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Aldicarb poisoning: I - Study of microscopic post mortem findings in dogs and cats. II - Acute toxicity evaluation in mice
13801 Xavier, Fabiana Galtarossa 2008-08-01 THESIS
Maternal and neonatal clinical assistance under distinct obstetrical conditions in Holstein cattle
13802 Rodrigues, Jaqueline Aguiar 2008-09-17 THESIS
The epidemiological pattern in fluoridated and no fluoridated cities on the mid-west region of the State of São Paulo
13803 de Carvalho, Sílvia Helena 2001-06-26 THESIS
Analysis of the expression pattern of the PKHD1 gene product, mutated in autossomal recessive polycystic kidney disease
13804 Carvalho de, Luis Fernando 2004-06-15 THESIS
Human papillomavirus (HPV) prevalence in seropositive men for HIV and men partners of women infected by HPV
13805 Carvalho da, Roberto José 2006-03-07 THESIS
Protein metabolism, body chemical composition, carcass traits and meat quality of Nellore steers (Bos indicus) as a function of their residual feed intake
13806 Costa Gomes, Rodrigo da 2009-03-13 THESIS
Low coronary driving pressure early in the course of myocardial infarction determines subendocardial remodeling and left ventricular dysfunction
13807 Koike, Marcia Kiyomi 2006-10-03 THESIS
Assessment of administration of isolated sodium diclofenac or associated to carisoprodol, acetaminophen, and caffeine, as an adjuvant in management of chronic temporomandibular disorders
13808 Varoli, Fernando Kurita 2008-08-04 THESIS
Frequency of the Paraoxonase 1 and 2 genetic polymorphisms and analysis of the lipid peroxidation in plasma of HIV positive patients
13809 Ferreira Maselli, Luciana Morganti 2007-09-11 THESIS
Infection control in hospital day-care centers
13810 Mastrobuono Nesti, Maria Machado 2005-02-22 THESIS
Evaluation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniosis in the Espírito Santo state, Brazil
13811 Passos, Luciana Neves 2003-10-09 THESIS
Urban transformations: acts, rules, edicts, laws in the town administration - Porto Alegre, 1937/1961
13812 de Almeida, Maria Soares 2005-04-08 THESIS
Cavotricuspid isthmus ablation for the treatment of atrial flutter: prospective randomized study comparing efficacy and safety of cooled-tip versus 8-mm-tip catheters.
13813 Melo, Sissy Lara 2005-02-21 THESIS
Volumetric and neurochemical evaluation of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in pediatric patients with major depressive disorder: a study using Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
13814 Caetano, Sheila Cavalcante 2006-01-12 THESIS
Risk factors to acute respiratory failure and prognosis in burn patient at ICU
13815 Pilau, Janaina 2006-03-23 THESIS
Laminin peptide C16 regulates migration, invasion and protease activity of adenoid cystic carcinoma cells through integrins, AKT and ERK.
13816 da Gama, Leticia Nogueira 2009-01-22 THESIS
Analysis of presence of HOXA7, HOC6 and TGIF transcripts in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
13817 Matizonkas Antonio, Luciana Fasanella 2006-02-03 THESIS
Time course of myocardial sodium accumulation in dogs evaluated by in vivo magnetic resonance imaging during coronary occlusion and reperfusion.
13818 Rochitte, Carlos Eduardo 2002-01-03 THESIS
Comparison of systolic and pulse pressure variation during pressure and volume controlled ventilation. Experimental study in rabbits
13819 Fonseca, Eliana Bonetti 2006-12-07 THESIS
Crude protein levels for ram lambs fed high grain diets in feedlot.
13820 Machado da, Márcia Helena 2002-04-16 THESIS
Obesity and associated risk factors among very low income women living in São Paulo, Southern Brazil
13821 Goulart, Alessandra Carvalho 2005-03-16 THESIS
Atherogenic effect of air pollution: association to anti-oxLDL and anti peptide D- ApoB and imorphometric and inflamatory aspects
13822 Castro Soares, Sandra Regina 2006-09-13 THESIS
Modelling of grounding grids in multilayer soils using complex images.
