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Medium-chain-length polyhydroxylkanoates production in chemostat culture under multiple nutrient limitation.
14051 Taciro, Marilda Keico 2008-08-07 THESIS
Effect of Toxoplasma gondii infection on immune related tissue gene expression in pigs
14052 Nishi, Sandra Mayumi 2004-11-30 THESIS
Study of timber bridges with multicellular prestressed decks
14053 Nunes de, Jorge Luís 2005-05-30 THESIS
The franciscan friars of the atonement and the ecumenism at archdiocese of Sao Paulo (1977-1994)
14054 Minami, Edison 2005-06-23 THESIS
Wood quality influence of Eucalyptus grandis X Eucalyptus urophylla hybrids and Kraft pulping process in bleached pulp quality
14055 dos Santos, Sheila Rodrigues 2005-10-21 THESIS
"Energy and capitalist development: the debate around the energy efficiency policies"
14056 Amado, Nilton Bispo 2005-11-28 THESIS
Efect of trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid on lipogenesis and gene expression regulation in adipose tissue cultures from growing pigs
14057 Filomena Brasil, Andrea Alessandra 2005-04-27 THESIS
Hepatitis C virus infection assessment among chronic hemodialysis patients in the Southwest Parana State, Brazil
14058 Engel, Maricea 2006-03-17 THESIS
Analysis and implementation of methods for the characterization of thermo-formed electrets
14059 Pisani Altafim, Ruy Alberto 2006-08-18 THESIS
Juridical-social instruments for formulation of public policies: revitalization of degrated areas by contamination in the São Paulo state
14060 Souza Lazanha, Liege Karina 2005-10-18 THESIS
Anthropometric index for "pectus excavatum" as a method of diagnosis and of pre and post-operative assessment : comparative analysis with Haller's index and the lower vertebral index.
14061 Rebeis, Eduardo Baldassari 2005-06-20 THESIS
Theoretical and experimental analysis of shear connectors and composite beams constituted of cold-formed steel beams and floor system with lattice girder beams
14062 David, Daniela Lemes 2007-08-17 THESIS
Upstream migrations of neotropical fishes and hidroelectric dams: protection downstream from turbines and from spillways and fish passages.
14063 Carneiro Junho, Ricardo Ahouagi 2008-10-22 THESIS
Fresh cut net melon: cut type, storage temperature and modified atmosphere.
14064 de Arruda, Maria Cecilia 2002-07-22 THESIS
The capital structure and risk of tangible and intangible-intensive companies: a contribution to the valuation study.
14065 Kayo, Eduardo Kazuo 2002-11-22 THESIS
Building blame and avoiding prevention: ways of investigating accidents in companies in a medium-size city. Botucatu, São Paulo, 1997
14066 de Almeida, Ildeberto Muniz 2001-03-08 THESIS
In vitro behaviour of explants from potassium treated carrot matrixes (daucus carota l.).
14067 de Campos, Antonio Francisco 2003-07-01 THESIS
Oral lymphomas: reclassification and characterization of the dendritic cell
14068 de Mesquita, Ricardo Alves 2002-02-21 THESIS
Theoretical-experimental analysis of the influence of normal force on the exterior reinforced concrete joints behavior
14069 Haach, Vladimir Guilherme 2005-06-30 THESIS
Antilipoprotein lipase antibodies (aLPL): a new player in the complex atherosclerotic process in systemic lupus erythematosus?
14070 de Carvalho, Jozélio Freire 2005-08-15 THESIS
Anthropometry and health-related quality of life in elderly women
14071 Ferreira, Mauro 2006-02-23 THESIS
Hair follicle stem cells in diffuse non-cicatricial alopecia in HIV-1 positive patients
14072 Barcaui, Carlos Baptista 2005-11-23 THESIS
Evaluation of the use of the laser of Er: YAG on the removal of the layer of ' smear ' of the walls of the roots canals with mesio-distal flattening submitted to the rotatory instrumentation.
14073 Seixas, Fabio Heredia 2003-10-02 THESIS
Discriminant Analysis with Mixed Categorical and Continuous Data
14074 Sanda, Rene 1990-06-22 THESIS
Sensitive and functional evaluation of the orofacial region of patients with trigeminal neuralgia treated with balloon compression.
