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Wittgenstein and the end of epistemology.
13901 de Assis, Silvia Faustino 2003-08-18 THESIS
One-way master-slave synchronization networks: single star, single chain and mixed.
13902 Marmo, Carlos Nehemy 2003-07-31 THESIS
Critical situations in reinforced concrete building design subjected to construction loads
13903 de Freitas, Alexandre Alves 2004-03-26 THESIS
Interference of dexamethasone in pulmonary cycle of infection by Strongyloides venezuelensis in Wistar rats
13904 Tefé-Silva, Cristiane 2008-08-07 THESIS
The construction of appearance.
13905 de Oliveira, Alexandre Suárez 2000-11-22 THESIS
The impact of the loss to follow-up when using the Kaplan Meier estimator and the Cox proportional hazard model
13906 Holcman, Marcia Moreira 2006-04-20 THESIS
Systemic approaches and the dynamic equilibrium in the analysis of environmental fragility of the coast of the state of S Paulo: contribution of geomorphology of coastal plains
13907 Souto Matos, Marisa de 2008-12-10 THESIS
Smads and AP-1 messenger RNA expression pattern in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
13908 Rotea Mangone, Flavia Regina 2005-03-28 THESIS
Increased leukocyte and monocyte counts as markers for coronary artery disease (CAD)
13909 Neto, Abrahão Afiune 2005-01-19 THESIS
Qualitative and semiquantitative analyses of morphological parameters of open lung biopsies and autopsies : predictive value and impact on prognosis of patients with diffuse pulmonary infiltrate
13910 Canzian, Mauro 2005-06-21 THESIS
Evaluation of asymptomatic patients with initial cardiac forms of Chagas' disease through the analysis of dynamic electrocardiography, echocardiography and Type-B natriuretic peptides
13911 de Oliveira, Divina Seila 2004-10-08 THESIS
Antireflux valve self-expanding stent in the treatment of advanced gastroesophageal junction tumors
13912 Cheng, Spencer 2005-12-14 THESIS
Political business cycles: searching for empirical evidences for São Paulo state municipalities (1989-2001)
13913 Sakurai, Sérgio Naruhiko 2004-02-27 THESIS
History and Philosophy of Science: from theory to classroom activities
13914 Vannucchi, Andrea Infantosi 1997-01-20 THESIS
IEC61131-3 standard: historical and technical aspects and an application example.
13915 Faustino, Marcos Roberto 2005-09-06 THESIS
Analysis of the effect of the paramagnetic contrast in the amplitude and width of the metabolite peaks using multivoxel spectroscopy in patients with intracranial tumors
13916 Lima, Eduardo Carneiro 2005-12-14 THESIS
Analysis of the technical feasibility of the use of the ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) discarded for the footwear industry in asphalt mixtures (dry process)
13917 Ildefonso, Jesner Sereni 2007-02-07 THESIS
Utilization of Geophysical Methods in Sambaquis Fluvial, Region of The Valley Riverside of Iguape - SP/PR
13918 da Silva, Marcelo José 2003-11-25 THESIS
Dynamic load plate test
13919 de Moraes, Luciene Santos 2005-05-31 THESIS
"Leishmaniose tegumentar em AIDS: manifestações clínicas e evolução" Tegumentary leishmaniasis in AIDS: clinical manifestations and evolution
13920 Barbosa, Rodrigo Nascimento 2006-04-28 THESIS
Preparation and characterization of fluorozirconate glasses.
13921 Sanches Tardivo, Angela Antonia 1992-05-12 THESIS
Species of bees (Hymenoptera, apoidea) and caracterization of the honeys produced by them in the "cerrado" area of the municipality of Pirassununga, state of São Paulo, Brazil.
13922 Almeida, Daniela de 2002-11-05 THESIS
Distribution of bacterial plankton, bacterial colonies and microbial biofilm on deciduous teeth with pulpitis and pulp necrosis
13923 de Godoy, Valéria Lopes 2000-02-25 THESIS
Clinical presence and angulation of the third upper molars, in bad Class II occlusion, poor with and without upper premolar extractions.
