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Os jogos eletrônicos na era do aluno virtual: brincar e aprender
101 Santana, Leovigildo Samuel 2007-08-21 THESIS
Desenvolvimento de Azadirachta indica A. Jussieu submetida a diferentes níveis de nitrogênio na região Oeste do Estado de São Paulo
102 Mano, Kátia Regina 2006-02-20 THESIS
Estudo da composição tecnológica e bromatológica de mandioca (Manihot esculenta Crantz) em dois espaçamentos
103 Andrade Júnior, Oscar de 2006-01-31 THESIS
Study the use salicylic acid of marigold seeds (Calendula officinalis L.) or stressing conditions.
104 Carvalho, Patrícia Reiners 2006-01-30 THESIS
Influência do molibdênio e do nitrogênio na produção de Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu
105 de Oliveira, Danilo Zanutto 2006-03-06 THESIS
Comparação do efeito analgésico da metadona via intramuscular ou epidural em gatas submetidas a ovariossalpingohisterectomia
106 Bernardi, Camila Ângela 2008-08-27 THESIS
Weight production and yield of essential oil of oregano (Oreganum vulgare L.) influenced by different depth irrigation
107 Filho, Lineu Bernardi 2007-08-22 THESIS
Photosynthesis and water relations of Eucalyptus sp. different water regimes
108 Longui, Brigiane Margonari 2007-12-21 THESIS
Photosynthesis and water relations of Eucalyptus sp. different water regimes
109 Longui, Brigiane Margonari 2007-12-31 THESIS
Water deficit with different osmotic in snap-beans and differential protein expression during germination
110 Martins Coelho, Danielle Letícia 2008-08-21 THESIS
Children with learning difficulty: and experience with software Trilha de Letras
111 Soares, Patrícia Cardoso 2007-03-01 THESIS
Tebuthiuron with carbofuran in the culture of sugar cane
112 Romão, Rodrigo Vieira 2008-11-17 THESIS
Tebuthiuron with carbofuran in the culture of sugar cane
113 Romão, Rodrigo Vieira 2008-11-17 THESIS
Continued education: a study of in case about their contributions for the organization and their collaborators
114 Bordini Colucci, Cleusa Maria 2006-10-31 THESIS
Mathematics Education and the software Cabri: aresearch-action with students from 7th grade of Elementary School
115 Stuchi Delatorre, Paula Cristiane 2007-01-26 THESIS
Efficiency of pest control methods in the culture of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) in the area of Presidente Prudente ? SP
116 Lebedenco, Anatoli 2006-03-07 THESIS
Education and construction of knowledge: from the individual universe to collective intelligence
117 de Souza, Marcos Medeiros 2008-05-09 THESIS
The Pedagogical Project of the Mathematics Course Degree as a Social Resource
118 de Oliveira, Antonio Roberto 2008-08-19 THESIS
The contributions of Viktor Frankl thoughts to Education
119 Henrique de, Emilianna Siqueira 2006-03-22 THESIS
Challenges and perspectives in the process of teaching and learning
120 de Andrade, Olga Maria 2007-12-06 THESIS
Contributions of psychology for the understanding of the relation professor x pupil in superior education
121 Parra, Cláudia Regina 2008-04-15 THESIS
The education and the computational technology in the course of sciences countable: a case of study.
122 Palácio Soares, Maria Cecília 2007-04-18 THESIS
The Art Like Instrument Of Education
123 Zanatta, Zenilda Alves 2007-12-04 THESIS
Burning of the sugarcane ? crop: biomass aspects, soil, fertility and CO2 emission in atmosphere
124 Sasso, Carlos Guilherme 2007-09-20 THESIS
Effect of nitrogen fertilization in Azadirachta indica A. Jussieu development at west region of Sao Paulo state
125 Mano, Kátia Regina 2006-02-20 THESIS
Production and quality of the phytomass in different stages of single crops and consortium of pegeon pea, sorghum and mllet
126 Calvo, Cássio Loureiro 2007-12-10 THESIS
Cross tolerance induced by thermal shock in the bean seed germination under water deficit
127 Vivan, Marcia Regina 2007-10-19 THESIS
Cross tolerance induced by thermal shock in the bean seed germination under water deficit
128 Vivan, Marcia Regina 2007-10-19 THESIS
Estilos de aprendizagem segundo os postulados de David Kolb:uma experiência no Curso de Odontologia da Unoeste
129 Almeida de, Angelita Ibanhes 2007-10-16 THESIS
The management of the education of the ministers: the experience of formation in a seminary diocesan
130 Montovani, Dirceu 2007-04-25 THESIS
The work of the Pedagogical Coordinator Theacher in the professional development of the professors
131 Lourdes Caseiro, Luzia de 2007-08-08 THESIS
The vision of teachers facing the use of computer pedagogic in a public school, elementary education of the city of Maringá/PR/Brasil.
132 Fátima Fernandes, Margarete de 2007-11-21 THESIS
The internet in the built of knowledge: the importance of mediations
133 Duarte Peinado, Carlos Eduardo 2007-11-08 THESIS
School learning evaluation convergences and divergences among the actors of a process at a public high school
134 Carlin Furlan, Maria Ignez 2006-11-22 THESIS
Worker-students: a glance for the context of the relationship between work and night higher education
135 Gonçalves de, Maria Gertrudes 2006-06-07 THESIS
Theory, practical and the used method: the challenge of the alphabetization
136 Franco Bertan, Andréa Henrique 2007-03-15 THESIS
The electronic games in the age of the virtual pupil: to play and to learn
137 Santana, Leovigildo Samuel 2007-08-21 THESIS
Influences of study groups in the organization and functioning of school institutions
138 Ferreira Klososki, Maria Dêis 2007-12-05 THESIS
The informatics in the special education an autonomy question
139 Kliemann, Marciana Pelin 2006-04-05 THESIS
Skills and abilities necessary for managers in the implementation of the pedagogy of projects
140 Basso de, Neusa Aparecida 2007-08-27 THESIS
The Reader Building in the Elementary Education: Documental Analysis of the one Pedagogical Collection
141 da Silva, Maria Albertina 2006-09-19 THESIS
The laborious stress teacher?s in the High School
142 Orlandino, Andrea 2008-05-14 THESIS
Relationship between family and school: proposal of action in the learning ? teaching process
143 Jardim, Ana Paula 2006-03-15 THESIS
Teachers' continuing education: the aplicability of the program
144 Carvelli, Josete Guariento 2007-11-29 THESIS
Supervised vocational training and practice of students of law
145 Fernandes Mohr, Gilmara Pesquero 2008-04-08 THESIS
The school institution in a democratic perspective: a project under construction in the basic education
146 Gonçalves Bolla, Amélia Maria 2008-03-25 THESIS
The teaching of geography in the course of pedagogy
147 Fernandes, Antonio Carlos 2008-06-12 THESIS
The information and communication technology in the daily life of the teacher of physical education in high school
148 Souza Ribeiro, Ariovaldo de 2007-10-31 THESIS
Phosphorus available in acid and rectified soils with application of soluble, reactive and natural phosphate
149 Luchini, Iza 2008-08-27 THESIS
School Park: environmental education in the region of the Iguassu National Park
150 Barbado, Norma 2008-03-26 THESIS

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