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Investigation of the effect of a novel vitamin E derivative (alpha-TEA) alone and in combination with a known chemotherapuetic agent in human breast cancer using cell culture and animal models
151 Lawson, Karla Ann. THESIS
The development, implementation, and evaluation of a dietary and physical activity intervention for overweight, low-income mothers
152 Clarke, Kristine Kendrick THESIS
Evaluation of protocols for assessing energy needs in overweight and obese adults
153 Hodges, Valerie Anne. THESIS
Political Science : the red scare as the hidden variable in the Bohmian interpretation of quantum theory / 1999.
154 Mullet, Shawn. THESIS
The Chinese violin concerto "The butterfly lovers" by He Zhanhao (1933) and Chen Gang (1935) for violin and orchestra
155 Jiang, Yuli. THESIS
Children of the Zawiya narratives of faith, family, and transformation among Sufi communities in modern Damascus /
156 Doerre, Sharon Louise. THESIS
Fibers from the forest : Mestizo, Afro-Ecuadorian and Chachi ethnobotany of piquigua (Heteropsis ecuadorensis, Araceae) and mocora (Astrocaryum standleyanum, Arecaceae) in northwestern Ecuador /
157 Fadiman, Maria Grace. THESIS
Negotiating a slave regime : free people of color in Cuba, 1844-1868 /
158 Reid, Michele Bernita. THESIS
The role of the influenza NS1A protein during influenza A virus infection evasion of the host anti-viral response /
159 Min, Ji-Young THESIS
Transcriptional regulation during heart development
160 1973- Small, Eric Matthew THESIS
Accounting for uncertainty, robustness and online information in transportation networks
161 1978- Ukkusuri, Satish V. THESIS
Construction production rate information system for highway projects
162 Chong, Wai Kiong THESIS
A descriptive study of the relationship of selected neuropsychological factors and cognitive learning styles of alcoholics
163 1940- Sanders, Nick THESIS
Item-level quantity-based preliminary cost estimating system for highway earthwork, landscape, subgrade treatments, base, surface courses, pavement and traffic control
164 1973- Chou, Jui-sheng THESIS
Performing the sacred the concept of journey in Codex Delilah /
165 1955- Leimer, Ann Marie 2005-01-01 THESIS
Toward a new operationalization of U.S. Hispanic ethnicity /
166 Villarreal De Silva, Ricardo THESIS
Methodologies for reducing truck turn time at marine container terminals /
167 Huynh, Nathan Nhan. THESIS
Deposition, surface chemistry, and electrochemistry of YBa?Cu?O??(subscript delta) materials
168 Wells, Andrea Dawn. THESIS
A century of Schubert Lieder transcriptions for piano
169 fl. 2001. Chen, Tzu-yun THESIS
Financial derivatives in corporate risk management
170 Wang, Mulong. THESIS
Monte Carlo simulation of MeV ion implantation with computationally efficient models
171 Wang, Geng. THESIS
Leadership as healing developing an innovative partnership model in healthcare education /
172 1947- Wallace, Juanita Swenson THESIS
Chronic illness in context examining sociocultural factors in women's experience of lupus /
173 Zeddies, Andre?a McBride. THESIS
Ontogeny and evolutionary morphology of the skeleton in frogs
174 Yeh, Jennifer Jean. THESIS
Optical-DSC for analysis of energy processes in transparent microscopic systems
175 Yuan, Shuming. THESIS
Meiofauna community structure and function in the northern Gulf of Mexico deep sea /
176 1977- Baguley, Jeffrey Greer THESIS
Dopamine and ethanol induced trafficking of viral mediated eGFP tagged dopamine D1 receptors in parasagittal explants
177 1977- Diaz, Laurea Marie 2005-01-01 THESIS
Political benefit and the role of art at the court of Philip VI of Valois (1328-1350)
178 1969- Quigley, Maureen Rose THESIS
The subject between texts in Alejandra Pizarnik's poetry
179 Zeiss, Elizabeth Anne. THESIS
Manipulation and quantum control of ultracold atoms and molecules for precision measurements
180 Xu, Gang. THESIS
Network congestion control
181 Yang, Yang. THESIS
Adaptive decision-making frameworks for multi-agent systems /
182 1972- Martin, Cheryl Elizabeth THESIS
Examining the patient-physician relationship of women with endometriosis
183 1970- Garcia, Heather Karina THESIS
The use of verbal precision the impact of potential gain, potential loss, verification likelihood, and truthfulness /
184 Carrell, Ronald Calvin THESIS
New approaches and limits to test data compression for systems-on-chip
185 1979- Balakrishnan, Kedarnath Jayaraman THESIS
Model checking beyond the finite /
186 Kahlon, Vineet. THESIS
A design validation methodology for high performance microprocessors
187 Krishnamurthy, Narayanan. THESIS
PTIP, a novel BRCT domain-containing apoptotic factor that directly promotes cytochrome c release from mitochondria to cytoplasm
188 Zhang, Yan. THESIS
Bose-Einstein condensation of dilute atomic gases
189 Wu, Biao. THESIS
"Turning it into a proper business" the fate of complexity in distance learning corporate discourse /
190 Stasi, Mafalda. THESIS
A moving boundary problem in a distributed parameter system with application to diode modeling
191 Zhang, Hanzhong. THESIS
Bringing "E" to corporate America the drivers of e-business adoption and its impact on firm performance /
192 Wu, Fang. THESIS
Role of CDP in MMTV transcriptional regulation and tumorigenesis
193 Zhu, Quan. THESIS
Hemispheric specialization of the processing of linguistic pitch contrasts
194 Wong, Patrick Chun THESIS
Predicting how early and how much young children use television and computers the role of sociodemographic, family, and child characteristics /
195 Lee, June Hui THESIS
Test generation for realistic defects
196 Krishnamachary, Arun. THESIS
Towards peptide-binding peptides
197 Zhang, Zhiwen. THESIS
Collaborative transfer of a public health program
198 Wright, Dawna Renee?. THESIS
Boccaccio and romance
199 1964- Zaldivar, Molly Mezzetti 2004-01-01 THESIS
Critical incidents relating to high school dropout of identified young adult Black males
200 1943- Simpson, Henri Lee 2004-01-01 THESIS

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