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Analyses of the verbal fluency of deaf individuals with oral Brazilian Portuguese language and users of the Brazilian Sign Language
13851 Garcia, Susana Francischetti 2001-08-16 THESIS
Effects of dexmedetomidine by epidural or continuous intravenous infusion in cats undergoing propofol-isoflurane anesthesia to ovariohysterectomy
13852 Santos Souza, Sérgio dos 2006-10-05 THESIS
Speech pathology examination: facial measurements in leukoderm children with no history of speech pathology disorders
13853 Cattoni, Débora Martins 2003-04-14 THESIS
Verification of adequacy of the MacConrmack Scheme in the solution of pressurized hydraulic.
13854 Pêpe França, Francis Valter 2006-09-28 THESIS
Importance of overweight and abdominal obesity on systemic arterial hypertension in adults in a population of a great hospital?s employees of Sao Paulo - Brazil
13855 Sarno, Flavio 2005-03-30 THESIS
Association between gingival overgrowth and clinical and microbiological periodontal conditions in heart transplant patients under cyclosporin-a therapy. A cross-sectional study.
13856 Romito, Giuseppe Alexandre 2000-09-22 THESIS
Avaliação 'in vivo' da prevalência de recessão gengival e facetas de desgaste
13857 Marini Lopes, Filipe Augusto 2005-08-04 THESIS
The Crestar® protocol in treatments with estradiol benzoate, PGF2alfa, PMSG and GnRH to control the estrus cycle and ovulation in beef cows.
13858 de Carvalho, Rafael José 2002-07-15 THESIS
Adesão ao tratamento de HIV/AIDS por pacientes com AIDS, tuberculose e usuários de drogas de São Paulo Adherence to HIV/Aids treatment among aids/ tuberculosis and drug users patients in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo (BR); 2006. [PhD Thesis ? Faculdade de Saúde Pública da Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil].
13859 Medeiros Lima, Helena Maria 2006-04-10 THESIS
Protein supplementation, by-products and corn processing for lactating dairy cows.
13860 Imaizumi, Hugo 2005-04-20 THESIS
Singularidades das Superfícies Regradas em R3 Singularities of Ruled Surface in R3
13861 Martins, Rodrigo 2004-02-18 THESIS
Stable isotopes C and N as indicators of qualitative and quantitative dietary variations of tambaqui (Colossoma rnacropornum) in Central Amazoniam
13862 Belarmino de, Ana Cristina 2003-12-18 THESIS
Multisensoriality in teaching drawing to the blind.
13863 Ballestero-Álvarez, Jose Alfonso 2003-06-11 THESIS
Integration of the information and of the knowledge organizational for support to the management of change in the business processes
13864 de Castro, Sergio Alexandre 2005-12-22 THESIS
"Demeter: the measured repulse"
13865 Gili Massi, Maria Lucia 2001-08-02 THESIS
Thermal fatigue of multicomponent white cast iron.
13866 Serantoni da, Claudia Regina 2003-10-31 THESIS
Load balancing of SPMD applications in distributed computational systems
13867 Furquim, Gustavo Antonio 2006-04-04 THESIS
"Crustal structure of central sector of Tocantins Province by using P and S waves as well as reflected phases with deep seismic refraction data"
13868 Perosi, Fábio André 2006-03-09 THESIS
The system of information HIPERDIA in Guarapuava/PR, 2002 - 2004, implantation and quality of the information.
13869 de Oliveira, Carlos Aparecido 2005-10-18 THESIS
The use of structural parts of the buildings as part of the lightning protection systems - the physical damages aspects.
13870 Sueta, Hélio Eiji 2005-12-09 THESIS
Experiencing the climacteric: the body in its existential course under the light of the phenomenology.
13871 Gonçalves, Roselane 2005-08-25 THESIS
The social order in crisis: the insertion of protestantism in Pernambuco 1869-1891
13872 Leitão Santos, João Marcos 2008-10-06 THESIS
Effects of thermal stress and recombinant bovine somatotropine employment on seminal features, integrity of membranes, mitochondrial function and chromatin structure of spermatozoa from Simmental bulls (Bos taurus taurus)
13873 Garcia, Alexandre Rossetto 2004-12-17 THESIS
Evaluation of selenium sources to ovines
13874 de Paiva, Fernanda Alves 2006-09-22 THESIS
Prognostic factors in evolution of chronic hepatitis C
13875 Fatima Gomes, Maria de 2005-02-18 THESIS
Influences of gender norms on AIDS prevention: evaluating an educative model for young adults
13876 Antunes, Maria Cristina 1999-03-10 THESIS
Estudo comparativo, por meio de análise cefalométrica em norma frontal, dos efeitos dentoesqueléticos produzidos por três tipos de expansores palatinos.
