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The social implications of children's media use
201 Bickham, David Stephen. THESIS
Detection of transverse cracking in a hybrid composite laminate using acoustic emission
202 1962- Jong, Hwai-jiang THESIS
Prenatal predictors of family rituals examining the contributions of parents' attachment representations and marital communication /
203 Thalhuber, Kimberly Kay. THESIS
Authenticating voices : performance, Black identity, and slam poetry /
204 1973- Somers-Willett, Susan B. THESIS
Employing near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) as a tool for interrogating a new conjugated polymer material, di-dodecyl poly(phenylene ethynylene)
205 1977- Imhof, Joseph Michael THESIS
The local iron age pottery from selected strata at Tel Yin'am, eastern lower Galilee, Israel
206 Dehnisch, Anne McKinney. 2005-01-01 THESIS
Equity and what secondary science teachers bring to the classroom
207 1962- Austin, Barbara Anne THESIS
Developing statistical inquiry prospective secondary mathematics and science teachers' investigations of equity and fairness through analysis of accountability data /
208 1963- Makar, Katie M. THESIS
Improvements in the accuracy of estimation of left ventricular volume from measurements of complex admittance using a tetrapolar catheter
209 1972- Wei, Chia-ling THESIS
Investigation of tertiary structure of electrosprayed ribosomal protein L9 by Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry using low energy dissociation techniques
210 1976- Armorgan, Carla Allison THESIS
Working on feelings discourses of emotion at a crisis hotline /
211 1959- Vogel, Martha Christine THESIS
Conceptualizing pedagogical content knowledge from the perspective of experienced secondary science teachers
212 1969- Lee, Eunmi 2005-01-01 THESIS
The classical-historical novel in nineteenth-century Britain
213 Walker, Stanwood Sterling. THESIS
The post-bankruptcy rebuilding process how the chapter 7 debtor learns to begin life anew /
214 Wojcik, Sheila Jo. THESIS
Design of a field scale project for surfactant enhanced remediation of a DNAPL contaminated aquifer
215 1959- Brown, Chrissi Lynn THESIS
El mundo alucinante vis-a?-vis Guzma?n de Alfarache and El busco?n the living traditions of the baroque picaresque /
216 Willis, Angela Lynn. THESIS
A dynamic model of asymmetric price negotiation
217 1971- Lemieux, James Michael 2005-01-01 THESIS
The aerial fleet refueling problem
218 Wiley, Victor Duane. THESIS
A constructivist theory of international monetary relations monetary understandings, state interests in cooperation, and the construction of crises (1929-2001) /
219 Widmaier, Wesley William. THESIS
Cognitive characteristics for learning Java, an object oriented programming language
220 White, Garry L. THESIS
Reduction of light scattering in biological tissue implications for optical diagnostics and therapeutics /
221 Vargas, Gracie. THESIS
The U.S. Army School of the Americas mission and policy during the Cold War /
222 Lauderback, David Marcus. THESIS
Hamburg's gay scene in the era of family politics, 1945-1969
223 1971- Whisnant, Clayton John THESIS
Heat transport models with distributed microstructure
224 Visarraga, Darrin Bernardo. THESIS
The egalitarian relationship in feminist therapy
225 Rader, Jill Elaine THESIS
Predictors of children's violent media use
226 1966- Shim, Mi-suk P. 2004-01-01 THESIS
Evolution equations for magnetic islands in a reversed field pinch
227 1972- Yu, Edmund Po-ning THESIS
Novel women gender and nation in nineteenth-century novels by two Spanish American women writers /
228 1962- Zalduondo, Mari?a M. THESIS
On the structural response of eukaryotic cells
229 1975- Ananthakrishnan, Revathi THESIS
Experimental measurements of condensate blocking and treatements in low and high permeability cores
230 Al-Anazi, Hamoud Ali. THESIS
Self-assembly of nanomaterials into films and fibers using genetically engineered viruses
231 1971- Lee, Seung-wuk THESIS
Top-lateral bracing systems for trapezoidal steel box-girder bridges
232 Chen, Brian Scott. THESIS
Tropical forest landscape dynamics population consequences for neotropical lianas, genus Passiflora /
233 fl. 2005. Plowes, Robert Merrick THESIS

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