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Characterization of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) roots, iac 576-70 cultivar, regarding cooking, chemical composition and starch characteristics at two harvest times.
14201 Feniman, Cristiane Mengue 2004-10-08 THESIS
Alendronate for preventing tooth loss in postmenopausal women: systematic review of the randomised controlled trials
14202 da Silva, Valéria Gondim 2006-04-17 THESIS
Simulation of reactive gas-solid flows in circulating fluidized beds
14203 Coelho da, Christian Léa 2006-05-02 THESIS
Production cost-effectiveness of large-scale meals regarding food safety, comparing the conventional and the cook-chill systems
14204 Kawasaki, Vera Megumi 2003-08-21 THESIS
Production of fructooligosaccharides from sugarcane molasses by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Kluveromyces marxianus cells
14205 Vieira da, Carlos Eduardo 2009-02-18 THESIS
Design and development of discrete lenses.
14206 Perotoni, Marcelo Bender 2005-05-13 THESIS
Varicella-Zoster in children attended in day cares of Taubaté
14207 Marcitelli, Ricardo 2005-07-21 THESIS
Collagen fiber orientation effects on the bone mechanical properties of bending and impact
14208 Jesus Holanda, Adriano de 1999-10-08 THESIS
Limnological characterization and evaluation of environmental effects caused by uranium mine effluents on planktonic microbial communitties in the Antas reservoir, Caldas (M.G.).
14209 Ronqui, Leilane Barbosa 2008-08-21 THESIS
Study of fatty acids metabolism in Pseudomonas putida aiming to modulate monomer composition of biodegradable elastomer.
14210 da Silva, Sonia Regina 2008-04-30 THESIS
Vascular alterations induced by chronic isoproterenol-treatment: b-adrenoceptor subtypes involved and possible local proinflammatory process generation.
14211 Couto Davel, Ana Paula 2008-12-11 THESIS
Citrus canker (Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri) and its interaction with citrus leafminer (Phyllocnistis citrella) on sweet orange (Citrus sinensis)
14212 Carlos Christiano, Rock Seille 2006-07-03 THESIS
Effects of electrical stimulation of motor cortex on pain modulation: behavior and electrophysiological study in rats.
14213 Fonoff, Erich Talamoni 2007-09-14 THESIS
DNA extraction of human teeth submitted to high temperatures: evaluation of three methods .
14214 Remualdo, Vanessa Rosalia 2004-12-16 THESIS
Avaliation of the influences of asphalt's types and air voids in the fatigue's life of some asphalt mixtures
14215 Gonçalves Santos, Caio Rubens 2005-04-29 THESIS
"Interactions between Lepidoptera larvae and Malpighiaceae species in two fragments of the Brazilian savanna in São Paulo State, Brazil"
14216 Oki, Yumi 2005-05-23 THESIS
Wave propagation techniques in estimation of mechanical properties of OSB panels
14217 Martines Morales, Elen Aparecida 2006-10-30 THESIS
Role of opioidergic system and glicocorticoids on behavior and innate immunity alterations induced by prenatal stress
14218 Souza Monteiro, Evelise de 2005-10-24 THESIS
The role of 5-lipoxygenase-derived lipid mediators during the experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection in mice
14219 Cassiano Canavaci, Adriana Monte 2007-03-09 THESIS
Subsidies for the establishment of testing strategy based on mutation technique.
14220 Rizzo Vincenzi, Auri Marcelo 1998-11-06 THESIS
Sequencing of NS5A region of HCV genotype 3 in brazilian patienwith chronic disease
14221 Mello Malta, Fernanda de 2006-09-05 THESIS
Correlation study between bone mineral density determined by radiographic absorptiometry and bone resistance of equine third metacarpal bone submitted to biomechanial testings
14222 Riccio Frazão, Paulo José 2008-08-06 THESIS
Different methods in optimizing the polymerization of direct resin composites
14223 Lima Almeida, Ana Maria 2005-12-09 THESIS
Secondary hyperparathyroidism : prognostic factors of graft-dependent recurrence after total parathyroidectomy and parathyroid autotransplantation
14224 Arap, Sérgio Samir 2005-10-27 THESIS
Effects of yoga practice heart rate variability and respiratory rate
14225 Meireles, Silvia Martins 2005-05-19 THESIS
The effect of forest fragmentation on Syagrus romanzoffiana (palmae) seed predation in semi-deciduous forest.
