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A Educação Profissional e Tecnológica nas Políticas Públicas de Educação: Análise Crítica de seus Princípios, Finalidades e Objetivos
1851 Figueiredo, Severina Gadelha 2008-12-20 THESIS
Prescription forecast of the ISSQN of Teresina: a boarding with secular series
1852 Pereira, José Ribamar 2007-12-19 THESIS
The capacity of payments of the rude water users of the basin of low jaguaribe
1853 Neto, Alcides Feitosa 2005-05-11 THESIS
Studies of Balance and Dynamics of Adsorption in Fixed Bed for the System Glucose / Fructose in Resinas Cationic: Application to the Juice of Clarified Cashew
1854 da Luz, Djavania Azevêdo 2006-06-23 THESIS
Esteem of the efficiencies techniques of the deliverering firms of electric energy: parametric and nonparametric boarding of borders
1855 Saraiva, Paulo Quinderé 2005-08-18 THESIS
quot;Daughters of Mary like Angels above the Earthquot;: The Pious Union of the Daughters of Mary in Limoeiro-CE (1915-1945)
1856 de Andrade, Maria Lucélia 2008-10-31 THESIS
Water candy in Brazil:reasons of a new politics
1857 Duarte Silvestre, Maria Elisabeth 2003-09-12 THESIS
1858 Braga Sobral, Adriana Eufrasio 2006-06-19 THESIS
Characterization of brazilian binder processed and evaluation of the presence of hydrocarbons polycyclic aromatics (HPAs)
1859 Nunes Fernandes, Paulo Roberto 2007-07-20 THESIS
Electropedopisition and characterization the SnZnalloy on glass carbon
1860 Dias, Sanderlir Silva 2006-09-05 THESIS
ECONOMY OF THE POPULAR SECTORS youth and education for the work
1861 Cavalcante, Luciana Matias 2006-05-12 THESIS
A dissolução das Ilusões Trancendentais na quot;Crítica da Razão Puraquot;: um estudo sobre as relações entre a Estética, Analítica e a Dialética Transcendentais
1862 Benevides, Pablo Severiano 2008-01-22 THESIS
Study of the Action of Botulinum Toxin Type A in the Prophylaxis of Migraine Without Aura
1863 Costa D?Almeida, José Artur 2004-10-22 THESIS
WHEN A JOB MEANS TEACHING TO THE RUDE AND STUDYING ISGOOD TO GET A BETTER JOB: Speeches, representationsand real scholar education situations in the land reform.
1864 de Azevedo, Alessandro Augusto 2006-06-08 THESIS
1865 Cordeiro Barros, Raimunda Eliana 2007-01-12 THESIS
A study on the polytope and lower bounds of the representatives coloring formulation
1866 Campos, Victor Almeida 2005-08-31 THESIS
Practical knowledge and of the professionals of the Program of Health of the Family on auditory health.
1867 dos Santos, Elaine Fernandes 2004-10-22 THESIS
?Plano Real? strategic adjusment of the Bank Sector
1868 Rodrigues dos, Maria Elisangela 2004-04-29 THESIS
Sub-basins in the high Jaguaribe river in Taua town, CE: vulnerabilities before the incidence degradation / desertification.
1869 Paixão Pinheiro, Rosângela Maria 2003-07-02 THESIS
Study of the quot;standing-cropquot; of the water of the estuary of the river cocó (Ceará-Brazil), as indicating of the modifications physicist-chemistries of the way
1870 Pessoa, Eliano Vieira 2002-12-12 THESIS
Conservation post-harvest of bacuri under conditions surrounding and refrigeration associated with the modified atmosphere.
1871 Fontenele, Maria Alves 2007-03-29 THESIS
The contribution of vitamin C, carotenóides and compostos fenolics in the antioxidant potential of commercial products of Açaí and Cupuaçu
1872 dos Santos, Gerusa Matias 2007-06-01 THESIS
Use of stimulants, complaiunts of sleep and state of mood in professional drivers of truck
1873 Nunes de, Rachel Saraiva 2005-12-22 THESIS
The new productive spaces - social relationships and economical life in the cariri from Ceará.
