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Third order opial inequalities
301 1977- Gierhart, Brandi Michelle THESIS
Microprocessor implementation of autoregressive analysis of process sensor signals
302 1983- Pakala, Swetha Priyanka THESIS
High performance parallel approximate eigensolver for real symmetric matrices
303 Bai, Yihua. THESIS
Comparative anatomy of the lower respiratory tract of the gray short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica) and North American opossum (Didelphis virginiana)
304 1969- Cope, Lee Anne THESIS
Politics of representations Snow Man and Bait by David Albahari /
305 Mraovi?c, Damjana. THESIS
African-American conservatism : a longitudinal and comparative study /
306 Lewis, Angela Katrina. THESIS
Cognitive theory of war why do weak states choose war against stronger states? /
307 1966- Park, Sang-Hyun THESIS
Mapping a journey to change teachers and facilitator learning together /
308 Williams, Lorna B. THESIS
A high shear-rate optical rheometer for complex fluids
309 Mriziq, Khaled Suleiman THESIS
A Stark-effect modulator for CO? laser free-space communications
310 1979- Holloman, Ryan Lane THESIS
Studies of the mechanism of electron beam induced deposition (EBID) [electronic resource] /
311 Choi, Young Ryong THESIS
Forced resonant periodic shock waves and mean pressure shift in a closed tube [electronic resource] /
312 Jacob, Eric James THESIS
Investigating the impact of aggregate household wealth changes permanent versus transitory wealth effects on consumption and taxable income /
313 1970- Tuttle, Markland Howard THESIS
Design of a 5-V compatible rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier in 3.3-V SOI CMOS for wide temperature range operation
314 1980- Greenwell, Robert Lee THESIS
Design of a wide-swing cascode beta multiplier current reference
315 1977- Miser, Bradley David THESIS
Civic engagement in the cyberspace era a study of a local cybergroup /
316 1955- Lyons, Gay Henry THESIS
Managing the remaining service life of the T-34C aircraft
317 1969- Rousseau, John Howard THESIS
A two-phase cooling method using R134a refrigerant to cool power electronics devices
318 Campbell, Jeremy Bryant. THESIS
Instrumentation development for assessing the environment inside shipping containers of pancreatic islets during air transportation
319 1978- Rogers, Jeffrey Scott THESIS
Design of a reagentless enzymatic amperometric alcohol biosensor yeast alcohol dehydrogenase and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide on vertically aligned carbon nanofibers /
320 1981 - Weeks, Martha Lee THESIS
Reflexio?n sobre la realidad mexicana una mirada cri?tica de la historia a trave?s de la dramaturgia posmoderna de Juan Tovar /
321 1970- Zamitiz Pineda, Peria Xo?chital THESIS
Spectroscopy using short-path surface plasmon dispersion
322 1980- Boudreaux, Philip Ryan THESIS
Student success a study of computer-based instruction versus lecture-based instruction in developmental mathematics at a Tennessee community college /
323 1964- Cannon, Tina Renee THESIS
Statistical mechanical models of adsorption and diffusion of fluids in crystalline nanoporous materials
324 1978- Kamat, Mithun Ramdas THESIS
Feeding behavior and chick-a-dee calls in the presence of predator models a field study of Carolina Chickadees (Poecile Carolinensis) /
325 Mahurin, Ellen Jolene. THESIS
Multiple view 3D reconstruction of micro- to nano-scopic specimens
326 1978- Schultz, Matthew Alan THESIS
Comparison of the contingent valuation method and the stated choice model for measuring benefits of ecosystem management a case study of the Clinch River Valley, Tennessee /
327 1970- Takatsuka, Yuki THESIS
Application of statistical methods and process models for the design and analysis of activated sludge wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)
328 1976- Huo, Jinsheng THESIS
Towards an architecture of engagement
329 1980- Moter, Cassius Merrill THESIS
A taxonomy of the adoption of lean production tools and techniques
330 Greene, Bradley M. THESIS
In their own voices attitudes about mental health utilization by African American females at a predominantly white institution /
331 Smith, Dionne Maria. THESIS
J/psi production in Au-Au Collisions at square root (s/sub NN)=200 GeV
332 1974- Newby, Robert Jason THESIS
Limestone contactors as a corrosion control technology for small public water systems an educational module for drinking water professionals /
333 1976- Jalil, Azarina Mohd THESIS
Reaction rate of ¹?F (p, [gamma])¹? Ne and its implications for nova nucleosynthesis
334 1974- Parete-Koon, Suzanne T. THESIS
A preemption-based meta-scheduling system for distributed computing
335 1975- Vadhiyar, Sathish THESIS
Design of an active stereo vision 3D scene reconstruction system based on the linear position sensor module [electronic resource] /
336 Morris, Julie Anne THESIS
Examining values through aphorisms
337 (Lauriann Lowe), 1978- Hebb THESIS
Effect of hydrogen on mechanical behavior of a Zircaloy-4 alloy
338 1975- Garlea, Elena THESIS
A phenomenological investigation of the experiences of engineering upperclassmen in a team facilitator training program
339 1967- Knight, Daniel W. THESIS
Inverse problems in image processing blind image restoration /
340 Viswanathan, Ravi. THESIS
Investigating keratoconus using optical eye modeling
341 1979- Baker, Kevin Charles THESIS
Ridge regression approach to color constancy
342 1979- Agarwal, Vivek THESIS
Design and test of an event detector and locator for the ReflectoActive [superscript TM] Seals System
343 Stinson, Brad J. THESIS
Long range interdiction effects based justification of the B-1B lancer aircraft /
344 1965- Jones, Stanley Clay THESIS
Nikolski's approach to the theorems of Beurling and Nyman regarding zeros of the Riemann [zeta]-function
345 1982 - Bunn, Jared Ross THESIS
A conceptual design of a general aviation hands-on-throttle and stick (HOTAS) system
346 (Mark Nate), 1976- Callender THESIS
Materials integration and device fabrication of active matrix thin film transistor arrays for intracellular gene delivery
347 Jun, Seung-Ik. THESIS
Modeling of tapered corrugated graphite-foam heat exchangers
348 1978- Sy, Abdoulaye THESIS
Grasping strategies for a dexterous hand during teleoperation [electronic resource] /
349 Chidambaram, Prem Sagar THESIS
A 2.4 GHz LC-VCO using on-chip inductors and accumulation-mode varactors in a CMOS 0.18 [mu]m process [electronic resource] /
350 Williamson, Bryant Derand THESIS

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