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"Prevalency of iron deficiency anemia in children registered two municipal day-care centers of Guarapuava - PR. 2005"
13951 Kmetiuk, Silvana Franco 2005-10-17 THESIS
The mussels Perna perna shelf-life cultivated in the são paulo state north coast: gauging of the physicochemistry and microbiological parameters.
13952 Furlan, Érika Fabiane 2004-10-01 THESIS
GATT/WTO: an institutional analysis
13953 Macedo Nogueira, Tatiana de 2004-09-20 THESIS
In the web of the meaning: an analysis of the discourse of Information Science on the current state of information
13954 de Freitas, Lidia Silva 2001-06-26 THESIS
"Estudo prospectivo do comprometimento linfonodal do câncer do reto distal. Comparação entre linfocintilografia e tomografia pélvica" RECTAL NEOPLASMS/radionuclide imaging, LYMPH NODES, TOMOGRAPHY
13955 Todinov, Lilian Ramos 2005-12-02 THESIS
Integration of the Butterworth digital filter?s differential equations using numerical algorithm of high order integrator
13956 Carvalho Noronha, Celso de 2003-03-27 THESIS
"The republic and the sword: the first republican decade and the florianism"
13957 Marques de, Guillaume Azevedo 2006-03-10 THESIS
Liberalization, skill based technological changes and the salaries in Brazilian industry: the dynamic of the demand for skilled workers
13958 Giovannetti, Bruno Cara 2006-06-06 THESIS
Bolívia: crisis of territorial cohesion in the heart of South America
13959 Freire, Eduardo Maganha 2008-10-06 THESIS
Managing and measuring operation risks using Bayesian networks.
13960 Nardi Queiroz, Cláudio De 2008-11-14 THESIS
Thermal, mechanical load and pH cycling influence on adhesive systems bond strength to primary dentin.
13961 Oliveira Rocha, Rachel de 2004-12-16 THESIS
HCV Viral knetics among HIV co-infected patients
13962 Affonso de, Evaldo Stanislau 2006-02-15 THESIS
In vitro effects of pentoxifylline on human fibroblasts derived from post-burn hypertrophic scars and from normal skin
13963 Isaac, Cesar 2007-12-03 THESIS
Effects of different carbohydrates in the pre-initial broiler chicken feed on the performance and on the organs allometric growth.
13964 Berti Sorbara, José Otávio 2003-05-19 THESIS
Supplementation strategies for beef cattle grazing tropical pastures during the rainy season
13965 Correia, Paulo Sérgio 2006-08-25 THESIS
Clinical genetic and audiological evaluation in patients with first and second branchial arches abnormalities associated with radial defects
13966 Vendramini, Siulan 2006-04-18 THESIS
Coping with the premenstrual tension syndrome: an existential phenomenological approach.
13967 Muramatsu, Clarice Heiko 2001-04-09 THESIS
"Enumeration of vector bundles over closed surfaces"
13968 Melo, Thiago de 2005-04-08 THESIS
The Basel Convention´s and the destination of the industrial waste in Brazil
13969 Iotti Ziglio, Luciana Aparecida 2005-12-09 THESIS
Integrated analysis of land-use effects on forest fragments of the Corumbataí river basin, SP
13970 Junior, Edgard Marino 2007-02-07 THESIS
Human pulp fibroblasts response to substances leached from direct pulp capping materials
13971 Neves Cavalcanti, Bruno das 2004-02-04 THESIS
13972 Souza Bezerra, Ewertton de 2006-04-12 THESIS
Injuries and work related diseases among the professionals of the transport sector in State of São Paulo, Brazil, 1997 to 1999
13973 Porte Teixeira, Monica La 2005-10-20 THESIS
Evaluation of yoghurt produced from milk with different somatic cell counts.
