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Molecular dynamics simulation of aqueous electrolytes behavior in nanochannels
101 1978- Liao, Lingchen THESIS
Evaluation of methods for detecting the apramycin resistance gene in E. Coli isolated from cold-stressed swine /
102 Arnett, Debra Beth. THESIS
Molecular systematics of North American Eupatorium
103 Siripun, Kunsiri Chaw. THESIS
Personality differences of first-year law students using the theory of mental self-government [electronic resource] /
104 Licata, Charles Angelo THESIS
Polyampholyte hydrogel characteristics and detecting the bacterial interactions with these hydrogels using digital image processing methods
105 1978- Gangadharan, Ram Pratap THESIS
Computerized content analysis : a comparison of the verbal productions of high hypnotizable, low hypnotizable and simulating subjects /
106 Elter-Nodvin, Edeltraud. THESIS
Probing precursor interactions with the chloroplast import apparatus
107 1976- Wright, Sarah Jean THESIS
East Asians' experience of sojourning in East Tennessee a phenomenological investigation /
108 1971- Kim, Yoonmi THESIS
Framing the Internet in China cross-cultural comparisons of newspapers? coverage in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom /
109 1968-. Zhou, Xiang THESIS
Risk assessment of genetically modified crops by direct tracking pollen movement and testing crop genetic load using directly transformed Brassica rapa with Bt cry1Ac and GFP genes
110 1976- Moon, Hong Seok THESIS
Management of hybrid bluegrass (Poa arachnifera Torr. x Poa pratensis L.) in the transition zone
111 1974- Teuton, Travis THESIS
Effect of gaseous ozone on antioxidant content and color of sliced tomatoes
112 1977- Malone, Sarah Catherine THESIS
Lean NOx trap catalysis for lean burn natural gas engines
113 1977- Williams, Aaron Michael THESIS
Telecommuting in higher education an examination of the decision-making factors /
114 1955- Snodgrass, Phyllis Joy THESIS
Genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci conditioning protein concentration and quality, and other seed characteristics in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill]
115 1964- Panthee, Dilip Raj THESIS
The movements and reproductive success of re-introduced darters in the Pigeon River, TN
116 Harrison, Virginia Anne THESIS
The experience of friendship for young adults severely burned as children a phenomenological investigation /
117 Holm, Suzanne E. THESIS
Coming out at work African-American lesbians' experiences /
118 1974- Bartsch, Melissa Ann THESIS
Assessment of bat mortality and activity at Buffalo Mountain Windfarm, Eastern Tennessee
119 Fiedler, Jenny K. THESIS
Experimental, theoretical, and device application development of nanoscale focused electron-beam-induced deposition
120 1976- Randolph, Steven Jeffrey THESIS
High resolution x-ray and neutron crystallographic studies of Escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase
121 (Brad Cooper), 1976 - THESIS
Population (amoA-based) and activity (amoA-mRNA-based) assessment of ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) during activated sludge wastewater treatment
122 1971- Kuo, Hsion-Wen THESIS
The social construction of tourism in Cuba a geographic analysis of the representations of gender and race during the Special Period /
123 Cornebise, Michael W. THESIS
Structure-function and regulation of yeast ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor, Sml1
124 1974- Uchiki, Tomoaki THESIS
Detection of enteric viruses in East Tennessee public ground water systems
125 1979- Johnson, Trisha Baldwin THESIS
Neutron scattering in the novel quantum magnets LiVO? and DMACuCl? /
126 1970- Tian, Wei THESIS
Seasonal abundance of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) at a high and low prevalence site for La Crosse encephalitis in eastern Tennessee
127 1977- Caldwell, Nathan David THESIS
Transgressing the closets [electronic resource] : female coaches negotiations of heteronormativity in sport /
128 Kauer, Kerrie J. THESIS
Ruminal responses in cattle grazing tall fescue pastures differing in endophyte level
129 1979- Corrigan, Alison Marie THESIS
Occurrence of antibiotic resistance in environmental and amphibian E. coli isolates associated with cattle and aquatic environments
130 1978- Cissell, Robin Lynn THESIS
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the Chattanooga Creek flood plain and their effects on endothelial cells via group IVC phospholipase A?
131 1979- McNeilly, Meghan Scott THESIS
Development of a measure of sport injury anxiety the Sport Injury Appraisal Scale /
132 Cassidy, Camille McLain. THESIS
Stream water quality modeling in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
133 1975- Barnett, Thomas Wayne THESIS
Surface plasmon enhanced heating of gold nanoparticles a plasmonic optical switch /
134 (Philip Gareth), 1979- Evans THESIS
Spectroscopic investigations of complex transition metal oxides
135 Cao, Jinbo. THESIS
Putting the horse before the cart utilizing what assessment data reveal about struggling young adolescent readers to inform policy and instruction /
136 Dennis, Danielle V. THESIS
Risk management in the post-Sox era do audit firms effectively retain clients? /
137 Hollingsworth, Carl. THESIS
Canada's cultural media policy and Newfoundland music on the radio local identities and global implications /
138 Keough, Sara Beth. THESIS
An assessment of environmental enrichment on morphology and behavior of yearling rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta)
139 1974- Almli, Lynn M. THESIS
The straightedge subculture on the internet a case study /
140 Williams, James Patrick THESIS
The development and validation of an adult students' career needs questionnaire [electronic resource] /
141 Briscoe, Connie Sylve THESIS
An empirical model for assessing academic research levels and capacities of colleges and universities /
142 Shults, Fred Donald. THESIS
The function of the stress hormone cortisol in disease susceptibility of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus
143 Sink, Todd David THESIS
Evaluation of the Dupont Access Bridge
144 1979- Chapman, David Pendleton THESIS
Technology and communication emerging family communication patterns among young adults and the influence of technology /
145 Venkateshwaran, Shilpa. THESIS
Advantages of "function domain sets" confidence intervals over hypotheses comparison tests of one Mean Residual Life (MRL) function dominating an improved baseline and of two MRL functions comparisons with applications in modern engineered composite wood products one sample and two sample cases. Also exploring general theory, insights, and applications of MRL functions /
146 1978- Steele, Jonathan Cody THESIS
A comparison of the sensor brick concept as a modular system architecture to the realtime control system as the operational architecture
147 Wilson, James Robert. THESIS
Hyper-spectral image processing using high performance reconfigurable computers [electronic resource] /
148 He, Yuan THESIS
Anisotropic adaptation on unstructured grids
149 1973- Xia, Guoping THESIS
The study of overload effects on fatigue-crack-growth behavior by neutron diffraction
150 1979- Sun, Yinan THESIS

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