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Narrating Gypsies, Telling Travellers : A Sudy of the Relational Self in Four Life Stories
1201 Shaw, Martin 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
"Dom brukar jämföra det med en stridspilot" : föreställningar om arbetsmiljö och risker i skogsmaskinarbete : en studie i organisationskommunikation
1202 Högvall Nordin, Maria 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Lipoprotein lipase-unstable on purpose?
1203 Zhang, Liyan 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Asthma, rhinitis, and asthma-related symptoms in relation to vehicle exhaust using different exposure metrics
1204 Modig, Lars 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Investigating the relationship between Entrepreneurial and Market Orientations within French SMEs and linking it to Performance
1205 Couppey, Matthieu; Roux, Ysaline 2007-07-02 THESIS
‘Ask, ask, ask!’ : A case study of Umeå University library provision for its international students
1206 Lazarevic, Lidija 2008-01-09 THESIS
A population perspective on obesity prevention : lessons learned from Sweden and the U.S.
1207 Nafziger, Anne 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Lärare och konflikthantering :En undersökande studie ur ett könsperspektiv
1208 Lundström, Agneta 2008-01-01 THESIS
Researching and Developing Swedkid: A Swedish Case Study at the Intersection of the Web, Racism and Education
1209 Hällgren, Camilla 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
How to fly with business angels : - A qualitative study on business angel investment criteria’s
1210 Elfsberg, Fredrik; Jonsson, Sofia 2008-06-23 THESIS
1211 Olofsson, Anton; Pietz, Michal 2009-01-01 THESIS
Professional caregivers’ experiences of caring for women with breast cancer on a surgical ward
1212 Ödling, Gunvor 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Molecular epidemiology of streptococcus agalactiae : mobile elements as genetic markers.
1213 Luan, Shi-Lu 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Decentralized resource brokering for heterogeneous grid environments
1214 Tordsson, Johan 2006-01-01 THESIS
Professional caregivers’ experiences of caring for women with breast cancer on a surgical ward
1215 Ödling, Gunvor, PhD 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Neural circuits engaged in mastication and orofacial nociception
1216 Athanassiadis, Tuija, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
The Syntax of Tenselessness : On Copying Constructions in Swedish
1217 Wiklund, Anna-Lena 2005-03-08 THESIS
Wear and Fixation of the acetabular component : in vivo evaluation of different polyethylenes and modes of fixation in total hip arthroplasty
1218 Röhrl, Stephan Maximilian 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Trophic, Indirect, and Evolutionary Interactions in a Plant–Herbivore–Parasitoid System
1219 Stenberg, Johan 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
p63 – from expression to function : studies of normal oral mucosa and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
1220 Thurfjell, Niklas 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Implications of psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period - A population-based study
1221 Andersson, Liselott 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Calcium aluminate cement as dental restorative. Mechanical properties and clinical durability
1222 Sunnegårdh-Grönberg, Karin 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Regulation of carbon dioxide emission from Swedish boreal lakes and the Gulf of Bothnia
1223 Algesten, Grete 2005-01-01 THESIS
Imaging imagining actions
1224 Olsson, CJ 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Identitetsskapande i studentföreningen : Köns- och klasskonstruktioner i massuniversitetet
1225 Widding, Ulrika 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
The LRIG-family: identification of novel regulators of ErbB signaling with clinical implications in astrocytoma.
1226 Nilsson, Jonas 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Förfädernas land : en arkeologisk studie av rituella lämningar i Sápmi, 300 f. Kr-1600 e. Kr
1227 Fossum, Birgitta 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Genetics of pain : studies of migraine and pain insensitivity
1228 Norberg, Anna 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Functional and structural properties of eukaryotic DNA polymerase epsilon
1229 Chilkova, Olga 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Gender Regimes, Family Policies and ATtitudes to Female Employment : A Comparison of Germany, Italy and Sweden
1230 Sundström, Eva 2003-01-01 DISSERTATION
Vanadate and Peroxovanadate Complexes of Biomedical Relevance : A speciation approach with focus on diabetes
1231 Gorzsás, András 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
From green to yellow : a leaf story
1232 Keech, Olivier 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Design and Synthesis of Sialic Acid Conjugates as Inhibitors of EKC-causing Adenoviruses
1233 Johansson, Susanne 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Structural and solid state EMF studies of phases in the CaO–K2O–P2O5 system with relevance for biomass combustion
1234 Sandström, Malin 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Motor control of the knee : kinematic and EMG studies of healthy individuals and people with patellofemoral pain
1235 Stensdotter, Ann-Katrin 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
Physical restraint use and falls in institutional care of old people :effects of a restraint minimization program
1236 Pellfolk, Tony, PhD 2010-01-01 DISSERTATION
Volatile organic compounds from microorganisms : identification and health effects
1237 Claeson, Anna-Sara 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Revision och rådgivning : Efterfrågan, kvalitet och oberoende
1238 Svanström, Tobias 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Water Relaxation Processes as Seen by NMR Spectroscopy Using MD and BD Simulations
1239 Åman, Ken 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
Interaction studies of idiotypic and antiidiotypic antibodies at experimental tumor targeting
1240 Erlandsson, Ann 2005-09-05 THESIS
Flickor och pojkar i den sociala barnavården : Föreställningar om kön och sociala problem under 1900-talet
1241 Hamreby, Kerstin 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
The effect of enriched environment on gene expression and stroke recovery
1242 Rönnbäck, Annica 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
The Folding Energy Landscape of MerP
1243 Brorsson, Ann-Christin 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Genetic and serologic characterization of a Swedish human hantavirus isolate
1244 Lindkvist, Marie 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Regulation of tubulin heterodimer partitioning during interphase and mitosis
1245 Holmfeldt, Per 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
In vivo and in vitro approaches to induce beta cells from stem and progenitor cells
1246 Selander, Lars, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Structures beyond the frameworks of the rink : On organization in Swedish ice hockey
1247 Fahlén, Josef 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Semipermeable membrane devices as integrative tools for monitoring nonpolar aromatic compounds in air
1248 Söderström, Hanna 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
En gemensam europeisk skogspolitik? : En integrationsteoretisk studie av ett politikområde på tillväxt
1249 Andersson, Therese 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Autoimmune hepatitis in Sweden
1250 Werner, Mårten 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION

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