13823 Pereira Filho, Mário Leite 1999-05-21 THESIS
Volumetric analysis of in-stent intimal hyperplasia in diabetic patients treated with or without abciximab
13824 Chaves, Áurea Jacob 2004-07-19 THESIS
In vitro canine oocyte nuclear maturation in hormonal supplemented mediums and homologal oviductal cells co-culture in dogs
13825 Vannucchi, Camila Infantosi 2003-12-01 THESIS
Speech and voice characteristics in middle age and late onset Parkinson\'s disease
13826 Dias, Alice Estevo 2006-08-15 THESIS
Evaluation of avidity quatitation in maternal antibodies in the diagnostic appraisal in congenital toxoplasmosis.
13827 Souza Macre, Miriam de 2002-06-19 THESIS
Capillaroscopy in MCTD: a dynamic process associated to lung interstitial involvement and disease severity
13828 Holanda Mafaldo, Adriana de 2006-10-03 THESIS
Holoprosencephaly: clinic e language
13829 Santiago, Giselda 2006-09-29 THESIS
Effectiveness of the oral myofunctional therapy
13830 Ideriha, Patricia Noriko 2005-09-06 THESIS
Franchise performance in Brazil: one exploratory study of performance factors.
13831 Merlo, Edgard Monforte 2000-08-23 THESIS
The remote banking rooms, the ATM machines and its graphic interfaces: usability, function ability and accessibility
13832 Junior, Edson Salerno 2008-10-21 THESIS
The Fazenda Geral of the Jesuits and the monopoly of the passage of Cubatão 1553 - 1748
13833 Torres, Francisco Rodrigues 2008-09-15 THESIS
Parabolic problems in unidimensional composite materials: Morse-Smale property.
13834 Carbone, Vera Lucia 2003-03-07 THESIS
Evaluation and productivity of integrated clinic discipline in dental school of tuiuti university of paraná (contribution to the dental education model)
13835 Pires Milani, Paulo Augusto 2003-07-15 THESIS
Influence of PEEP and external abdominal weight in airway and intra-abdominal pressures in mechanically ventilated ICU patients
13836 Torquato, Jamili Anbar 2005-11-08 THESIS
"Entre a revolução e o corporativismo - a experiência sindical dos ferroviários da E. F. Sorocabana nos anos 1930"
13837 de Araújo, Adalberto Coutinho 2006-05-08 THESIS
Analysis of the management relationship capital: an exploratory case study in the São Carlos motors factory
13838 Ferreira da, Carlos Donizeti 2006-10-05 THESIS
Analysis of ontogenetic variability of Bothrops insularis (Amaral, 1921) snake venom: adaptative implications for dietary items
13839 Palitot Pereira, André Zelanis 2006-08-14 THESIS
Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in a community dwelling são paulo-brazilian population : prevalence, relantionship with dementia severity and with caregiver burden
13840 Tatsch, Mariana Franciosi 2005-08-02 THESIS
Stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of brain metastases: efficacy and complications based on brain location
13841 Calfat Maldaun, Marcos Vinícius 2006-10-17 THESIS
Control of behavior by stimulus relations in Cebus apella.
13842 Silva Barros, Romariz da 1998-12-09 THESIS
Study of the sources of human Toxoplasma infection in São Paulo state, Brazil.
13843 Meireles, Luciana Regina 2001-03-21 THESIS
Immunohistochemical evaluation of estrogen and progesterone receptors in transmissible venereal tumour and vaginal tissues of affected and non-affected bitches in different estrous phases
13844 de Brito, Claudia Prado 2004-07-02 THESIS
Evaluation of plain yoghurt manufactured from buffalo milk with different fat content
13845 da Cunha, Otaviano Carneiro 2003-08-15 THESIS
Quality system implementation in sensory analysis laboratory based in good practices system.
13846 Fatima Kanesaki, Angela de 2005-07-19 THESIS
Thin films of thallium bromide (TlBl) manufectured by spray pyrolysis
13847 Ferreira, Ernando Silva 2005-03-17 THESIS
Henri Poincaré´s Philosophy: The Nature of the Scientific Knowledge and the Paradoxes on Set Theory
13848 Vecchio Junior, Jacintho Del 2006-04-27 THESIS
Analyses of the verbal fluency of deaf individuals with oral Brazilian Portuguese language and users of the Brazilian Sign Language
13849 Garcia, Susana Francischetti 2001-08-16 THESIS
Effects of dexmedetomidine by epidural or continuous intravenous infusion in cats undergoing propofol-isoflurane anesthesia to ovariohysterectomy
13850 Santos Souza, Sérgio dos 2006-10-05 THESIS

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