1874 de Araújo, Iara Maria 2006-03-20 THESIS
Evaluation of the actions of control of the vertical transmission of the HIV/AIDS between postpartum women taken care in a fortaleza-ce maternity
1875 Moura Barroso, Léa Maria 2005-08-24 THESIS
Aplicação e Avaliação de Metodologias para Previsão de Índices Regionais de Chuva no Período da Quadra na Região Semi-Árida do Nordeste. IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION OF METODOLOGIAS TO FORECAST FOR ÍNDICES REGIONAL RAIN INDEX IN THE RAINY SEASON IN REGION SEMI-ÁRIDA OF NORDESTE OF BRAZIL
1876 da Silva, Emerson Mariano 2007-09-28 THESIS
Public expenses of the Cities of the State of the Ceará: An Analysis of the Determinative Politicians
1877 Barroso, Francisco Almeida 2004-04-14 THESIS
The impact of the sanitation in the tax of infantile mortality: a boarding of the investments of the Cagece in the cities of Ceará - 1997 the 2001
1878 Marques Ferreira, Clóris Maria 2004-04-24 THESIS
?Society of Knowledgequot;: a new paradigm in favor of old order
1879 Barbosa, Fabiano Geraldo 2008-11-20 THESIS
Tourism and urbanization: management of impacts in the coast of Aquiraz-CE.
1880 Pessoa Montenegro, Ignácio Ribeiro 2004-12-07 THESIS
Determinative of the success and small failure of the e micron companies of the floriano city
1881 do Nascimento, Adeildo Evangelista 2007-07-24 THESIS
The biomechanic properties of superior labrum biceps tendon complex submitted to stress force
1882 Socorro Sá, Adson do 2005-12-05 THESIS
Morfofuncional characterization of the ototoxicidade for cisplatina in rats: evaluation of the paper of apoptose and the otoproteção for amifostina
1883 de Freitas, Marcos Rabelo 2006-12-15 THESIS
Labor Insertion Process: a psychosocial vision from the experience of young people from a periphery community of Fortaleza
1884 Coelho, Raquel Nascimento 2008-04-10 THESIS
Sustainability indicators: a methodologiacalproposalfor measuring from progress to sustainable development
1885 Rabelo, Laudemira Silva 2007-02-01 THESIS
Effect of nitrate on azo dye reduction by mesophilic granular sludge
1886 da Costa, Carlos Henrique 2007-04-11 THESIS
Orthotopic liver transplantation in the State of Ceará
1887 Parente Garcia, José Huygens 2002-12-20 THESIS
Method for porting of the operating system(OS)Linux for embedded system
1888 Souza, Osvaldo de 2007-10-07 THESIS
Request, promise and pay: writings, pictures and objects of pilgrims of Canindé.
1889 Oliveira Silva, Lucília Maria 2007-12-20 THESIS
The Cinema in the Classroom: A Learning Dialogical of The Discipline History.
1890 de Paula, Sylvia Elisabeth 2007-06-14 THESIS
Vulnerability and risk to the pollution of the aquifer system - between Crato and Missão Velha, Araripe Basin, Brazil
1891 Oliveira Viana, Nirlando de 2007-08-23 THESIS
Indices of criminalidade and investment in public safety - A case study of the etate of Piauí -
1892 do Lago, Moacyr Ferraz 2008-03-10 THESIS
Barramento de serviços federados para integração federativa de sistemas distribuídos Barramento de serviços federados para integração federativa de sistemas distribuídosFederated service bus to federative integration of distributed systems
1893 Camelo, Josênio Candido 2008-02-20 THESIS
Contamination of groundwater bu pesticides e nitrate in the city Tianguá, Ceará.
1894 de Sá, Francisco Maurício 2006-09-01 THESIS
Psicossociais aspects of the auto-examination: implications in one another look of the prevention of the breast cancer
1895 Lima Ellery, Ana Ecilda 2004-06-09 THESIS
1896 Fernandes, Múcio Amaral THESIS
Formation of Portfolio: An alternative distribution free for the action market
1897 Vasconcelos, Ricardo Nelson 2004-04-20 THESIS
Analysis of the evaluate the social and environmental of the irrigated fruit in the Low Jaguaribe, Ceará
1898 Amaral, Cecília Reis 2007-03-21 THESIS
Use Profile and Monitoring of Adverse Reactions Caused by Herbal Medicines of Live Pharmacy Program in a Health Basic Unit of Fortaleza.
1899 da Silveira, Patrícia Fernandes 2007-05-07 THESIS
Evaluation method of the newborns? vision
1900 Leite Lúcio, Ingrid Martins 2004-08-20 THESIS

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