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Consideration of strand fatigue for load rating prestressed concrete bridges
1 1969- Hagenberger, Michael John THESIS
Milankovitch orbital forcing control on shallow-water carbonate cyclicity and early dolomitization insights from the Lower Cretaceous Cupido platform, NE Mexico /
2 1977- Altobi, Younis Khamis THESIS
Network tomography based on flow level measurements
3 Arifler, Dogu. THESIS
Root herbivory in grasslands and savannas the potential role of June beetle (Phyllophaga spp.; Scarabaeidae) larvae in central Texas plant community structure /
4 1967- Brumbaugh, Michael Shawn THESIS
Stratigraphic analysis of reflectivity data, application to gas reservoirs in the Burgos Basin, Mexico
5 Barrios Rivera, Jorge. THESIS
Soil formation and erosion in central Texas insights from relict soils and cave deposits /
6 Cooke, Mary Jennifer. THESIS
Has globalization changed U.S. federalism? the increasing role of U.S. states in foreign affairs : Texas-Mexico relations /
7 Blase, Julie Melissa. THESIS
TLSS and LRS-J probing large scale structure near and far /
8 1974- Tufts, Joseph Rutledge THESIS
Investigation of the effects of alpha-TEA, MSA and t-RES alone and in combination on human MDA-MB-435 breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo
9 1979- Snyder, Rachel Marie THESIS
Interaction of insulin like growth factor-1 and resistance training on skeletal muscle mass and function
10 Lee, Suk-ho. THESIS
Investigation of the molecular mechanisms of apoptosis induced by a novel vitamin E derivative ([alpha]-TEA) in human breast and ovarian cancer using cell culture
11 1976- Shun, Ming-chieh THESIS
Characterization and evolution of peridinin-chlorophyll a binding protein gene families in symbiotic dinoflagellates
12 1960- Reichman, Jay Randall THESIS
Geomicrobiology of sulfuric acid speleogenesis : microbial diversity, nutrient cycling, and controls on cave formation /
13 Engel, Annette Summers. THESIS
Fishermen, farmers, and fiestas continuity in ritual of traditional villages on the northwest coast of Peru /
14 Schaeffer, Nancy Ellen. THESIS
Environmental perceptions and local conservation efforts in Cuatro Cie?negas, Coahuila, Me?xico /
15 Calegari, Valerie Rose. THESIS
The role of alpha-methyldopamine thioethers in the serotonergic neurotoxicity of MDA and MDMA
16 Jones, Douglas Campbell THESIS
Developing strategies to evaluate the effective use of electronic presentation software in communication education
17 Earnest, William James. THESIS
The genetic association between brittle deformation and quartz cementation examples from burial compaction and cataclasis /
18 Makowitz, Astrid. THESIS
Identity, community, and text the production of meaning among Palestinian political captives /
19 1967- Nashif, Esmail THESIS
Rejection sensitivity, self-monitoring, and heterosocial adjustment of young men with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
20 Canu, William Henry. THESIS
Cognitive processes of inattention in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder subtypes
21 Booth, Jane Elizabeth. THESIS
Surface modification of ceramic and metallic alloy substrates by laser raster-scanning
22 1969- Ramos Grez, Jorge Andre?s THESIS
Involvement of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex in cocaine-associative learning
23 1966- Ikegami, Aiko THESIS
Synthesis, characterization and potential applications of porphyrin analogues secochlorin and hydrazinophyrin /
24 1972- Callaway, Wyeth Baillie THESIS
Global and local controls on depositional cyclicity Canterbury basin, New Zealand /
25 1970- Lu, Hongbo THESIS
An assessment of implementation requirements for the Tier II construction workforce strategy
26 Pappas, Michael P. THESIS
Oligopyrrole-based anion receptor
27 1974- Cho, Won-seob THESIS
What helps and what hinders the independent mobility of non-driving teens
28 1963- Weston, Lisa Marie THESIS
Composition-guided image acquisition
29 1977- Banerjee, Serene THESIS
Simulation of gas dynamics, radiation and particulates in volcanic plumes on Io
30 1975- Zhang, Ju THESIS
Regulation and function of tuberous sclerosis complex-2 tumor suppressor in renal cell carcinoma
31 1975- Liu, Yu THESIS
Empowerment, access, and rights introducing information and communication technology to women in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Nicaragua /
32 Lee, Jamie Cistoldi. THESIS
Characterization of as-grown and annealed narrow band gap nitrides grown by molecular beam epitaxy
33 1967- Reifsnider, Jason Miles THESIS
Unsteady growth and relaxation of viscous fingers
34 1969- Moore, Mitchell George THESIS
Alendronate and hormone replacement therapy in the prevention of osteoporotic fracture a pharmacoeconomic analysis employing a net-benefit regression method of cost-effectiveness /
35 1963- Tiller, Kevin Wade THESIS
Analytical modeling of fully bonded and debonded pre-tensioned prestressed concrete members
36 1963- Baxi, Asit Nareshchandra 2005-01-01 THESIS
Unrealized America transforming American studies to transform America /
37 1959- Davis, Jonathan Michael THESIS
Two-point high repetition rate measurement of temperature and thermal dissipation in a turbulent non-premixed jet flame
38 1972- Wang, Guanghua 2004-01-01 THESIS
The effect of interesting text on the reading comprehension of Korean college EFL students a comparison of seductive details and interesting elaborations /
39 Song, Sung-hyun THESIS
Toward high throughput directed evolution of protease specificity using fluorescence activated cell sorting
40 1965- Gam, Jongsik THESIS
Novel calixpyrrole-like anion receptors
41 1971- An, Deqiang THESIS
Complete anisotropic analysis of three component seismic data related to the marine environment and comparison to nine component land seismic data
42 1972- Gumble, Jason Ethan THESIS
Piano quintet in Eb major, op. 44 by Robert Schumann transcribed for clarinet quartet and piano /
43 Manzo, Erica France. THESIS
Modeling and imaging of ground penetrating radar data
44 Sena D'Anna, Armando Ruggiero. 2004-01-01 THESIS
Analysis of multicomponent seismic data from the Hydrate Ridge, offshore Oregon
45 1976- Kumar, Dhananjay 2005-01-01 THESIS
Statistics of turbulence in a rapidly rotating system
46 1974- Jung, Sunghwan 2005-01-01 THESIS
Leaving Latinos out the teaching of U.S. history in Texas /
47 Noboa, Julio. THESIS
Significance of environmentally realistic levels of selected contaminants to ecological performance of fish larvae effects of atrazine, malathion, and methylmercury /
48 1970- Alvarez, Maria Del 2005-01-01 THESIS
Proterozoic tectonic evolution of southern Laurentia new constraints from field studies and geochronology in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, U.S.A. /
49 1975- Jones, James V. THESIS
50 1977- Kolm, Jonathan David THESIS

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