14075 Dowgan Tesseroli, Silvia Regina 2006-11-10 THESIS
Food allergy in dog's
14076 Fernandes, Marcos Eduardo 2005-11-11 THESIS
EGF effects in the regulation of gene transcripts identified as differentially expressed in human mammary cell lines expressing different levels of ERBB2.
14077 Gimenes, Karina Panizzi 2008-09-04 THESIS
Influence of security protocols on the performance of UMTS networks.
14078 Wagner, Marcel Stefan 2009-03-05 THESIS
Estimation of economic values for component traits of selection indexes in beef cattle.
14079 Formigoni, Ivan Borba 2002-02-07 THESIS
Biochemichal attributes as soil quality indicator in Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.). Ktze. forests in the State of São Paulo.
14080 Carvalho, Fernanda de 2005-07-27 THESIS
Physiological and technological studies of fresh-cut cauliflower and salad rocket.
14081 Monteiro Sigrist, José Maria 2003-02-12 THESIS
Impact analysis of beams using the explicit time integration method.
14082 Morais Teixeira, Giovanni de 2002-07-01 THESIS
The effect of glazed and polished ceramics on the wear of human enamel.
14083 Olivera Belsuzarri, Anna Liubushka 2004-12-17 THESIS
Computational model of virtual beef cattle heard applying Monte Carlo simulation and artificial neural networks
14084 Providelo Meirelles, Flávia Devechio 2005-02-04 THESIS
Clinical study of effectiveness of cryosurgery in the treatment of skin and/or soft tissue neoplasia in dogs and cats.
14085 de Queiroz, Genilson Fernandes 2004-09-17 THESIS
Prognostic significance of histopathological grading of nodular sclerosing Hodgkin´s lymphoma
14086 Pracchia, Luis Fernando 2005-08-25 THESIS
The thermal comfort in the residences of Rino Levi
14087 Rahal, Marina Silva 2006-05-05 THESIS
Development and Building of Radioactive Concrete Pads for calibration of the airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometers, used in mineral exploration and hydrocarbons
14088 Carlos, Dionisio Uendro 2006-03-14 THESIS
Internalization of immunoglobulins by endothelial cells in the liver, lung and kidney in hamster with visceral leishmaniasis
14089 Mathias, Regiane 2001-07-05 THESIS
Clinical and biochemical alterations secondary to chronic unpredictable stress and oxidative stress in rats.
14090 Varriano, Ana Augusta 2008-10-15 THESIS
The influence of thyroid hormone on M band structural proteins in the heart and skeletal muscle of rats.
14091 Kato, Patricia Ney 2008-11-24 THESIS
Diversidade genética de populações da abelha sem ferrão Plebeia remota: análise do DNA mitocondrial e microssatélites.
14092 Oliveira Francisco, Flávio de 2002-05-14 THESIS
Technology of porcelain tiles curtain wall.
14093 de Siqueira, Amaury Antunes 2003-02-28 THESIS
Kinetic and interactivity in the visual art: a route to art and technology
14094 Perissinotto, Paula Monseff 2001-06-12 THESIS
Efficiency to HPGe detector to photons in the 4-10 MeV range
14095 Oliveira Guimarães, Cesar de 2005-05-20 THESIS
"Maturação esquelética e desempenho motor em crianças e adolescentes" SKELETAL MATURATION AND MOTOR PERFORMANCE IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS
14096 Lopes Machado, Dalmo Roberto 2004-10-07 THESIS
Quality of trips and maintenance of equipments of drainage of highways in the Araraquara region, state of São Paulo, Brazil
14097 Ribeiro, Rogério Lemos 2006-06-22 THESIS
Holstein milking cows behaviour and thermoregulation under fun and mist housing resources in free-stall
14098 Vilela, Reíssa Alves 2008-12-11 THESIS
Emotional maturity and assessment behavioral of alcoholics of children
14099 Souza, Joseane de 2004-08-23 THESIS
Trends in the prevalence of traumatic dental injuries in Brazilian preschool children
14100 de Vasconcelos, Gabriela Azevedo 2008-09-11 THESIS

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