13974 Fernandes, Andrezza Maria 2004-01-09 THESIS
A comparative study of different electrocardiographic methods for the diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy and its association with both anatomic and histological characteristics of the heart
13975 Ronconi, Júlio César 2005-06-27 THESIS
The solitude of Latin America in the Brazilian great press
13976 Barbosa, Alexandre 2005-10-17 THESIS
"Evaluation model of software configuration management process"
13977 Cia, Thais Miranda 2006-05-10 THESIS
The presidential diplomacy concept: the role of the Presidency in foreign policy making
13978 Preto, Alessandra Falcao 2006-08-31 THESIS
Immediate results of loop ileostomy closure
13979 Seid, Victor Edmond 2005-01-19 THESIS
A exploração de minério de ferro no Brasil e no Mato Grosso do Sul. The iron ore mineral exploration in Brazil and Mato Grosso do Sul.
13980 Lamoso, Lisandra Pereira 2001-05-23 THESIS
Aerodynamic roughness parameters over sparse vegetation
13981 Lyra, Gustavo Bastos 2006-02-16 THESIS
Characteristics agronomic and technological of the cotton by anticipation of open bolls
13982 de Toledo, Vanessa Pucci 2007-10-11 THESIS
Interaction of water-soluble porphyrins TPPS4 and TMPyP with biological and model systems. Effects pf pH and ionic strength.
13983 Ferreira Aggarwal, Lucimara Perpétua 2005-03-11 THESIS
Equine spleen segments
13984 de Pádua, Roberto Pimenta 2001-11-20 THESIS
Time course evaluation of vascular tonus and superoxide production from isolated purines in aorta of endotoxemics Wistar rats
13985 Barbeiro, Hermes Vieira 2005-08-11 THESIS
Clinical and therapeutical aspects of systemic candidiasis in neonatal intensive care unit : study of 60 cases
13986 Assumpção Pedroso, Cinthia Passos 2005-10-31 THESIS
Physical therapy in cicatrization and functional recovery of chronic venous hypertension ulcer bearers : the use of electrical stimulation by means of high voltage current
13987 Pires, Eliane Jeronimo 2005-09-15 THESIS
Isolated fetal cerebral ventriculomegaly: the diameter correlation of the atrium with postnatal prognosis
13988 Ramos, Carla Bicudo 2006-04-12 THESIS
Thermal spraying of multicomponent white cast iron.
13989 Maranho, Ossimar 2006-07-10 THESIS
Values and postmodernity in the catholic clergy formation.
13990 Machado de, José Rogério 2001-07-20 THESIS
Insertion of pr5k gene in sugar cane to induce resistant plants to rust disease fungi puccinia melanocephala.
13991 Zarotti Saciloto, Rosana Fátima 2003-07-18 THESIS
Agrometeorological models to estimate the number of fruits per plant of sweet orange cultivars to Limeira-SP, Brazil.
13992 Pasqua Paulino, Silvia Elisandra 2005-03-08 THESIS
The BEM and FEM applied for analysis of viscoplastics problems in the anisotropic and composites medias
13993 Vanalli, Leandro 2004-08-06 THESIS
Expression and distribution of Connexin-43 in bovine trophoblast giant cells in three gestational phases
13994 Carvalho, Ivana 2004-12-17 THESIS
Evaluation of cadaveric renal vein lengths and their extension loss with three different types of ligature and section
13995 Pinto, Murilo Spinelli 2008-12-12 THESIS
The experience of contact: the populational descriptions of Richard Francis Burton.
13996 de Almeida, Alexsander Lemos 2001-12-14 THESIS
Utilization of nuclear magnetic resonance tomography for sex identification in wild birds without sexual dimorphism
13997 Grando, Angélica Paula 2002-08-05 THESIS
Automatic tube compensation "ATC(R)" : a comparison with pressure support ventilation in respiratory system simulator
13998 Junior, Germano Forti 2004-07-22 THESIS
Seas never before sailed: studies for the inclusion of the low income population in the society of the information
13999 Trevisan, Nilton 2005-06-27 THESIS
Individual influences and social-cultural factors in the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
14000 Domingues de, Maria Regina 2005-10-27 THESIS

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