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Genotypic analysis of Aspergillus nidulans RT2 strain and characterization of its antiinflammatory glycoprotein.
14151 Farias de, Jean Cesar 2008-02-22 THESIS
Soluble amino acids quantification in maize endosperm mutants.
14152 Toro, Alejandro Alberto 2002-01-25 THESIS
Fault tolerance in cooperative robotic manipulators
14153 Tinós, Renato 2003-01-30 THESIS
Information Retrieval: analysis about the contribution of Computer Science to Information Science
14154 Ferneda, Edberto 2003-12-15 THESIS
Organic melon crop: manure and biofertilizers and humic substances applied through fertigation.
14155 Duenhas, Luiza Helena 2004-09-17 THESIS
Study of membrane structures: an integrated approach of the constructive system, design process and analysis methods
14156 de Oliveira, Maria Betânia 2001-04-10 THESIS
Comparison between illumination normalization methods used to improve the rate of facial recognition
14157 Mendonça, Michelle Magalhães 2008-06-25 THESIS
Structural, Ultrastructural and morphoquantitative features of tibials anterior and soleus muscle fibers of young rats subjected to talocruralis joint immobilization.
14158 Mayer, William Paganini 2008-11-04 THESIS
International prices and exchange rate: the brazilian case
14159 Colbano, Fabiano Silvio 2006-03-23 THESIS
"Nicotine modulatory effects on neurotransmiter systems in the cardiovascular brain areas of spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive rats"
14160 Fatima Ramires, Merari de 2006-05-25 THESIS
Influence of HSM milling cutting parameters on tribological performance of hardened AISI H13 steel.
14161 Hioki, Daniel 2006-06-30 THESIS
Intestinal microbiota in patients with ulcerative colitis, before and after proctocolectomy and ileal pouch-anal anastomosis
14162 de Almeida, Maristela Gomes 2004-01-22 THESIS
"Os planos de saúde nos tribunais: uma análise das ações judiciais movidas por clientes de planos de saúde, relacionadas à negação de coberturas assistenciais no Estado de São Paulo"
14163 Scheffer, Mario César 2006-04-18 THESIS
Metacognition and teaching of algebra: analysis of what basic education Mathematic´s teachers are saying and thinking.
14164 de Sousa, Adilson Sebastião 2007-06-15 THESIS
Physical - chemistry characterization hydrochlorothiazide polyvinylpyrrolidone solid dispersion of hydro
14165 Santos, Antonio Sousa 2008-04-11 THESIS
Influence of methodological parameters on microtensile test. Scanning electron microscopy and bond strength measurements
14166 Sadek, Fernanda Tranchesi 2005-10-21 THESIS
14167 Ortiz, Nilce 2000-11-30 THESIS
In vitro morphological assessment and inhibition of artificial incipient caries lesions after Er:YAG laser irradiation on primary teeth
14168 Tashima, Adriana Yuri 2006-05-29 THESIS
Solid polymer electrolytes based on polysacharide: synthesis and characterization.
14169 Regiani, Anelise Maria 2000-11-10 THESIS
Cold storage of heat treated ?Murcott? tangor.
14170 de Felício, Ana Helena 2005-06-24 THESIS
Thermogravimetric study of sulfur dioxide absorption by limestone
14171 Ávila, Ivonete 2005-04-27 THESIS
Política monetária e indicadores macroeconômicos da região metropolitana de São Paulo Monetary policy and São Paulo metropolitan area macroecomic variables
14172 Sanematsu, Flávio Cysneiros 2006-12-04 THESIS
Bone formation on Ti implants in intra-bony defect sites filled with different bone substitutes: histomorphometric analysis in dogs
14173 Oliveira Jabur, Roberto de 2008-10-31 THESIS
Carcass and meat traits of representative sires of the Nellore breed and of difference breed groups
14174 Cravo Pereira, Angélica Simone 2006-02-10 THESIS
Partial substution of fine ground corn by peleted citrus pulp in the concentrate of lactating dairy cows, grazing intensive managed elephant-grass (Pennisetum purpureum, Shum).