13877 Siqueira, Danilo Furquim 2000-05-19 THESIS
Biochemical outcome of patients with prostate adenocarcinoma treated with 125I seed implantation measured by serial dosages of prostate specific antigen
13878 da Ponte, Larissa Pereira 2008-03-14 THESIS
Health professional and hypertensive health service user interaction: contribution to the non-adherence to the therapeutic regime.
13879 Oliveira Reiners, Annelita Almeida 2005-01-17 THESIS
Microbial structure (algae and bacteria) from a wastewater stabilization ponds system in two different temporal scale: nictemeral and seasonal
13880 de Falco, Patrícia Bortoletto 2005-12-20 THESIS
Evaluation of the relationship between vertical misfit in abutment / casting and pre-machined prosthetic cylinder joint and loosening of prosthetic titanium screws
13881 Leite Falcão, Hilmo Barreto 2005-12-15 THESIS
Public Attorneys in São Paulo: effectiveness of their institutional function of ensuring the right of health.
13882 Castro Torres-Fernandes, Marilia de 1999-07-26 THESIS
Application of computational resources in masonry buildings design
13883 Razente, Julio Antonio 2004-08-25 THESIS
Extraction of stress intensity factors from generalized finite element solutions
13884 Athayde Pereira, Jerônymo Peixoto 2004-05-04 THESIS
Theoretical and experimental analysis of cyclic loads on stiffness of the reinforced concrete beams
13885 Oliveira Filho, Josafá de 2005-10-07 THESIS
Dialogical relations between The Baron, of Sttau Monteiro and the homonym tale, of Branquinho of Fonseca
13886 Freire, Rogeria Alves 2008-09-19 THESIS
Theoretical foundations of tort law
13887 Cortada Barbieri, Catarina Helena 2008-06-19 THESIS
Microorganisms from the soil and from the mangrove swamps: source of antimicrobian products.
13888 Firoozmand, Lília Macedo 2008-07-24 THESIS
Model for multi-purpose reservoir systems operations.
13889 Boccia Brandão, João Luiz 2004-03-03 THESIS
An epistemologic analysis of the definition of chemical substance in school books from 5th to 8th grades in Junior High Schools.
13890 da Silveira, Marcelo Pimentel 2003-01-09 THESIS
Fresh-cut tangor ?Murcott?: physiological characterization and edible coatings.
13891 Moreira, Raquel Capistrano 2005-01-31 THESIS
Dimensional analysis of the periorbital regions using computer tomography for osseointegrated implants insertion
13892 Silva Fernandes, Clemente da 2006-04-19 THESIS
Physical training of the soleus muscle and mechanical properties of the rat tibia
13893 Rodrigues de, Dean Azevedo 2006-04-28 THESIS
Evaluation of adrenal reserve in children and adolescents with acute lymphocytic leukemia through a double-blind comparison between Prednisone and Dexamethasone
13894 Kuperman, Hilton 2005-11-30 THESIS
Expression of Fas and Bcl-2 proteins on mononuclear cells from children and adolescents with systemic lupus erythematosus
13895 Lourdes Liphaus, Bernadete de 2005-12-08 THESIS
Health and social support at work: a case study of teachers from elementary public school
13896 Giovanetti, Rodrigo Manoel 2006-09-13 THESIS
Comparative electromyographic analysis of ankle muscles during landing in volleyball players with chronic instability
13897 Suda, Eneida Yuri 2006-09-14 THESIS
Bone status after second year of stable graft function: a mixed bone disease
13898 Neves, Carolina Lara 2007-09-19 THESIS
Mortars with polypropylene fibres´addition - study of the rheological and mechanical behavior.
13899 Paixão Silva, Rosiany da 2006-06-19 THESIS
Auditory brainstem response in holoprosencephaly
13900 Antoneli, Melissa Zattoni 2006-07-14 THESIS

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