Sousa, Rodrigo de 2007-08-30 THESIS
A study on process interruption and restart in clusters of web server
1956 Martins, Pitágoras Graça 2006-07-13 THESIS
AdaptiveRME and aspectCompose: A middleware adaptative and a guided process of composition the aspects for the development of software móvel and ubiquitous
1957 Rocha, Lincoln Souza 2007-08-03 THESIS
Profile of the clinical manifestations occured with patients of terminal chronic renal insufficience submitted to the hemodialysis
1958 Penha de, Maria da 2005-12-13 THESIS
Genital infection for clhamydia trachomatis in gestantes: prevalência and factors associates
1959 Pontes Ibiapina, Flavio Lucio 2008-12-18 THESIS
Spinal cord injury and its significations to the family
1960 Barbosa, Islene Victor 2008-03-28 THESIS
Chemical composition and digestibility of diet and performance productive of sheep in tanzania grass with three frequences of desfoliation and two residues after-grazing
1961 Miranda Valente, Bruno Stefano 2007-04-30 THESIS
Evaluation of the quality of the Pharmaceutical Assistance in primary care in the public service in Fortaleza-Brazil
1962 Freitas Correia, Ana Rachel 2007-11-21 THESIS
Vibrational and Thermal Properties of Crystalline Topiramate
1963 de Sena, Diniz Maciel 2008-05-29 THESIS
Evaluation of the quality of voice of the VoIP service in systems HDSPA
1964 Nunes de, Leonardo Ramon 2007-09-22 THESIS
Institutionalized elderly people and the understanding of his daily routine
1965 Peixoto Bessa, Maria Eliana 2007-03-10 THESIS
Phisical phisic-chemical, and enzimatic characterization of fruits of six dwarf coconut cultivars at different stages of development
1966 Maciel, Vlayrton Tomé 2008-02-14 THESIS
Health Profile of the acute respiratory infections caused by influenza virus in children attended at Albert Sabin Children Hospital, in Fortaleza ? Ceará, 2001 at July 2004
1967 Martins, Marlos Gomes 2005-11-04 THESIS
Sanitary and Agronomic Aspects of the use of treated wastewater in the Irrigation of Tanzânia grass (Panicum maximum Jacq. cv. Tanzânia) - Aquiraz, Ceará.
1968 Benevides, Regis Meireles 2007-08-09 THESIS
The pedagogy of the black movement ininstitutions of teaching in Teresina, Piaui:the experiences of IFARADA and ofCentre Afrocultural quot;Coisa de Negoquot;
1969 Sousa Gomes, Ana Beatriz 2007-09-28 THESIS
Familiar Microcompany and empreendedorismo in the quarter Are Peter in Teresina-PI
1970 Bezerra Maciel, Isidro José 2008-03-31 THESIS
The impact of the SIMPLES in the generation of jobs of the textile chain
1971 da Rocha, Sebastião Carlos 2007-01-30 THESIS
Characteristics of the non-verbal communication between the nurse and the blind patient
1972 de Almeida, Cristiana Brasil 2005-08-30 THESIS
Determining key factors related to errors in medication prescribing in University Hospital
1973 Rabelo Neri, Eugenie Desiree 2004-07-29 THESIS
Educative method for the practice of the red reflex test in newborn care
1974 Leite Lúcio, Ingrid Martins 2008-04-03 THESIS
Effect of the processing on characteristics of quality ofthe cashew juice (Anacardium occidentale L)
1975 Oliveira Sancho, Soraya de 2006-08-31 THESIS
Exploitation of the cashew of the prebiootic synthesis
1976 Rabelo, Maria Cristiane 2008-02-22 THESIS
1977 Assis Jorge, Francisco de 2006-07-28 THESIS
Avaliation of the sanitary, agronomics and final product quality aspects in watermelons irrigated with treated sewage
1978 Costa, Mayara Carantino 2006-07-28 THESIS