14175 Martinez, Junio Cesar 2004-06-21 THESIS
Estimation methods in item response theory
14176 Naberezny Azevedo, Caio Lucidius 2003-02-27 THESIS
Dynamic of optical nonlinearities in macromolecules and oligomers
14177 Mendonça, Cleber Renato 2000-10-20 THESIS
A study of wear mechanim in automotive ventilated brake disc of gray cast iron.
14178 Serbino, Edison Marcelo 2005-03-18 THESIS
Trade creation and trade diversion in Mercosur and Nafta
14179 Morais, Adriano Giacomini 2005-11-01 THESIS
Prevention of left ventricular remodelling induced by nandrolone decanoate
14180 de Toledo, Maria Cecilia 2003-01-13 THESIS
Study of the expression of Mdm2, P53, P21, and AKT proteins in benign neoplasms from salivary gland
14181 Freire Soares, Yonara Maria 2006-12-18 THESIS
Determination of varietal purity in maize seed lots using morphological and microsatellites markers.
14182 Ramos, Nilza Patricia 2004-12-13 THESIS
Analysis of the thermodynamic, physical and chemistry behavior of two acrylic resins thermal polymerized by water bath and microwave.
14183 Bachiega Martins, José Henrique 2004-02-09 THESIS
Influence of morphological, functional and psychological parameters on biochemistry, blood and immunological status of HIV/aids individuals
14184 Raso, Vagner 2008-12-05 THESIS
Pregnancy in women on hemodialysis treatment: repercussion of illness over their desire to maternity
14185 Medeiros, Giane Amanda 2007-06-15 THESIS
Skeletal muscle and insulin action: intracellular pathway in type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers, morphological pattern, and effect of DHEA in sarcopenic rats.
14186 de Siqueira, Mário Alves 2008-12-04 THESIS
Hazard Level Assessment between two aircrafts on Ultra Closely Spaced Parallel Approaches (UCSPA) scenario.
14187 Ogata, Paulo Hideshi 2004-02-27 THESIS
Assimptotic Behavior for parabolic problems in Dumbbell domains
14188 Lozada Cruz, German Jesus 2004-01-12 THESIS
"Reabsorção dentária: determinação de sua freqüência em pacientes com endocrinopatias"
14189 da Cunha, Telma Regina 2002-04-10 THESIS
"Computational simulations biologically plausible of neurons of the primary somatosensory cortex"
14190 Condeles Júnior, Rubens Antonio 2006-04-06 THESIS
Pelvimetry in owl monkeys (Aotus azarai infulatus ? KUHL, 1820)
14191 Del Rio, Cristiane Macedo 2004-04-23 THESIS
Wood anatomy and density varation of Gmelina arborea (Roxb.) trees on different climatic and management condictions in Costa Rica
14192 Moya Roque, Roger Alonso 2005-07-27 THESIS
Estimates of genetic parameters for body structure scores (frame) in Nelore beef cattle
14193 Vançan Russo, Andréa Roseli 2005-05-20 THESIS
Microshear bond strength of composite resin to bovine enamel previously bleached with carbamide peroxide gel, in different concentrations.
14194 dos Santos, Marcio Garcia 2004-11-04 THESIS
Household electrical installations energy losses analysis
14195 d´Avila, Ricardo Santos 2007-03-26 THESIS
Effects of selection for post-weaning weights on carcass traits, meat cut yelds and body composition of nellore and caracu bulls, in restrict and ad libitum feeding.
14196 Martins Bonilha, Sarah Figueiredo 2003-07-29 THESIS
Study of the PTPN11 gene in Noonan syndrome patients and children with idiopathic short stature
14197 Ferreira, Lize Vargas 2005-08-01 THESIS
Drug use among University of São Paulo students: 1996 versus 2001
14198 Andrade Stempliuk, Vladimir de 2004-09-29 THESIS
soil respiration under forests and pastures in Southwestern Amazonia, Acre
14199 Salimon, Cleber Ibraim 2003-05-14 THESIS
Characterization of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) roots, iac 576-70 cultivar, regarding cooking, chemical composition and starch characteristics at two harvest times.
14200 Feniman, Cristiane Mengue 2004-10-08 THESIS

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