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Apical seal properties by any fillings techniques in curved root canal of suffer apical transportation (ZIP)
14251 Oliveira Santos, Sonia de 2002-12-19 THESIS
Vulnerability to the infection by HIV in female prisoners of the P.F.B. assessed by serological and T.A.T. techniques
14252 de Azevedo, Leila Strazza 2003-07-01 THESIS
Apical cell constriction during chicken lens placode invagination.
14253 Borges, Ricardo Moraes 2008-11-06 THESIS
A estudy on memory and problem solving: a neurosciencies approach.
14254 Bertolozzi, Marcia Regina 2004-06-22 THESIS
Diagnostic of Chagas disease in blood banks: lymphoproliferation, antibodies detection and epidemiological data in individuals with inconclusive serology
14255 Furucho Yamamoto, Celia Regina 2006-03-27 THESIS
Association between glycemic control and amniotic fluid index in pregnancies complicated by diabetes mellitus
14256 Maganha, Carlos Alberto 2006-05-17 THESIS
Raw goat milk storage at different temperatures for different periods and influence in microbiological, pshysical-chemical and sensorial qualities in pasteurized product
14257 da Fonseca, Carolina Rodrigues 2006-08-07 THESIS
Substitution of Byproducts for Corn Grain in Confined Lactating Cows Diets
14258 Pedroso, Alexandre Mendonça 2006-09-06 THESIS
Cytotoxicity analysis of EDTA and citric acid applied on murine resident macrophages culture.
14259 Amaral, Kali Fatima 2004-12-08 THESIS
Effects of dietary cation-anion balance (DCAB) associated with different rates of roughage:concentrate ratios in ruminal degradability
14260 Meirelles, Rodrigo Lemos 2005-01-27 THESIS
Medidores de distância por triangulação a laser. Laser triangulation rangefinders.
14261 Stefani, Mario Antonio 1995-09-20 THESIS
Performance of beef cattle in feedlot supplemented with different ionophores
14262 de Oliveira, Marcos Garcia 2004-12-07 THESIS
A comparative study of respiratory pattern, thoracoabdominal motion and ventilation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease modarate, severe and healthy subjectes
14263 Fernandes, Marcelo 2004-08-27 THESIS
Laboratory study of the wound healing response to epithelial scrape injury in the human cornea
14264 Júnior, Renato Ambrósio 2004-05-19 THESIS
Clinical and pathological prognostic factors after resection for pancreatic cancer
14265 Perini, Marcos Vinicius 2005-09-05 THESIS
Comparison of Polymerase Chain Reaction with Microscopic Examination to detect Trypanosoma cruzi in Triatoma infestans digestive tract samples
14266 Almeida Braz, Lucia Maria 2006-06-27 THESIS
"Imunoglobulina na patogenia da leishmaniose visceral em hamsteres" Immunoglobulin in the pathogenesis in visceral leishmaniasis in hamsters
14267 Mathias, Regiane 2005-01-21 THESIS
Expression of matrix metalloproteinases MMP-2, TIMP-2 e MT1-MMP and clinicopathologic aspects in medullary thyroid carcinoma: prognostic implications
14268 Cavalheiro, Beatriz Godoi 2006-04-24 THESIS
Learning collocations: to help read a text.
14269 Conceição dos, Inês da 2001-08-27 THESIS
Pathogenic variability of colletotrichum graminicola (ces.) g. w. wils. from maize (zea mays l.).
14270 Machado Barbosa, Mauricio Pires 2002-02-08 THESIS
Exposure of wild felids to selected infectious agents
14271 Filoni, Claudia 2006-08-22 THESIS
Evaluation of feedlot performance, ruminal metabolism and fatty acids profile of Nellore cattle using high oil corn on finishing diets
14272 Domingues, José Luiz 2006-12-07 THESIS
Postretention stability after orthodontic closure of anterior maxillary diastemas
14273 de Morais, Juliana Fernandes 2009-02-19 THESIS
Study of CYP3A5 gene expression and polymorphisms in hypercholesterolemic individuals treated with atorvastatin
14274 Vieira Willrich, Maria Alice 2006-12-11 THESIS
Substitution of corn gluten feed and dried citrus pulp for fine ground corn in finishing feedlot rations
14275 Moscardini, Mirella Colombo 2009-02-16 THESIS
Pulmonary artery distensibility assessed by magnetic resonance and its relation to acute vasodilator test response in pulmonary arterial hypertension patients
14276 Poyares Jardim, Carlos Viana 2005-07-21 THESIS
Study of morphologic and immunophenotypic profile lymphocytes on peripheral blood from patients with mycosis fungoides in early and advanced stages
14277 Ferreira de, Patrícia Aparecida 2005-09-30 THESIS
Utilization of conventional methodologies and simplate system for microbiological quality evaluation of foods.
14278 da Silva, Maria Cecília 2002-07-04 THESIS
Citrus protoplast fusion and evaluation of the somatic hybrid ?Hamlin? sweet orange + ?Montenegrina? mandarin for resistance to Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri and Xylella fastidiosa
14279 Pavan, Alexandra 2006-08-28 THESIS
Red wine ingestion action upon sympathetic nervous system and endothelial function in hypertensive and hypercholesterolemic subjects
14280 Magalhães Andrade, Ana Cristina 2006-11-22 THESIS
Evaluation of dental ceramics regarding tensile bond strength to dentin, Knoop and Vickers? microhardness, surface roughness and atomic force microscopy
14281 Martuci, Ricardo Ruiz 2006-06-01 THESIS
Contribution to the prognostic assessment of patients with advanced lung adenocarcinoma: evaluation by immunohistochemical methods of thyroid transcription factor-1 and matrix metalloproteinase-9
14282 Martins, Sandro José 2005-04-28 THESIS
Morphological and biochemical analysis of the synovia of rabbits immunized with type V collagen
14283 Ichicawa Ogido, Luciana Tsuzuki 2005-06-24 THESIS
Chemoreflex modulation by hypoxia and hypercapnia through submaximal exercise in heart failure patients
14284 Zytynski Moura, Lidia Ana 2005-08-22 THESIS
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: sudden cardiac death in high risk patients and the role of arrhythmias
14285 Tarso Jorge, Paulo de 2004-12-10 THESIS
Bone disease in primary glomerulophaty
14286 Dias, Cristiane Bitencourt 2006-04-13 THESIS
Síntese do Aripuanin
14287 Nascimento, Aline Fernanda 2005-05-19 THESIS
Some aspects on natural language context dependencies handling using adaptive technology.
14288 Moraes, Miryam de 2006-12-14 THESIS
Evaluation of the cardiac anatomical alterations secondary to the pulmonary emphysema: experimental study in rats
14289 Rodrigues, Rosangela 2004-10-06 THESIS
Avaliação do desajuste e do destorque em pilares protéticos com conexão tipo hexágono externo e interno
14290 Kano, Stefania Carvalho 2005-02-21 THESIS
Hemodynamic evaluation of dogs submitted to total circulatory arrest using \"Inflow Occlusion\" technique for different periods of time
14291 Mingrone, Larissa Eckmann 2006-12-11 THESIS
Evaluation of Golden Retriever dogs with muscular dystrophy (GRMD) by tissue Doppler imaging (TDI), Strain Rate and Strain
14292 Yamato, Ronaldo Jun 2008-12-12 THESIS
Effect of biliary and alimentary limbs lengths of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in the control of type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients with Body Mass Index (BMI) 50 kg/m2
14293 da Silveira, José Carlos 2008-11-11 THESIS

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