14226 Fleury, Marina 2003-08-29 THESIS
Microscopy evaluation of tissue reaction to surgicals cavities on the rabbits femurs filled with calcium sulfate
14227 Maeda, Sergio Toshinori 2005-03-18 THESIS
Humoral immune response in human malaria : quantity and quality of anti-Plasmodium falciparum antibodies
14228 de Souza, Fabiana Maria 2004-08-24 THESIS
The impact of "green" marketing on packaging decisions in the beer industry in Brazil
14229 Palhares, Marcos Fruet 2003-12-15 THESIS
Longitudinal evaluation of the Back Pain School of chronic low back pain using Roland Morris and Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) questionnaires
14230 Tsukimoto, Gracinda Rodrigues 2006-10-03 THESIS
Organic mineral in diet of foals
14231 Soares, Alessandra 2007-12-14 THESIS
Sensory organization, limits of postural stability and clinical improvement in elderly with vestibulopathy submitted to two vestibular rehabilitation programs
14232 Simoceli, Lucinda 2007-10-01 THESIS
Flash visual evoked potential in diabetic dogs with cataract
14233 Lustoza, Adriana Cabral 2008-12-16 THESIS
Infection and colonization of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in guava fruits and infection of Colletotrichum acutatum on citrus leaves
14234 Gomes Moraes, Sylvia Raquel 2009-03-09 THESIS
Liming and aluminum forms in three places under no-tillage system.
14235 Cambri, Michel Alexandro 2004-08-16 THESIS
Nursing staff in operating room
14236 De Mattia, Ana Lucia 1999-02-03 THESIS
Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and the in vitro growth of Aechmea blanchetiana (Baker) L.B. Smith plantlets.
14237 Kanashiro, Shoey 2005-04-25 THESIS
Computerized dynamic posturography in elderly with and without vestibular symtoms
14238 Bovino Pedalini, Maria Elisabete 2005-09-21 THESIS
Blood pressure in mild hypertensives during different intensities of resistive exercise
14239 Souza Nery, Sandra de 2005-10-05 THESIS
Representations of elderly women and users of a health service: relationship between consumption of tranquillizers, gender and aging.
14240 Mendonça, Reginaldo Teixeira 2005-03-04 THESIS
Evaluation of expression of MDM2, P53, P21WAF1 in adenoid cystic carcinoma and adenocarcinoma not otherwise specified of salivary glands
14241 Deus Moura, Marina de 2006-12-18 THESIS
Analysis of the model of bone marrow chimeras (WT/IFNg-R-KO) to examine the role of IFNK-g upon non leukocytes in Trypanosoma cruzi infection.
14242 Cifuentes Muñoz, Luisa Alexandra 2008-09-01 THESIS
Human papillomavírus identification by hybrid capture II technique in pregnant teenagers: : comparison with conventional, liquid-based Pap test and colposcopic findings
14243 dos Santos, Fernanda Erci 2006-03-22 THESIS
Ultrasound and clinical fetal weight estimation
14244 Ricci, Aline Girotto 2006-05-10 THESIS
Relationship of intraocular pressure and corneal thickness to diabetic and nondiabetic cataracts in Poodles
14245 Helzel, Milena Sefrin 2008-12-11 THESIS
Incidência e risco acumulado de câncer de boca no município de São Paulo: 1969, 1973, 1978 e 1998 Incidence and cumulative risk of oral cancer in São Paulo City: 1969, 1973, 1978 e 1998. São Paulo, 2003
14246 Lorenzi, Ricardo Luiz 2003-06-02 THESIS
Localization of PMX1 transcripts in oral squamous cell carcinoma by in situ hybridization.
14247 Antunes, Thais Acquafreda 2006-01-23 THESIS
The influence of hemodialysis on respiratory mechanics of patients with acute or chronic renal failure, on invasive mechanical ventilation
14248 Steinhorst, Renata Campos 2006-03-07 THESIS
Biostimulants sources in maize and soybean
14249 Feitosa de, Ana Carolina 2007-01-22 THESIS
Speech outcomes in patients submitted to secondary palatoplasty associated with intravelar veloplasty
14250 Leite Carvalho, Ester Luisa 2006-09-29 THESIS

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