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Perspectives on learning environment within a "Shared Vision" from "nontraditional" female undergraduates an interpretive case study /
51 1946- Mostyn, Becky Rene?e THESIS
The early years of the Permanent University Fund from 1836 to 1937
52 Matthews, Charles R. THESIS
Systematics and evolution of Tarasa Philippi (Malvaceae) an enigmatic Andean polyploid genus /
53 1972- Tate, Jennifer Alane THESIS
Internet access in the US
54 1976- Chaudhuri, Anindya THESIS
A core signaling component of the notch network + a molecular interaction database accessible through an online VLSIC-like interface
55 1977- Barsi, Julius Christopher THESIS
The perceptions of Texas community college chancellors, trustees, and presidents of the desired competencies of college presidents
56 Turner, Raphael Andre THESIS
Drivers of change entrepreneurial leadership in the community college /
57 fl. 2005. Jones, Barbara THESIS
Fe?-enhanced bioremediation for the treatment of perchlorate in groundwater
58 1972- Jose Sanchez, Aiza Fernanda THESIS
Genetic analyses of natural variation in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana [electronic resource] : neutral marker, quantitative genetic, and population genetic approaches /
59 Symonds, Victor Vaughan; Lloyd, Alan M. 2004-01-01 THESIS
Modeling and fabrication of prosthetic sockets using selective laser sintering
60 1974- Faustimi, Mario Carneiro THESIS
From neural mechanisms to ecology a neuroethological approach to a novel form of memory /
61 1968- Oestreich, Jo?rg 2004-01-01 THESIS
Magnetic field enhancement of Coulomb blockade conductance oscillations in metal-metal oxide double barrier tunnel devices fabricated using atomic force microscope nanolithography /
62 1972- Wiemeri, Jeffrey Charles THESIS
Propaganda of Romani culture in post-Soviet Ukraine
63 1963- Gabrielson, Tatiana Nikolayevna THESIS
Germanium MOS devices integrating high-k dielectric and metal gate [electronic resource] /
64 Bai, Weiping THESIS
Congestion Control and Routing over Challenged Networks
65 Ryu, Jung, PhD 2011-12-17 DISSERTATION
The downside of repeated ties syndicated capital investments /
66 Khanna, Poonam THESIS
The role of postsynaptic muscle fibers in maintenance and repair of mammalian neuromuscular junctions
67 Li, Yue THESIS
Academics and economics the Yin and Yang of for-profit higher education : a case study of the University of Phoenix /
68 Rutherford, Gregory Franklin. THESIS
Xenolith mineralogy and geology of the Prairie Creek lamproite province, Arkansas
69 Dunn, Dennis Patrick. THESIS
Serrated edge toccata for orchestra /
70 1976- Dickinson, Andrew Philip THESIS
The distribution of the Epiphytic fungus Atkinsonella texensis and its effects on the performance of its plant host, Nassella leucotricha
71 Maas, Martha Marie 2005-01-01 THESIS
That's just the way it was : teacher experiences in Appalachian Kentucky, 1930-1960 /
72 Elam, Constance. THESIS
The effect of ethanol consumption on dopamine and ethanol concentrations in the nucleus accumbens during the development of reinforcement and the involvement of the k-Opioid receptor in the modulation of dopamine activity during ethanol self-administration
73 Doyon, William Maurice THESIS
Novel roles of the proteins Oskar and Bluestreak in germ cell formation and migration
74 1978- Jones, Jennifer Rebecca THESIS
Phrynosoma systematics, comparative reproductive ecology, and conservation of a Texas native
75 Hodges, Wendy Lea. THESIS
Modeling of runoff-producing rainfall hyetographs in Texas using L-moment statistics
76 1969- Asquith, William Harold THESIS
Groundwater decision support linking causal narratives, numerical models, and combinatorial search techniques to determine available yield for an aquifer system /
77 1969- Pierce, Suzanne Alise THESIS
Laramide exhumation and heating in southeastern Arizona low-temperature thermal history and implications for zircon fission-track systematics /
78 Riley, Brook Colleen THESIS
Heretical reading freedom as question and process in postmodern American novel and technological pedagogy /
79 1978- Howard, Jeffrey Lamar THESIS
Effect of food safety training on food safety behaviors and microbial findings in Texas childcare centers
80 1974- Staskel, Deanna Marie THESIS
Human motor unit synchrony and its relation to force steadiness
81 1961- Terry, Charles Kevin THESIS
Thermally-responsive interpenetrating polymer network nanoparticles as intelligent therapeutic systems
82 1979- Owens, Donald E. THESIS
Empty space and how things move around in it
83 1971- Willmore, Franklin Ted THESIS
Enabling design in frontier contexts a contextual needs assessment method with humanitarian applications /
84 1976- Green, Matthew Grant THESIS
Essays on exchange rate regimes and international financial crises
85 Hernandez-Verme, Paula Lourdes. THESIS
Discovery and information use patterns of Nobel laureates in physiology or medicine /
86 1949- Balcom, Karen Suzanne THESIS
Dynamics of initially entangled open quantum systems
87 1976- Shaji, Anil THESIS
University development donor perceptions regarding a regional university in Texas /
88 Elam, Dennis Lee. THESIS
Parallel prefix adder design
89 1970- Choi, Youngmoon THESIS
What it means to be a developmental math student three perspectives /
90 1952- Wildman, Eric Robert THESIS
CORDIC-based high-speed direct digital frequency synthesis
91 1969- Kang, Chang Yong THESIS
Fathers of offspring with severe mental illness key factors related to fathers' participation in caregiving /
92 1974- Kim, Ye-rang 2005-01-01 THESIS
A background calibration technique and self testing method for the pipeline analog to digital converter
93 1969- Yoo, Jae Ki 2004-01-01 THESIS
Exploring the impact of advertising on brand equity and shareholder value
94 Jeong, Jaeseok. THESIS
The role of hybridization in the evolution of Heliconius butterflies species diversification , the evolution of reproductive isolation, and interspecific gene flow /
95 Kronforst, Marcus Raymond THESIS
Terms of corruption Samuel Johnson's Dictionary in its contexts /
96 Pearce, Christopher Patrick. THESIS
Agenda setting effects in the digital age uses and effects of online media /
97 1967- Lee, Gunho 2005-01-01 THESIS
Upper Miocene depositional history of the Central Gulf of Mexico basin
98 Wu, Xinxia. THESIS
Experimental study of the membrane behavior of shale during interaction with water-based and oil-based muds
99 AL-Bazali, Talal Mohammad. 2005-01-01 THESIS
The perceptions of African American community college presidents concerning their leadership styles and use of power
100 Ates, Clarence Edward THESIS

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