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An investigation of the construct validity of the Big Five construct of Emotional Stability in relation to job performance, job satisfaction, and career satisfaction
1251 Cook, Vivian Danise. THESIS
Linking work stress, parental self-efficacy, ineffective parenting, and youth problem behavior
1252 Anderson, Owen Arthur. THESIS
The integrative model of personality assessment for achievement motivation and fear of failure implications for the prediction of effort and performance /
1253 Bing, Mark N. THESIS
The effects of the surface nanocrystallization and hardening (SNH) process on fatigue resistance
1254 Yuan, Wei THESIS
Quality of life and civic involvement in three urban Knoxville neighborhoods
1255 1975- Thurman, Drew Christopher THESIS
Ruffed grouse habitat use, reproductive ecology, and survival in western North Carolina
1256 (Benjamin Colter), 1975- Jones THESIS
Physiologic acclimation of Southern Appalachian red spruce to simulated climatic warming
1257 Hagen, Jonathan William. THESIS
Ruffed grouse nesting ecology and brood habitat in western North Carolina
1258 1977- Fettinger, Jennifer L. THESIS
Reproductive efficiency following administration of an inhibitor of prostaglandin F?[alpha] during early embryonic development in dairy cattle
1259 1979- Young, Charles Dexter THESIS
Baseball and boosterism Henry W. Grady, the Atlanta Constitution, and the Inaugural Season of the Southern League /
1260 1980- Martin, David Allen THESIS
Design and simulation of self-organizing microbial cellular automata
1261 1976- Campfield, Michael Patrick THESIS
Regularization of the particle-particle interaction in the nuclear density functional theory [electronic resource] /
1262 Borycki, Piotr Jerzy THESIS
Modal analysis of a helicopter wing-pylon structure using flexible multibody dynamics
1263 1982- Khude, Naresh Nilkanth THESIS
A study of Hidden Markov Model
1264 1979- Liu, Yang THESIS
Assessment of public attitudes and knowledge concerning wastewater reuse and biosolids recycling
1265 1972- Ma, Chun THESIS
Dismantling the master's schoolhouse the rhetoric of education in African American autobiography and fiction /
1266 Abbott, Miya G. THESIS
Persuasive rhetoric in Origen's Contra Celsum
1267 Headrick, Daniel Charles. THESIS
The evaluation of the low probability of intercept altimeter (LPIA) and its impact on EA-6B operations
1268 1972- Covelli, Daniel Philip THESIS
Frontier Hopkinsians new school theology in East Tennessee 1797-1861 /
1269 1964- Ragon, Ronald Russell THESIS
Examining consumer pre-purchase deliberation process in an online marketplace
1270 1970- Park, Hyung Chul THESIS
Supplementation of purified fiber to tall fescue grass hay diets
1271 1975 - Blalock, Howard Martin THESIS
Design and development of EPICS based RF conditioning system for the high power RF components of charged particle accelerators
1272 1978- Hasan, S.M. Shajedul THESIS
Contact metamorphism of calc-silicate rocks in the Belmont Contact aureole, central Nevada
1273 (Kelly Ross Plummer), 1979- Plummer THESIS
Empathy and the MSSW curriculum are students' levels of empathy influenced by the curriculum? /
1274 1980- Routh, Melissa Rene THESIS
Single muon production and implications for charm in [square root] Snn = 200 GeV Au+Au collisions
1275 1975- Glenn, Andrew Miles THESIS
The effect of an introductory computer course on online instruction self-efficacy of undergraduate students
1276 Loboda, Iryna P. THESIS
Improving the connection between grammar and culture in today's foreign language classroom
1277 Hunter, Jenessa Gale. THESIS
Implementing neural network-based face detection onto a reconfigurable computing system using CHAMPION
1278 1973- Srijanto, Bernadeta THESIS
Effectiveness of alternative detector configurations for option zone protection on high-speed approaches to traffic signals
1279 1982 - Si, Jianwen THESIS
Laboratory evaluation of unbound RAP as a pavement base material
1280 1975- He, Wenbin THESIS
Information-seeking behavior of social sciences and humanities researchers in the Internet age [electronic resource] /
1281 Ge, Xuemei. THESIS
A comparative analysis of management accounting systems on lean implementation
1282 1978- Ramasamy, Karuppuchamy THESIS
Effects of heavy-duty diesel vehicle idling emissions on ambient air quality at a truck travel center and air quality benefits associated with advanced truck stop electrification technology
1283 Indale, Guenet Tilahun. THESIS
Lipodysregulation and Type 2 diabetes in TALLYHO/Jng mice
1284 Mostafa, Ola Abdelmoniem. THESIS
Genetic characterization of the hypertriglyceridemia and the related traits in obese diabetic TALLYHO/JngJ mice.
1285 Kim, Hyoung Yon. THESIS
Approaches for autonomous vehicles in civil airspace giving sight to the blind /
1286 Hardman, Nicholas Scott. THESIS
Performance of bit error rate and power spectral density of ultra wideband with time hopping sequences
1287 1979- Peek, Joseph Martin THESIS
Synthesis and applications of monolithic HPLC columns
1288 1973- Liang, Chendu THESIS
Disentangeling the meaning of multisource feedback an examination of the nomological network surrounding source and dimension factors /
1289 Hoffman, Brian J. THESIS
Differential attributions of the causes of subordinate success and failure by aggressive and non-aggressive individuals
1290 1973- Bowler, Mark Connor THESIS
First-year changes in oak regeneration, understory competitors, and resource levels in response to two overstory treatments and prescribed burning at Chuck Swan State Forest
1291 1978- Jackson, Samuel Wayne THESIS
Contributions of Q67 and Y69 residues to ligand binding and catalysis in R67 dihydrofolate reductase
1292 1976- Stinnett, Lori Gail THESIS
The tension and coherence of love, identification, and detachment in Gandhi's thought
1293 1973- Lal, Sanjay THESIS
Packings of conformal preimages of circles
1294 1976- Cathey, Matthew Edward THESIS
Effects of an increasingly precise socioeconomic match on mean score differences in nonverbal intelligence test scores
1295 Upson, LaRonta Michelle. THESIS
Social student bodies in the IM World: [electronic resource] : digital vernaculars and self-reflexive rhetoric /
1296 Pigg, Stacey Lynn THESIS
Family conflict and family cohesion [electronic resource] : their relationship to youths' problem behaviors /
1297 Sapp, Rebecca Launt THESIS
Scale and contingency in plant demography quantitative approaches and inference /
1298 (Sean Maurice) McMahon, Sean M. THESIS
Development and validation of the deaf athletic coping skills inventory /
1299 Grindstaff, Jason S. THESIS
Law and legitimacy toward a Rawlsian solution /
1300 1968- Riker, Walter Joram THESIS

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