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Arsenic removal for small drinking water treatment systems a multimedia CD-ROM for drinking water professionals /
201 1972- Harrison, Greg A. THESIS
"...Like, what do you do - hand out an announcement?" combating heteronormativity in physical education /
202 1981- Roth, Stephanie Megan THESIS
Theoretical study of noble gas bubble behavior in mercury
203 1980- Lu, Bo THESIS
Measurement of material creep parameters of amorphous selenium by nanoindentation and the relationship between indentation creep and uniaxial creep
204 1978- LaManna, James Anthony THESIS
Conceptual design of a lunar shuttle transport vehicle
205 1971- Finney, Matthew David THESIS
Determination of the performance of a prototype TurbX engine
206 1976- Erickson, Kurt THESIS
Spectroscopic investigations in chiral crystalline and solution phases
207 1980- Fischer, Andrew Thomas THESIS
An improved alternative test method for resilient modulus of fine grained soils
208 1976- Smolen, Jonathan Michael THESIS
An investigation of the deposition and characterization of materials formed by electron beam induced deposition
209 1977- Li, Wei THESIS
Fracture toughness evaluation of testing procedure to simplify J [subscript Ic] calculations /
210 1977- Pehrson, Brandon Paul THESIS
Optimal control problems in PDE and ODE systems
211 1963- Joshi, Hem Raj THESIS
Urban spa capturing the sensual through the filmic /
212 Chevchek, Brian K. THESIS
Simulation of power system response to reactive power compensation
213 1976- Bohe?me, Pierre Alexandre THESIS
Structure and properties of cotton-based biodegradable/compostable nonwovens
214 1970- Rong, Haoming THESIS
Using the maple computer algebra system as a tool for studying group theory
215 1978- III, Cooper THESIS
A Hamiltonian-based algorithm for equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation at constant chemical potential [electronic resource] /
216 Santiago, Johanna Marie THESIS
Convergence and robustness issues in computational fluids
217 1975- Zeng, Xiaoqiang THESIS
Delineation of management units for site-specific irrigation
218 Oliveira, Carlos Wagner. THESIS
Testing the transfer of hydrologic model parameters across scales modeling the Emory River, Daddy's Creek, and Crooked Fork watersheds /
219 Arthur, Benjamin Bryan. THESIS
Determination and comparison of in vivo forces and torques in normal and degenerative lumbar spines
220 Stinton, Shaun Kevin. THESIS
Use of commercial off the shelf GPS technology to solve guidance problems with the Improved Tactical Air Launched Decoy (ITALD)
221 1968- Toppel, Scott Kenneth THESIS
The benefits and risks associated with use of the wind tunnel in safe separation flight test [electronic resource] /
222 Denihan, Shawn Grant THESIS
An evaluation of LPILE in comparison to the measured behavior of prestressed concrete piles in integral abutments [electronic resource] /
223 Tidwell, Jarrell Brandon THESIS
An alternative medium for the measurement of soil suction by the filter paper method
224 1978- McDowell, Lori Ann THESIS
The development and utilization of a survey instrument to determine the acceptance of national standards for technological literacy
225 Donan, Robert Malcolm THESIS
Evolution of a monomer concentration field in a micro-fluidic channel
226 1978- Kirsch, Michael Francis THESIS
Development of a model for predicting the vertical profile of ozone based on ground-level ozone observations and cloud cover
227 1964- Kim, Gi-Dong THESIS
Characterizing monolithic Lean NO[x in subscript] Trap catalysts using a bench-flow reactor
228 1973- Kim, Hakyong THESIS
Silicon-on-insulator power management integrated circuit for thin-film solid-state lithium-ion micro batteries
229 1979- Jackson, Jeremy Ross THESIS
A study of the Thai?s legend with focus on the novel by Anatole France
230 1968- Engle, Sidney Douglas THESIS
Mass spectrometry-based proteomics for studying microbial physiology from isolates to communities
231 1973- VerBerkmoes, Nathan Christopher THESIS
Thermal modeling and verification of a quasi-poloidal stellarator modular coil
232 1980- Anuj, Chaudhri THESIS
Determination and analysis of the spectral emissivity of a blackbody simulator source
233 1980 - Crider, Dustin THESIS
An examination of interorganizational relationship magnitude and its role in determining relationship value [electronic resource] /
234 Golicic, Susan L. THESIS
Electrochemical investigations of anthraquinone tagged oligonucleotides and electrodes
235 (Adam Nathanial), 1974- Mullenix THESIS
Multiple resolution nonparametric classifiers
236 Beck, David Lawrence. THESIS
Synthesis of lipase-catalyzed saccharide-fatty acid esters using a packed bed bioreactor system with continuous re-circulation of reaction medium a continuation of batch-mode-related research /
237 Obiri, Oriana Okutu. THESIS
Analysis of information networks of freshman engineering students
238 1980 - Abdulla, Sara Noel THESIS
Developing an information system to integrate a manufacturing firm and its supplier base
239 1980- Padiyar, Abhishek THESIS
Motion control for a tracking fluoroscope system
240 1978- Preliasco, Gabriel Rinaldo THESIS
Effect of surface morphology on adsorption-induced bending of microcantilevers
241 1979- Desikan, Ramya THESIS
Reconfigurable hardware acceleration of exact stochastic simulation
242 1979- Thurmon, Brandon Parks THESIS
New approaches to risk management and scenario approximation in financial optimization
243 1973- Bychkov, Maksym THESIS
German Olympians' experiences of competing at the 2004 Athens Games
244 1973- Brueckner, Sebastian THESIS
Temperature control of the online rheological sensor
245 1977- Spencer, Larry Scott THESIS
A computer vision system for the automatic inspection of geometric distortions in television displays
246 Yerem, Geoffrey C. THESIS
247 1978- Farkas, Andrew Everett THESIS
An analysis of crime control policies in Knoxville's public housing
248 (John William), 1971- Barbrey THESIS
Democracy and capitalism in the American Western
249 Greenwald, Michelle C. THESIS
Cit[i]zen Police Academy Alumni attitudes and perceptions related to law enforcement /
250 1950- Grant, Larry Eugene THESIS

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