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Instrument performance enchancement and modification through an extended instrument paradigm /
401 Mahan, Stephen L. THESIS
Vision in architecture
402 1977- Russell, Sabrina THESIS
Essays on tax competition
403 1978- Hill, Brian Christopher THESIS
Optimization of bacterial luciferase for expression in mammalian cells
404 1974- Patterson, Stacey Swiger THESIS
A numerical study of curved labyrinth seals for steam turbines
405 1982- Ayyalasomayajula, Sricharan Kishore THESIS
Female school superintendents in Tennessee overcoming barriers /
406 1957- Violette, Vicki Cameron THESIS
Applications of coherent electron beams
407 (Alexander Erwin), 1976- Thesen THESIS
Analysis of 2D spatial filtering of simulated muscle action potential using grid arrays
408 1977 - Rahman, Mohammad Moshiur THESIS
Verification of intellectual property blocks using reconfigurable hardware
409 1978- Kuan, Koay Teng THESIS
Complementary body-driving a low-voltage analog circuit technique realized in 0.35um SOI process /
410 1976- LeeKee, Yong THESIS
Probing and three-point bend methods compared to sensory scales as measurements for cookie texture [electronic resource] /
411 Woody, Aaron Lee THESIS
Analytical modeling of high performance reconfigurable computers prediction and analysis of system performance /
412 1970- Smith, Melissa C. THESIS
Liminal bodies
413 Ford, Leslye Stewart. THESIS
Behavioral intention determinants towards post-secondary education clues for strategic message development /
414 (Stacia Elaine) Couch, Stacia E. THESIS
Automated exploration of the asic design space for minimum power-delay-area product at the register transfer level
415 1970- Karakaya, Fuat THESIS
Crown reductions and decompositions [electronic resource] : theoretical results and practical methods /
416 Suters, William Henry THESIS
Impacts of environmental factors on flexible pavements
417 1973- Zuo, Gang THESIS
An ARIMA supply chain model with a generalized ordering policy [electronic resource] /
418 Chatpattananan, Vuttichai. THESIS
Scheduling tasks with precedence constraints on heterogeneous distributed computing systems
419 Shi, Zhiao. THESIS
There arises light a work for orchestra in one movement /
420 1972- Taylor, Michael S. THESIS
A parametric study of water vapor condensation in supersonic nozzle flow fields
421 1976- VanPelt, Todd Branson THESIS
A social constructionist approach to the facilitation of professional development among community college faculty
422 Randolph, Linda McKinstry. THESIS
Discrete event simulation in manufacturing environments the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant /
423 1977- Burnette, Benjamin Thomas THESIS
Preferential flow and colloids their influence on the transport of phosphorus /
424 1979- Garrett, Tara Johanna THESIS
A shelf-to- basin examination of food supply for arctic benthic macrofauna and the potential biases of sampling methodology
425 1976- Pirtle-Levy, Rebecca S. THESIS
Assessment and redesign of the synoptic water quality monitoring network in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
426 Odom, Kenneth Ray. THESIS
Assessment of the AH-64D Longbow Apache's qualities for instrument meteorological conditions/instrument flight rules flight
427 Meely, Michael Jesse. THESIS
On-line learning and wavelet-based feature extraction methodology for process monitoring using high-dimensional functional data
428 Omitaomu, Olufemi Abayomi. THESIS
High accuracy distributed target detection and classification in sensor networks based on mobile agent framework
429 Wang, Xiaoling. THESIS
Investigation of compound micro cantilever for imaging and identifying micro/nano particulates
430 1977- Narayanan, Ramanathan THESIS
Active harmonic elimination in multilevel converters
431 1972- Du, Zhong THESIS
Endangered species and U.S. military training what's the value? /
432 Smith, Jeffrey S. THESIS
The role of polyglutamine aggregate cytotoxicity in Huntington's Disease
433 Yang, Wen THESIS
Hypersurfaces of prescribed curvature in hyperbolic space [electronic resource] /
434 Szapiel, Marek THESIS
Impact of inter-organizational influence communication strategies on target firm relationship satisfaction an empirical study of the food and chemical industry in Thailand /
435 Leingpibul, Thaweephan. THESIS
The correlation of pedal position to tail rotor power requirement on the OH-58A+
436 Tong, Kan-Wai. THESIS
The other side of love Sam Shepard's gothic family plays /
437 Lee, Eric Andrew THESIS
Detecting changes in global dynamics with principal curves and information theory
438 1975- Rajput, Sandeep THESIS
Online determination of the steady-state condition of an aerodynamic test article mounted in a wind tunnel test cell
439 1971- Fette, Martin Vincent THESIS
Vegetative recovery of military vehicle impacts at Fort Lewis, WA
440 1979- Simmons, Katie Jean THESIS
The taped-problems intervention increasing multiplication fact fluency using a low-tech time delay intervention /
441 McCallum, Elizabeth THESIS
Adaptive control of axisymmetric jets by cavities /
442 (Abraham Joseph), 1975- Meganathan THESIS
Nondestructive evaluation of loading and fatigue effects in HAYNES 230 alloy
443 Saleh, Tarik Adel. THESIS
Ozone monitoring and canopy effect in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
444 1977- Maloney, Ryan THESIS
The relationship between spirituality and the health of college students in a university setting
445 Nelms, Linda Wyatt. THESIS
Combinatorial design of Nickel-Chromium alloys by physical vapor deposition and electron beam welding
446 1979- Frafjord, Jaret James THESIS
The link between capital structure and product market competition theory and evidence /
447 Greer, Lee THESIS
The New 'Struggle to Get It Straight': the Broadcasting Board of Governors' and the Voice of America's search for purpose and structure in the War on Terror /
448 Owens, Curtis Joel THESIS
Teacher motivation and the use of computer-based interactive multimedia
449 1949- Toth, Katrina Tomilson THESIS
From social improvement to scientific racism the effects of World War I on the definition of racial hygiene in Germany /
450 Hendrick, Robyn Lee. THESIS

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