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Using Platform Express for System-on-Chip design
251 Wala, Mardavsinh Harisinh. THESIS
Democracy and capitalism in the American Western
252 Greenwald, Michelle C. THESIS
Living with curious pain
253 Fedukovich, Casie Janelle. THESIS
Design of a piezoelectric acutator using topology optimization [electronic resource] /
254 Drenckhan, Joachim THESIS
Compelled to connect a phenomenological study of the experience of writing /
255 Collins, Shannon D. THESIS
Kinetics of cellulose dissolution in n-methyl morpholine-N-oxide and evaporative processes of similar solutions
256 1980- Tierney, John William THESIS
A test of the multiregional hypothesis of modern human origins using basicranial evidence from Indonesia and Australia
257 Durband, Arthur C. THESIS
Isosurface extraction in the visualization toolkit using the Extrema Skeleton algorithm
258 1976- Mahaadevan, Subha Parvathy THESIS
Numerical simulation of separating flows using computa[t]ional models based on the vorticity confinement method
259 1972- Wang, Lesong THESIS
A sensitivity analysis of the influence of watershed and development characteristics on the cumulative impacts of stormwater detention ponds
260 1973- Goff, Karen Marie THESIS
Variational and partial differential equation models for color image denoising and their numerical approximations using finite element methods
261 1980- Yoon, Miun THESIS
Integration of the control display navigation unit (CDNU) into the EA-6B Block 89A aircraft and its impact on navigation operations
262 1970- Croxson, Robert Donald THESIS
Increasing the speed and efficiency of search in FBI/CODIS DNA database : throught multivariate statistical clustering approach and development of a similarity ranking scheme /
263 Yadav, Puneet. THESIS
Surface modeling and analysis using range images smoothing, registration, integration, and segmentation /
264 1972- Sun, Yiyong THESIS
Implementation of the digital communication system in the F/A-18 aircraft
265 1965- Bigalk, Gregory D. THESIS
Study of hydrogel properties and immobilization of a bioluminescent bioreporter
266 1982- Balasundaram, Arun THESIS
Communicating with female philanthroic donors [electronic resource] : how various methods of thanking women and informing them of the use of their gifts impact giving /
267 Kleopfer, Amber M. THESIS
Economic feasability study of sludge treatment by nitro-hydrolysis with product recovery and recycle
268 1977- Simon, Shinu George THESIS
Rebound ace tennis court surface the effect of temperature on the coefficient of friction /
269 Bauer, Denise Helen. THESIS
Cultural identities of Chinese American adolescents
270 1976- Cao, Yan THESIS
Single molecule detection with active transport
271 1978- Ball, David Allan THESIS
Synthetic studies on anticancer compounds the tylophorinines /
272 1975- Kaczmarek, Conrad Gracjan THESIS
An experimental model of ball lightning [electronic resource] /
273 Sriram, Madras Parameswaran. THESIS
"Outside the fence," [electronic resource] : the threat to the U.S. Aviation Industry /
274 Ramsey, David Thomas THESIS
Lessons learned from the incorporation and testing of the AN/APG-68 radar on the United States Naval Test Pilot School Airborne Systems Training and Research Support Aircraft (ASTARS)
275 Tri, Denis Gerald. THESIS
Investigation of nitrogen and phosphorus bearing species in steam gasification of poultry litter
276 1968- Bagchi, Bratendu THESIS
From father to child an application of the Process-Person-Context-Time model /
277 Renkert, Lauren Ella. THESIS
Flight test investigation of propeller effects on the static longitudinal stability of the E-2C airplane
278 1968- Jamison, Glenn Richard THESIS
Increasing the reliability of general purpose bomb fuzing in precision strike warfare
279 1972- Conover, Mitchell Ralph THESIS
Multiple approaches to the separation of amino acids and biologically-relevant compounds
280 1979- Riddle, Lance Andrew THESIS
Integration of the joint direct attack munition on the F-14B Tomcat
281 Filardi, Paul J. THESIS
Laser in-situ combinatorial carbide coating on steel
282 1980- Singh, Anshul Kumar THESIS
Design, development and characterization of a thermal sensor brick system for modular robotics
283 1980- Naik, Nikhil Arun THESIS
Analytical verification of the ACI approach of estimating tensile strain capacity of mass concrete
284 1980- Seay, Cristina Diane THESIS
A lifetime-prediction approach to understanding corrosion the corrosion-fatigue and corrosion behavior of a nickel-based superalloy and a nanocrystalline alloy /
285 Steward, Rejanah V. THESIS
Respiratory, cardiovascular and abdominal anatomy of the ringed seal (Phoca hispida)
286 1973- Smodlaka, Hrvoje THESIS
On a grid-based interface to a special-purpose hardware cluster
287 1975- Lehrter, Jeanne Marie THESIS
Time-varying autoregressive modeling of nonstationary signals
288 1975- Luo, Xiaolin THESIS
Sensor based PLC programming for a discrete event control system
289 1979- Dasari, Siva Kali THESIS
Evaluation of factors responsible for high effluent suspended solids events in the Kuwahee wastewater treatment plant
290 1977- Moreno, Patricio Alejandro THESIS
Achievement of eighth grade students in mathematics after completing three years of the Connected Mathematics Project [electronic resource] /
291 Bray, Megan Shannette THESIS
A 1.8 GHz LC-Voltage Controlled Oscillator using on-chip inductors and body driven varactors in CMOS 0.35 [mu]m process
292 1979- Seshan, Lakshmipriya THESIS
Indecent proposals a legal analysis of "indecency" applied to broadcasting and the Internet /
293 Fontenot, Maria Irene. THESIS
Clinical significance of hip separation in metal on polyethylene, metal on metal, and ceramic on ceramic THA due to resonant and energy dispersion effects
294 1979- Bader, Joseph Scott THESIS
The most important aviation system the human team and decision making in the modern cockpit /
295 Allee, John Cody THESIS
The evidence does not lie a forensic investigation program to bridge the gaps between crime scene investigation and forensic science /
296 Fish, Jacqueline Trinkle. THESIS
The captive body nineteenth- and twentieth-century American women writers redefine pregnancy and childbirth /
297 Marotte, Mary Ruth. THESIS
A low power CMOS microluminometer and transmitter for bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit (BBIC)
298 1977- Zhang, Mo THESIS
Development of novel substrates and sampling techniques for the analysis of drugs and model environmental pollutants via Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
299 1970- Jesu?s, Marco Antonio THESIS
Microstrain pattern analysis of the canine patellar tendon following a tibal plateau leveling osteotomy
300 1979- Stapleton, Joshua Paul THESIS

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