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Accelerating exact stochastic simulation of biochemical systems
1201 1979- McCollum, James Michael THESIS
Curricular Elements of Problem-Based Learning That Cause Developments of Self-Directed Learning Behaviors Among Students and Its Implications on Elementary Education [electronic resource] /
1202 Karabulut, Ulku Serezli THESIS
Cost comparisons considering herd size, transport distance, and nitrogen verses phosphorus application rates for liquid dairy waste transport and application systems
1203 1977- Daugherty, Adam Shane THESIS
Effect of dietary treatment with stearidonic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid on membrane phospholipid fatty acid composition and glycogen-elicited peritoneal neutrophil survival in absence or presence of bacterial endotoxin
1204 1979- Phipps, Jonathan Earl THESIS
Predicting academic success a re-examination of broad versus narrow personality traits /
1205 1960- Ridgell, Susan D. THESIS
Preparing for the onset of hemlock mortality in Great Smoky Mountains National Park an assessment of potential impacts to riparian ecosystems /
1206 Roberts, Scott Wesley THESIS
The effects of retinol during in vivo and in vitro oocyte maturation and embryonic development
1207 Livingston, Tracy Elizabeth THESIS
SWAT team composition and effectiveness
1208 Putney, Deanna Marie. THESIS
Selected perceptions of second career novice teachers
1209 Maples, Lucile Faulkner. THESIS
An evaluation of CHARACTER COUNTS! character education activities in relationship to the behavior of elementary school children in Sullivan County, Tennessee /
1210 Wiebers, Justin A. THESIS
The tangled web of community ecology making sense of complex data /
1211 Beals, Monica Lynn THESIS
Organizational commitment, perceived supervisor support, and performance a field study /
1212 1976- Soulen, Sarah K. THESIS
Patterns of traumatic injury in historic African and African American populations
1213 1980- Brooks, Christina Nicole THESIS
HTML and PDF documents a study in terms of genre theory /
1214 McCarty, Meghan. THESIS
Refining the U.S. Navy Flight Clearance (airworthiness certification) process maximizing acquisition reform benefits for commercial derivative aircraft acquisitions /
1215 1965- Lucka, Douglas A THESIS
On-road mobile source emissions in Tennessee for 2002 an inventory and analysis /
1216 1978- Yun, Jeongran THESIS
Mycorrhizal symbiosis and the response of sorghum plants to combined drought and saline stresses
1217 1967- Cho, Keun Ho THESIS
Role of mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2) in modulation of adiposity
1218 1974- Sun, Xiaocun THESIS
Data visualization graphical representation in the evaluation of experimential group therapy education outcomes /
1219 Basham, Randall E. THESIS
Leydig stem cell differentiation in the prepubertal hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)
1220 1974- Hance, Michael William THESIS
Ruffed grouse habitat use in Western North Carolina
1221 1974- Schumacher, Carrie L. THESIS
Changes in perceptions of social support, constructive communication and marital satisfaction in couples participating in a marital enrichment program
1222 1979- Frousakis, Nikki N. THESIS
Influence of material variables in thermal bonding of nonwovens
1223 Hedge, Raghavendra Ratnakar. THESIS
Broiler performance and mineral utilization of enzyme-supplemented defatted rice bran diet during heat stress
1224 Puminn, Ornprapun. THESIS
Parent perspectives of family involvement in children's education doing whatever they think it takes to help children grow and succeed /
1225 1948- Curran, Regina Marie THESIS
Remote sensing of impact crater-exposed subsurface lithologies and Martian rayed crater systems
1226 Tornabene, Livio Leonardo. THESIS
Significance of cell surface charge on microbial susceptibility to chitosan
1227 1980 - Michael, LaQuita Mai THESIS
Dynamics of leukocytes and cytokines during experimentally-induced Streptococcus uberis mastitis
1228 1975- Rambeaud, Magdalena THESIS
Television news violence and children's fear reaction
1229 1972- Wang, Lin THESIS
Incivilities in the college classroom the effects of teaching style and teacher gender /
1230 1979- Bailey, Misty Renee THESIS
Running away from an adolescent residential treatment facility does adult involvement make a difference? /
1231 Burford, Michael Lee. THESIS
Survey of mosquitoes in high and low incidence areas for West Nile virus in Shelby County, Tennessee with assessment of parity rates, host selection, and seasonal abundance /
1232 Sanders, David M. THESIS
Cross-species comparison of spermatocyte responses to induced DNA damage [electronic resource] : the laboratory mouse and Drosophila melanogaster /
1233 Matulis, Shannon Marie THESIS
Determining dollar spot fungicide resistance in Tennessee and northern Mississippi [electronic resource] /
1234 Baird, Pamela Rene. THESIS
Fine-scale habitat use related to crop depredation by female white-tailed deer in an agricultural landscape
1235 1977- Adams, Kent Allen THESIS
Serial long bone histology inter and intra-bone age estimation /
1236 1978- Tersigni, Mariateresa Anne THESIS
In vitro regeneration of Cladrastis kentukea (American yellowwood) and Cornus kousa (kousa dogwood)
1237 1978- Hadziabdic, Denita THESIS
Quantifying the effects of sawdust application on soil chemical and physical properties and corn yield
1238 1978- Tran, Huong Mai THESIS
Infidelity in adolescent romantic relationships
1239 1981- Furr, Rebecca E. THESIS
Effect of resin and wax ratio on OSB properties
1240 1976- Neimsuwan, Trairat THESIS
Inhibition of direct prostaglandin F?[alpha] effects on pre-attachment embroyos improves reproductive efficiency in cattle
1241 1974- Scenna, Fernando Nestor THESIS
Avian community ecology patterns of co-occurrence, nestedness, and morphology /
1242 1970- Collins, Michael David THESIS
Occupancy of small mammals on private lands in the Emory/Obed Watershed, Tennessee
1243 1977 - Salyers, Carrie Hedio THESIS
Initial effects of silvicultural treatments on food availability and vegetation structure for wild turkeys
1244 1978- Basinger, Ryan Glenn THESIS
Evaluation of carfentanil and xylazine for immobilization of white-tailed deer
1245 (Bradley Forrest), 1976- Miller THESIS
Simulation study of digitized enhanced Feher quadrature phase shift keying (EFQPSK)
1246 Taylor, Fall Bernard. THESIS
Mothers' attitudes about childhood nutrition coverage in magazines and newspapers
1247 Baker, Carrie Suzanne. THESIS
Biomarker and stable isotope characterization of coastal pond organic matter, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
1248 1979 - Hage, Melissa Margaret THESIS
Sexual communication and contraceptive use in adolescent dating couples
1249 (Laura Marie) 1980 - Widman, Laura M. THESIS
Comparison of transverse and sagittal otolith sectioning for aging wild rainbow trout from East Tennessee streams
1250 1974- Sawyers, Reggie Eric THESIS

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