Effects on the central nervous system of the triterpenes alphaand beta-amyrin and their acetylated derivatives, in mice
1979 Aragão, Gislei Frota 2008-01-11 THESIS
Action of urgency and Emergency in the State of Ceará-Brazil: a proposal of organization from the implantation of the prehospital emergency care
1980 dos Santos, Paulo Egidio 2008-11-30 THESIS
Automatic Calibration of Pipe Roughness in Water Distribution Systems by using Genetic Algorithms
1981 Azevedo da, Alysson Cesar 2006-12-15 THESIS
Um Dia, Muitas Histórias... Trajetória e Concepções do Primeiro de Maio em Fortaleza, da Primeira República ao Estado Novo UM DIA, MUITAS HISTÓRIAS...TRAJETÓRIA E CONCEPÇÕES DO PRIMEIRO DE MAIO EM FORTALEZA DA PRIMEIRA REPÚBLICA AO ESTADO NOVO
1982 Tomé de, Lindercy Francisco 2006-12-14 THESIS
Post-Treatment for effluents of anaerobic reactors treating domestic effluent by natural and unnatural coagulants
1983 Rodrigues da, Marcos Erick 2006-07-13 THESIS
Evaluation of pharmacovigilance system in Natan Portella Institute of Tropical Diseases in Teresina - PI
1984 de Moura, Fabrício Pires 2006-12-11 THESIS
Tensional, morphological and morphometric analysis of the colonic anastomosis under 10% acetic acid induced colitis, in Wistar rats, treated with 10% aqueous extract of aroeira-do-sertão (Myracrodruon urundeuva Fr. All.)
1985 Soares Martins, Antônio Rubens 2004-08-30 THESIS
Raman amplification of short pulses in optical fibers with periodic gain
1986 da Silva, José Miranda 2008-04-01 THESIS
A Balança Comercial do Nordeste Brasileiro: Uma Análise Empírica The Trade balance northeast Brazilian: An Empirical Analysis
1987 de Freitas, Mariana Gomes 2003-11-26 THESIS
The impact of the public expenses in the index of human development: the case of the cities of the Ceará
1988 da Nova, Milton Jaques 2006-02-10 THESIS
An Assessment of the Practice of Collective Administrative Participation in the Public Schools of Ceará.
1989 Oliveira, Ivan de 2006-04-19 THESIS
Revisiting the model to the satisfaction of assets CarhartFor the stock market brasileiro
1990 de Melo, Antonio Ribeiro 2008-06-06 THESIS
Evaluation of the sensory aspects, físico-químicos and minerais of the juice of grape of the vatiety Benitaka (Vitis vinìfera l.)
1991 Pinheiro, Érika Sousa 2008-02-28 THESIS
Decomposition of the Inaquality of Income, Determinats of Poverty and Intensity of the Pro-Poor Growth in Sectors and Regions of the Brazil.
1992 de Sena, Dilson José 2008-03-12 THESIS
1993 Silva Santiago, Lucimar da 2005-03-30 THESIS
Decomposition and width in tree of graphs to glide free of cycles induced pairs
1994 da Silva, Aline Alves 2007-08-27 THESIS
Resultados tipo Bernstein em M2 x R
1995 de Lima, Jose Wilker 2007-03-29 THESIS
Fluorine concentration analysis in public water supply at Ceará
1996 Frota Lima, Cláudia Maria 2007-12-18 THESIS
Nursing diagnoses in patients with acute myocardial infarction submitted to the coronary angioplasty with STENT
1997 Silva Paiva, Glaziane da 2007-04-01 THESIS
Microscopic theory of spin waves in magnetic nanowires
1998 Sena Filho, Roberto Ferreira 2007-01-12 THESIS
Biometrics testículo-epididimária sheep and reserve espermática (ovis aries) deslanados created in the State of Ceará
1999 Uchôa Monteiro, Alexandre Weick 2007-03-20 THESIS
Epidemiology and clinical presentation of respiratory syncytial virus infections in Fortaleza city, Northeast Brazil
2000 da Silva, Ila Fernanda 2004-11-19 THESIS

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