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Cage production of hybrid surubins: Case studies
14101 de Carvalho, Silvio Roméro 2005-12-06 THESIS
Electromyographic study of superior, middle and inferior regions of masseter muscle in ANGLE?s class III malocclusion.
14102 Pereira Gomes, Antonio Carlos 2001-12-04 THESIS
The meaning of hemodialysis for the chronic renal patient:the searh for the quality of life.
14103 Costa Lima, Antonio Fernandes 2000-07-28 THESIS
Os Malavoglia: the narrator and your creation
14104 Freitas de, Ana Paula 2007-02-12 THESIS
Performance and carcass characteristics of steers fed diets with different fat sources.
14105 Aferri, Gabriela 2003-06-27 THESIS
Singularities of Ruled Surface in R3
14106 Martins, Rodrigo 2004-02-18 THESIS
Prevalence study of dental caries in cerebral palsied patients
14107 Ferreira de, Marcela Aparecida 2005-12-13 THESIS
"Desenvolvimento de membranas como composto dermo epidérmicos" PREPARATION OF MEMBRANES AS DERMAL EPIDERMAL COMPONENT
14108 Dorión Rodas, Andrea Cecilia 2004-06-15 THESIS
Nasal and nasopharyngeal dimensions of individuals without evidences of nasal obstruction assessed by acoustic rhinometry during rest and speech
14109 Oliveira Camargo, Adriana de 2004-07-02 THESIS
Esthetic evaluation of the facial profile of unilateral cleft lip and palate patients rehabilitated by the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies
14110 de Almeida, Araci Malagodi 2005-04-27 THESIS
Markovian Models in cell membranes
14111 da Cruz, Emerson Flamarion 2006-03-24 THESIS
Willingness to pay for organic coffee: a study in São Paulo city
14112 da Cunha, Christiano França 2007-01-08 THESIS
Spherical designs
14113 Leal Junior, Luiz Carlos 2006-08-18 THESIS
Testing CAPM model in Brazilian Capital Market by GMM
14114 Bergmann, Daniel Reed 2006-04-27 THESIS
Amateurs of the Art: artistic practices in free courses of painting in São Paulo city.
14115 Arslan, Luciana Mourão 2008-04-24 THESIS
Evaluation of the structural lectin binding protein (MBL) gene and its relationship with maternal-to-child HIV transmission
14116 Nardi Chagas, Kélem de 2005-08-17 THESIS
Percutaneous treatment of prostate adenocarcinoma by cryoablation
14117 Reggio, Ernesto 2006-01-13 THESIS
Antenatally diagnosed facial cleft: epidemiologic, ultrasound and postnatal findings
14118 Rosa Requeijo, Marcio José 2006-05-24 THESIS
Study of stress cracking?s phenomenon in virgin and degraded polyethylene (PE) geomembranes
14119 Lavoie, Fernando Luiz 2006-06-20 THESIS
River diversion for dam construction.
14120 Santos Cruz, Gabriel dos 2006-04-25 THESIS
Synthesis and cyclofunctionalization of substituted ?-ketoamides and ?-hydroxyamides: dihydrofurans and tetrahydrofurans
14121 Oliveira Silva, Diogo de 2003-12-10 THESIS
Knowledge extraction from artificial neural networks.
14122 Martineli, Edmar 1999-08-20 THESIS
Estudo da Columnariose de quatro espécies de peixes tropicais: isolamento e caracterização de Flavobacterium columnare.
14123 Pilarski, Fabiana 2002-05-24 THESIS
Pollinators in strawberry crop(Fragaria x ananassa Duchesne - Rosaceae)
14124 Malagodi Braga, Katia Sampaio 2002-12-10 THESIS
Permanent deformation in vitro study of ?I? bar clasps cast with cobalt-chromium alloy and commercially pure Titanium, submitted to tension-deformation trials.