13924 Putrick, Laélia Maria 2003-02-10 THESIS
"Making Crime and Offenders Count: a history of the São Paulo, Brazil"
13925 de Lima, Renato Sérgio 2005-10-07 THESIS
Genotipic characterization of virulence factors and agr of Staphylococcus aureus oxacillin sensitive
13926 Vianello, Marco Aurélio 2006-09-26 THESIS
Cephalometric evaluation after the Pendulum appliance distalization in patients under fixed orthodontic treatment.
13927 Angelieri, Fernanda 2002-02-01 THESIS
Influence of the inclination of the face-bow\'s bite fork on mounting of maxillary cast in arcon and nonarcon semiadjustable articulators
13928 Bellodi, Daniele Manfrim 2008-08-15 THESIS
A investigation of use management accounting tools for brazilians enterprises
13929 Soutes, Dione Olesczuk 2006-10-25 THESIS
Effect of serum vitamin, vitamin intake and MTHFR C677T gene polymorphism on global DNA methylation during pregnancy
13930 Kubota, Ananka Midori 2008-11-14 THESIS
"Extration and the maintenance of an atmosphere biologically disembarasses"
13931 do Amaral, Marcos Antonio 2005-08-05 THESIS
Arterial embolisation on pelvic trauma
13932 Palma Abrão, Guilherme de 2008-10-17 THESIS
Implementing quality systems to certification of small and medium automotive business.
13933 Souza Bido, Diogenes de 1999-08-26 THESIS
Availability of iron in grains commom beans (Phaseolus vulgaris l.) irradiated.
13934 Brigide, Priscila 2002-04-16 THESIS
Determination of displacements and internal forces in reinforced concrete building floor structures, considering the shear stress influence.
13935 Azevedo Neves, Rodrigo de 2000-04-19 THESIS
A complete immersive multiprojection environment based in computer clusters.
13936 Soares, Luciano Pereira 2005-06-24 THESIS
Educative component in the formation and professional activity of the auxiliary personnel in odontology
13937 Tomazevic, José Miguel 2005-12-09 THESIS
Evaluation of the asthma prevalence and risk factors associated in school children from 6 to 7 years in the west area of the city of São Paulo
13938 Dalberto Casagrande, Rejane Rimazza 2006-02-07 THESIS
Kabuki Symdrome: speech and language Diagnosis
13939 Lara de, Aline Silva 2006-10-23 THESIS
Modeling of pain using artificial neural networks.
13940 Tazawa, Nilson 2006-10-27 THESIS
In silico analysis of integrases in the phytopathogen Xylella fastidiosa: diversity, integration sites and association with bacteriophages.
13941 Mello Varani, Alessandro de 2008-09-03 THESIS
A miríade de atores produtivos na terceirização do calçado em Franca The myriad of productive actors in the outsourcing of footwear production in Franca
13942 de Almeida, Marina Stefani 2008-09-26 THESIS
An opening in the fog: study of possibility of the restore urban of the Serro
13943 Barbosa, Ana Aparecida 2007-05-25 THESIS
"Cemented Horizons in ultisol and spodosols from the coastal tablelands and in inceptisols and alfisols from the "sertaneja" depression of Northeast Brazil"
13944 de Araújo, José Coêlho 2004-02-06 THESIS
Brazilian feminist press after-1974
13945 Penha Cardoso, Elizabeth da 2004-04-19 THESIS
Anatomo-anesthaesiological study of the lumbar space (L1 a L6) in dogs
13946 de Souza, Livia Maria 2003-07-04 THESIS
Immunohistochemistry analysis of osteosarcoma in patients with and without metastasis and its prognosis correlation
13947 Abadi, Marcia Datz 2005-12-06 THESIS
Newborn hearing screening with transient evoked otoacustic emissions and automatic auditory brainstem response
13948 Souza Jardim, Isabela de 2006-05-15 THESIS
Effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy one bone healing after femur ostosynthesis with interlocking nails: experimental study in dogs (Canis familiaris)
13949 Ferreira Bassit, Ana Cristina 2004-09-14 THESIS
"Prevalency of iron deficiency anemia in children registered two municipal day-care centers of Guarapuava - PR. 2005"
13950 Kmetiuk, Silvana Franco 2005-10-17 THESIS

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