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Design and parameter identification of a discrete variable transmission system
351 1974- Brown, Kelley Parker THESIS
Reverse-flow oxidation catalyst with supplemental fuel injectin for lean-burn natural engines
352 1975- Smith, Steven Scott THESIS
A kinetic study of indentation pop-out in Si
353 1971- Wen, Songqing THESIS
Modernization of the United States Naval Test Pilot School's helicopter fleet replacement of the TH-6B and the OH-58C with the Bell 407 helicopter /
354 Girard, Steven Richard. THESIS
Incorporating practical experience with Aeronautical Design Standard 33 in the United States Naval Test Pilot School Rotary Wing curriculum
355 1969- Dodge, Jeffrey Scott THESIS
The transition to neotraditionalism the case of Huntersville, North Carolina /
356 Hall, Kelley Ann. THESIS
An investigation of the current distribution in an HTS triaxial power cable and its operational impacts on a power system
357 1977- Young, Marcus Aaron THESIS
Two biological applications of optimal control to hybrid differential equations and elliptic partial differential equations
358 1975- Ding, Wandi THESIS
Modeling study of individual and group behavior of Brazilian free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) and dynamic bat counting using real-time infrared thermal video
359 1982 - Raghavan, Aruna THESIS
Computational analysis of mass spectrometric data for whole organism proteomic studies
360 1977- Razumovski, Evgenia THESIS
Cohomological dimension with respect to nonabelian groups
361 (Atish Jyoti), 1970- Mitra THESIS
2p or Not 2p: The ¹?O([alpha],2p) ¹?O reaction rate and its implications on nova and X-ray burst nucleosynthesis
362 (Luc Lucius), 1973- Dessieux THESIS
"One major step short of war" Jimmy Carter, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the last chapter of the Cold War
363 1974- Uriah, George THESIS
Compressible flow in slab rocket motors
364 1977- Maicke, Brian A. THESIS
The role of logistics in the market orientation process
365 Fugate, Brian Scott. THESIS
Tax structure and political support equity-related goods taxation /
366 1979- McKernan, Jonathan THESIS
Statistical mechanical models of adsorption and diffusion of fluids in crystalline nanoporous materials extensions to percolation and multicomponent fluids /
367 1974- Newman, Austin M. THESIS
Tungsten alkyl alkylidyne and bis(alkylidene) complexes their unusual inter-conversion and reactions with phosphines, dioxygen and water /
368 (Laurel Anne Ray), 1977- Morton THESIS
The effect of mobile phase composition and temperature on the adsorption behavior of tryptophan [electronic resource] /
369 Ahmad, Tarab Jamil THESIS
Structure, stratigraphy, and tectonics preserved of the northwestern Bays Mountain synclinorium, Greene and Hawkins Counties, northeast Tennessee
370 1977- Bultman, John Garrett THESIS
Place not of place the moveable home: a critique of suburbia /
371 1979- Nonn, Kristofer M. THESIS
Theoretical and experimental study of degradation monitoring of steam generators and heat exchangers
372 1967- Huang, Xuedong THESIS
The development of building block methodologies to produce nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts by design [electronic resource] /
373 Clark, Jason Curtis THESIS
Attitudes of resident assistants toward homosexuality and gay and lesbian students a study at a southeastern research university /
374 1973- Smith, Melissa Scandlyn THESIS
Directional solidification, microstructures and mechanical properties of Cr-Cr?Si eutectic alloys
375 1969- Bei, Hongbin THESIS
Thermodynamic contributions of various metal-nucleotide complexes binding to yeast phosphoglycerate kinase
376 1977- Holzberger, Randall Allen THESIS
Developmental flight test of a powered approach stability augmentation system on the U.S. Navy's E-2C Hawkeye 2000 aircraft
377 1968- Williams, Robert K. THESIS
Temperature dependent analytical modeling, simulation and characterizations of HEMTs in gallium nitride process
378 1974- Huq, Hasina F. THESIS
Modification of protein structure and functionality using high-intensity ultrasound
379 1976- Gu?zey, Demet THESIS
Designs for stated preference experiments
380 Golek, Jennifer Lynn. THESIS
Mechanisms for increasing respiratory capacity through ontogeny in the blastoid genus pentremites
381 1977- Dexter, Troy A. THESIS
A study of the electron beam scattering under various gaseous environment
382 1974- He, Jing THESIS
Experimental analyses of an Atmospheric Pressure Electrical Plasma decontaminator
383 Pradeep, Eric Pius. THESIS
A study of the chemistry between fast atomic oxygen and silver-coated QCM crystals
384 1968- Valer, Juan Carlos THESIS
Applied sport psychology unearthing and contextualizing a dual genealogy /
385 Riba, Tatjana V. THESIS
Joint unmanned combat air system matching mission requirements, performance capabilities, and critical aviation systems
386 Claffy, Kevin M. THESIS
A site-specific indoor wireless propagation model
387 1980- Jin, Chen THESIS
Identifying the catalytic and ligand binding roles of active site residues in homotetrameric R67 dihydrofolate reductase
388 1970- Strader, Michael Brad THESIS
Development of a dilatant damage zone along a thrust relay in a low-porosity quartz arenite
389 1978- Cook, Jennie E. THESIS
Secretory immunoglobulin A and heart rate reactions to mental arithmetic and hypnotic suggestions /
390 1968- Benham, Grant THESIS
The spatial form of post-apartheid Cape Town
391 1981- Trail, Elizabeth Rebekah THESIS
"Green in the mulberry bush" Quentin, Lancelot, and the long shadow of the Lost Cause /
392 1972- McDonald, Amy Rene?e THESIS
Building perceptions
393 1978- Parks, Andrew Michael THESIS
Nanoscale materials processing electron beam-induced etching of silicon and silicon dioxide /
394 1976- Randolph, Steven Jeffrey THESIS
An investigation of the relationships between learning styles : personality temperaments, mathematics self-efficacy, and post-secondary calculus achievement /
395 1947- Husch, Donna Sharon THESIS
Application of energy analysis to the problem of propulsion driven nutation instability of spin stabilized spacecraf
396 1982 - Rice, Tina Morina THESIS
Determination of oriented strandboard properties from a 3D density distribution using the finite element method
397 1975- Tackie, Alan D. THESIS
Group discussion of power among college women
398 1975- Kelsey, Tiffany Elizabeth THESIS
The influence of organization culture on aviation safety - a case study of a United States Navy FA-18 landing mishap /
399 Kind, Peter J. THESIS
Design and analysis of a wide loop-bandwidth RF synthesizer using ring oscillator for DECT receiver
400 1973- Rahman, Md. Hafijur THESIS

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