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The laptop initiative faculty and preservice teachers' perspectives on teaching practices and the learning environment /
101 Bin-Taleb, Abdulaziz A. 2005-01-01 THESIS
Faculty concerns and perceptions of mandated educational change an exploratory study /
102 1961- Gonz?alez Negrete, Enrique THESIS
Incorporating subcritical crack growth mechanics into natural fracture characterization for improved reservoir simulation
103 Philip, Zeno George. THESIS
Depositional and structural evolution of the middle Miocene depositional episode, east-central Gulf of Mexico
104 1974- Combellas Bigott, Ricardo Ignacio THESIS
Biological activated carbon the relative role of metabolism and cometabolism in extending service life and improving process performance /
105 1976- Putz, Andrea Robin THESIS
The new vocationalism a comparative analysis of workforce program compliance at Houston Community College System /
106 Howard, Lonnie L. 2005-01-01 THESIS
The giving tree trends in philanthropic giving in Texas community colleges /
107 Errett, Carole Diane THESIS
Deposition of cationic polymer micelles on planar and patterned SiO? surfaces
108 Hahn, Jungseok. THESIS
Table look-up CORDIC effective rotations through angle partitioning /
109 1970- Arbaugh, Jason 2004-01-01 THESIS
Structural change and men's work lives transformations in social stratification and occupational mobility in Monterrey, Mexico /
110 1971- Solis-Gutierrez, Patricio THESIS
Melancholy encounter Lasar Segall and Brazilian modernism, 1924-1933 /
111 1962- Wolfe, Edith Angelica THESIS
Seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of low-rise reinforced masonry buildings with flexible diaphragms
112 Cohen, Gregory L. THESIS
Integrated GPS/INS navigation system design for autonomous spacecraft rendevous
113 1962- Gaylor, David Edward THESIS
Essays on exchange rate regimes and international financial crises
114 Hernandez-Verme, Paula Lourdes. THESIS
Top surface imaging for sub-100nm lithography
115 1977- Jamieson, Andrew Thomas 2004-01-01 THESIS
Meiofauna community structure and function in the northern Gulf of Mexico deep sea
116 1977- Baguley, Jeffrey Greer 2004-01-01 THESIS
The balance between positive and negative interactions in a savanna
117 Batchelor, Margaret Elizabeth THESIS
Three-dimensional stratal development of a carbonate-siliciclastic sedimentary regime, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Australia [electronic resource] /
118 Cathro, Donna Louise THESIS
Neo-appreciation pedagogy [electronic resource] : the pragmatics of reading aesthetic affect in the undergraduate classroom /
119 Burchenal, William Kennedy. THESIS
Ozone interactions with HVAC filters
120 1980- Zhao, Ping THESIS
Centralized optical backplane bus using holographic optical elements for high performance computing
121 1975- Bi, Hai THESIS
An exploration of women's current hormone discontinuation experiences, influences, decisions, and alternatives
122 1958- Kupferer, Elizabeth Mary THESIS
Shame, guilt, and ethical orientation
123 Dolan-Henderson, Alvin Augustus. THESIS
Model citizens and perfect strangers [electronic resource] : American painting and its different modes of address, 1958-1965 /
124 Relyea, Lane; Shiff, Richard THESIS
Effects of climate change on mammalian fauna composition and structure during the advent of North American continental glaciation in the Pliocene
125 1973- Ruez, Dennis Russell THESIS
Parents as agents of change for the prevention of obesity in young children
126 1976- Klohe, Deborah Marie THESIS
Electrical stimulation and neuromuscular fatigue in healthy and chronic post-stroke populations
127 1961- Doucet, Barbara Mollere THESIS
Individual variation and hormonal modulation of sodium channel alpha and beta1 subunits int he electric organ correlate with variation in a social signal
128 1976- Liu, He THESIS
In vitro selection, and sensing applications of allosteric ribozymes (aptazymes)
129 1975- Knudsen, Scott Michael THESIS
On the edge of the Balcones Escarpment the urban and cultural development of New Braunfels and San Marcos, Texas, 1845-1880 /
130 1963- Dykes-Hoffmann, Judith Lynn THESIS
Biomedical applications of a fiber based low-coherence interferometer for quantitative differential phase measurements
131 1973- Akkin, Taner THESIS
Structure property relationships in organic biradicals
132 1971- Fico, Rosario Mario THESIS
Simulation of wave propagation in boreholes and radial profiling of formation elastic parameters
133 Chi, Shihong. THESIS
Biomedical imaging applications of parallel optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics
134 Kim, Jeehyun. THESIS
Use of RNA:DNA ratios for assessing secondary production of planktonic food webs effects of temperature, salinity, food and heavy metals /
135 1974- Speekmann, Christa Liane THESIS
Geochemical evolution of groundwater in the Pleistocene limestone aquifer of Barbados
136 Jones, Ian Christopher. THESIS
How do education and religion affect the health and well-being of the very old in China?
137 1977- Zhang, Wei THESIS
Natural fracture modeling and characterization
138 Qiu, Yuan. THESIS
Photosynthetic response of Scandinavian kelp forests to stratospheric ozone depletion
139 1970- Miller, Harlan Laurence THESIS
Diversity in motion the influence of dispersal and metacommunity spatial structure on invertebrate communities in Heliconia phytotelmata /
140 1971- Guthrie, Carla Gabrielle THESIS
Drifter modeling and error assessment in wind driven currents
141 Furnans, Jordan Ernest. THESIS
The mechanism by which retinol decreases ß-catenin protein in retinoic acid-resistant colon cancer cells
142 Dillard, Alice Clare THESIS
Sediment volume partitioning, topset processes and clinoform architecture understanding the role of sediment supply, sea level and delta types in shelf margin building and deepwater sand bypass : the Lance-Fox Hills-Lewis system in S. Wyoming /
143 1971- Carvajal, Cristian Rene THESIS
Ecological, biomechanical and neurological correlates of escape behavior in calanoid copepods
144 1977- Waggett, Rebecca Jane THESIS
Are we thinking straight? negotiating political environments and identities in a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender social movement organization /
145 Cortese, Daniel K. THESIS
Community paleoecology of the Pennsylvanian Winchell Formation, north-central Texas
146 Schneider, Christie Lynn. THESIS
Low-income children's participation in out-of-school activities predictors, developmental differences, and consistency over time /
147 1980- Epps, Sylvia Rachel THESIS
Comparisons of physical activity and dietary components in an overweight/obese population and their normal weight controls matched for gender, age and height
148 Davis, Jaimie Nicole. THESIS
The effects of prenatal PCBs on female reproduction development, behavior, and gene expression /
149 Steinberg, Rebecca Meg THESIS
Evaluation of genome designs for oxidation resistance guanine minimization and scavenger guanine /
150 Friedman, Keith Albert. THESIS

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