14125 Arrais, Mauricio José 2005-04-14 THESIS
Effects of phospholipase A2 on dopamine receptors : implications to schizophrenia
14126 Alcântara Jardim, Luciana Souza 2005-09-16 THESIS
Effects of continuous versus interval physical exercise on the blood pressure, arterial stiffness and quality of life in hypertensive patients
14127 Ciolac, Emmanuel Gomes 2006-06-13 THESIS
Study of immunogenicity of Neisseria lactamica antigens: use of monoclonal antibodies.
14128 Serafim Machado, Marta Santos 2008-03-19 THESIS
Regulatory mechanisms involved on the offspring type I hypersensitivity response inhibition mediated by maternal immunixation with OVA.
14129 Victor, Jefferson Russo 2008-12-05 THESIS
Efficacy of an orientation program to carergivers of aphasic patients in brazilian population
14130 Machado, Thais Helena 2004-09-23 THESIS
14131 Nascimento de, Carlos Kleber 2006-04-06 THESIS
Evaluation of heuristics methods for no-wait flowshop scheduling to minimize total completion time
14132 Ceron Branco, Fábio José 2006-10-30 THESIS
(CO)Variance components and genetic parameters for growth traits in guzera breed by different analysis of strategies.
14133 Silva, Itiberê Saldanha 2004-11-25 THESIS
Small mammal vunerability to vertebrate predators in the Ecological Station of Itirapina, SP
14134 Arruda Bueno, Adriana de 2003-12-12 THESIS
Damages compensation investigation in insurance companies: analysis of the suitability of treatments, their costs and documentation
14135 Cavalcanti Cosentino, Suely Rizzo 2005-08-03 THESIS
An experiment in the use of ontologies for apprentice's learning distance education.
14136 Graças Domingues, Simone das 2005-04-13 THESIS
"Estimate of the ingestion of sulphites for students by the qualitative analysis of diet"
14137 Popolim, Welliton Donizeti 2004-08-30 THESIS
Influência do remanescente dentário coronal na avaliação de dentes tratados endodonticamente restaurados com pinos pré-fabricados e resina composta
14138 Pereira, Jefferson Ricardo 2003-04-23 THESIS
Preparation of organically modified silica from rice husk with capacity to sorption of metallic ions.
14139 de Morais, Márcia Rodrigues 2008-01-31 THESIS
The variation of isotopic composition of methane (CH4) in stream sediments of Eastern Amazon
14140 Sousa de, José Mauro 2005-11-04 THESIS
Looking to the moon from streets: sotial representatios of life experience for boys in street situation.
14141 Medeiros, Marcelo 1999-02-25 THESIS
Molecular identification of phytoplasma associated to tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) and eggplant (Solanum melongena) stunting.
14142 de Oliveira, Ana Paula 2004-01-29 THESIS
In situ evaluation of individual or associated effect of erosive and cariogenic challenge on human teeth
14143 Honório, Heitor Marques 2006-09-29 THESIS
Conservation of ?Pedro Sato' guavas treated with 1-methylcyclopropene: concentrations and exposure time.
14144 Bassetto, Eliane 2003-01-22 THESIS
"Stress and coping among nurses in operating room and recovery room"
14145 Azevedo Guido, Laura de 2003-07-30 THESIS
Application of wiener filter to electromyography signals treatment
14146 Nakashima, Giovana Yuko 2003-07-10 THESIS
"Fabricação de pães com reduzido teor calórico e modificações reológicas ocorridas durante o armazenamento" RHEOLOGY OF LOW CAL BREAD AND CHANGES DURING STORAGE
14147 Esteller, Mauricio Sergio 2004-05-14 THESIS
Contribuition of magnetic resonance in the evaluation of donors for right lobe living liver transplantation
14148 Warmbrand, Gisele 2004-12-14 THESIS
Wilson disease : demographic and phenotypic aspects related to ATP7B genotype and haplotype analysis in carriers of the L708P mutation
14149 Deguti, Marta Mitiko 2004-03-12 THESIS
Determination of model to the charring rate transversal to gran to E. citriodora and E. grandis wood.
14150 Pinto, Edna Moura 2005-08-01 THESIS

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