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Biomimetic membranes realized with arrays of carbon nanofibers
151 1977- Hullander, Eric THESIS
Experimental characterization of flow patterns and flow stability in the bulk mercury flow field of the spallation neutron source mercury target /
152 Pointer, W. David THESIS
Three population models applied to competition, disease and invasion
153 Asano, Erika. THESIS
System identification and parameter estimation of the Piper PA32-301 Saratoga
154 1978- Kelly, Catherine Anne THESIS
Gravity in extra dimensions of infinite volume
155 1975- Middleton, Chad Aaron THESIS
State of charge estimation for batteries
156 Vairamohan, Baskar. THESIS
Mechanical design and analysis of a discrete variable transmission system for transmission-based actuators
157 1979- Sridharan, Sriram THESIS
Retrofit reconfigurable flight control system and the F/A-18C
158 Doyle, Matthew E. THESIS
Timing jitter in symmetric load ring oscillators and the estimation of aperture uncertainty in A-D converters
159 1978- Srinivasan, Venkatesh THESIS
Four-dimensional MVCT imaging and spatial translation of helical tomotherapy dose distributions using sinogram modification [electronic resource] /
160 Outten, Samuel Scott. THESIS
The results of the T-45 main landing gear uplock investigation and the effect that organization stucture had on them
161 Stack, Christina Marie THESIS
Hardware acceleration of the Embedded Zerotree Wavelet algorithm
162 Polisetty, Suresh S. THESIS
MOSFET modeling, simulation and parameter extraction in 4H- 6H- silicon carbide
163 Hasanuzzaman, Md. THESIS
Pecos revisited a modern analysis of Earnest Hooton's The Indians of Pecos Pueblo /
164 1977- Weisensee, Katherine Elizabeth THESIS
The development and verification of three Matlab analysis applications programmed specifically for Engage team projects
165 Huber, Jonathan W. THESIS
Physical and chemical treatments for control of Salmonella on cantaloupe rinds
166 1978- Rash, Vivian Ann THESIS
Anchoring perception through tactile orientation
167 Bouldin, David L. THESIS
Migration from teleoperation to autonomy via modular sensor and mobility bricks
168 1980- Barreto, Roselyne Dalanda THESIS
A study on the prediction of viscosity with the use of numerical simulation software
169 1978- Robinson, Brian Christopher THESIS
3D visualization modules for chemical engineering a web-based approach using Java and OpenGL /
170 1977- Gupta, Sharad Anant THESIS
Analysis and design of a gear shifting mechanism for transmission based servo-actuators
171 1977- Ganti, Kalyana Bhargava THESIS
An externally-synchronized coherent communication system design /
172 Ragsdale, Gary Lynn THESIS
Power Spectral Density (PSD) terrain modeling for vehicle durability analysis
173 1974- Sivanesan, Ezhilventhan THESIS
Mathematical representations of the architecture of graphical user interfaces
174 1974- Mann, Eric Freeman THESIS
Transient jet interaction force and moment reconstruction in dynamic wind-tunnel testing
175 Smith, Mark E. THESIS
Evaluation of experimental bridge [electronic resource] : Massman Drive bridge over Interstate 40 in Davidson County /
176 Pettus, Jeremy Glen THESIS
Traffic signal phase truncation in the event of traffic flow restriction
177 1978- Beaird, Scott Glenn THESIS
High performance control of a transmission based servo actuator system
178 1971- Zhou, Renbin THESIS
Perceived severity, expected improvement and goal of change as factors of appointment keeping behaviors in outpatient mental health treatment
179 1951- Bruley, Charlene P. THESIS
Incorporating the SJU-17A naval aircrew common ejection seat in the EA-6B aircraft
180 1970- Moore, Daniel David THESIS
Eigenvalue dependence on problem parameters for stieltjes sturm-liouville problems
181 1975- Battle, Laurie Elizabeth THESIS
Hierarchical image segmentation using the watershed algorithm with a streaming implementation [electronic resource] /
182 Gothandaraman, Annapoorani THESIS
A hybrid method for selecting scheduling schemes in a manufacturing environment
183 1967- Martinis, Panagiotis THESIS
Bit loading and peak average power reduction techniques for adaptive orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
184 1980- Shahri, Jaideep Rajan THESIS
Design and verification of a reusable Self-Reconfigurable Gate Array architecture
185 Chereches, Gabriel Cozmin. THESIS
Aspects of black hole scattering
186 Musiri, Suphot. THESIS
Atomic childhood an analysis of the impact of the Manhattan Project on the children of Oak Ridge, Tennessee /
187 Prince, John David. THESIS
Ultraviolet image analysis of spacecraft exhaust plumes
188 Norton, Karen L. THESIS
Design of a catalyst system with periodic flow reversal for lean burn natural gas engines
189 1980- Ramamurthy, Balaji THESIS
Heat-release analysis and modeling for a common-rail diesel engine
190 1973- Rajkumar, M. THESIS
A coarse-grain parallel implementation of the block tridiagonal divide and conquer algorithm for symmetric eigenproblems
191 1976- Day, Robert Michael THESIS
A Cartesian space approach to teleoperate a slave robot with a kinematically dissimilar redundant manipulator
192 1982- Ananthanarayanan, Hariharan THESIS
Evaluation of tactical aircrew workload using advanced cockpit simulation and its impact on the design of the EA-18G aircraft
193 1974- Bahner, Christopher Michael THESIS
A study of the design of heavy industrial concrete pavements [electronic resource] /
194 Webster, Christopher Thomas. THESIS
Enhancement of sensitivity and selectivity of chemical sensors through thin film coatings and surface modifications
195 1972- Headrick, Joseph Jeremy THESIS
A methodology for solving the equations arising in nonlinear parameter identification problems application to induction machines /
196 Wang, Kaiyu. THESIS
Topology optimization of carbon nanotube reinforced polymer damping structures [electronic resource] /
197 Damu, Seshadri Mohan THESIS
Testing near airspeed limits during safe separation flight test
198 1971- Waczak, Peter J. THESIS
Optimal control of partial differential equations and variational inequalities
199 1972- Hrynkiv, Volodymyr THESIS
Ab-initio calculations of the charge-density response in complex materials
200 1976- Restrepo, Oscar Dario THESIS

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