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Multistate study to determine the presence of Salmonella spp. in farm animals and their environment
1151 1976- Rodriguez Lozano, Andres THESIS
Genetic diversity of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa delineated by AFLP and vegetative compatibility
1152 1980- DeVries, Renae Erin THESIS
The relationship between social desirability and reported dietary intake in healthy and overweight children
1153 Clemente, Nicolle (Nicolle THESIS
Free radical polymerization in room tem[p]erature ionic liquids
1154 1981- Ma, Xiao THESIS
Geochemical characterization of coastal pond and adjacent soil organic matter in two distinct field areas of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
1155 1973 - Howard, Meg Elizabeth THESIS
Integrated computational and experimental platform for characterizing protein isoforms and PTMs in microbial systems by top-down FT-ICR mass spectrometry [electronic resource] /
1156 Connelly, Heather Marie. THESIS
Design of molecular mechanics modeling techniques for exploring molecular recognition using cyclodextrins
1157 Fox, Shannon Bradley. THESIS
Processing and characterization of oxide dispersion strengthened 14YWT ferritic alloys
1158 1971- West, Michael K.eith THESIS
The impact of authority and agendas in the management of public authorities studying the relationship between public transportation authority boards and executives /
1159 Schneider, Robert August THESIS
Gender and Internet advertising differences in the ways males and females engage with and perceive Internet advertising /
1160 McMahan, Carolynn Anne. THESIS
Evaluation of alternatives for hydraulic design of bridges with HEC-RAS /
1161 1973- Peck, William Wesley THESIS
Markov set-chains as models of plant succession /
1162 1969- Samuels, Corey L. THESIS
An expectancy-value analysis of web gratifications
1163 1964- Shih, Meiling THESIS
Analysis of aneuploidy during mouse spermatogenesis
1164 1974- Pyle, April Dawn THESIS
Adaptive discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for second and fourth order elliptic partial differential equations [electronic resource] /
1165 Saum, Michael Authur THESIS
Exploring sexual scripts [electronic resource] : college students? perceptions of seduction and rape /
1166 Cravens, Nicole Corsaro THESIS
Using Geographic Information Systems to Examine Red Wolf Home Range and Habitat Use in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
1167 Mauney, Harry Ford, MS 2005-05-01 THESIS
The effects of stocking density, amount of substrate, frequency of feeding, and waste removal on nursery production and the effects of substrate height on pond production of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii
1168 Ashby, Alison Aria THESIS
Characterizing the fate and transport of solutes in soil [electronic resource] /
1169 Seo, Youngho THESIS
Relationship of school breakfast environment and participation to child dietary intake and body weight in five rural Appalachian schools /
1170 1981- Graves, Andrea Leigh THESIS
Differential neutrophil function and intracellular signaling in dairy cows with specific CXCR1 genotypes
1171 1975- Rambeaud, Magdalena THESIS
Father perspectives on the relationship between family-centered practices and empowerment outcomes in early intervention
1172 1973- Higgins, William Bryan THESIS
Old-field community response to multiple interacting factors of global change /
1173 Engel, Elizabeth Cayenne. THESIS
Applications of mass spectrometry to synthetic copolymers
1174 Stewart, Elizabeth Angela. THESIS
Crystallization of Polyamide 66 copolymers at high supercoolings
1175 1972- Guan, Xiaoping THESIS
Differences in quality of care by insurance plan a fee-for-service vs. health maintenance organization comparison /
1176 Silcox, Pamela Driggers. THESIS
Components of auditory closure
1177 Madix, Steven Glen. THESIS
The harm of neglecting embodiment how biomedical ethics' neglect of bodies and context hurts women and minorities /
1178 Dumler, Nancy Lynn THESIS
Magnetic properties of nanoparticle systems of Fe, Co, Ni, and FePt, created by Ion implantation
1179 1973- Sorge, Korey Dean THESIS
Water quality characterization, stormwater analyses, and statistical modeling of stream water quality in the Little Pigeon River Watershed of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park [electronic resource] /
1180 Roby, James Chadwick THESIS
Organizational correlates of negative workplace behavior a field study /
1181 Mitchell, Graeme K. THESIS
The thermophysical roll of nanoparticles in nanofluidic heat and mass transport
1182 Chon, Chan Hee THESIS
Antioxidant properties of some edible fungi in the genus pleurotus
1183 1980- Jean-Philippe, Sharon Rose THESIS
Physical activity of older adults residing in different levels of care
1184 Bergman, Randall J. THESIS
Investigating the origin of precambrian molar-tooth carbonate
1185 1970-- Crawford, John Curtis THESIS
Analysis and characterization of single-poly floating gate devices in 0.35um PDSOI process
1186 1976- Durisety, Chandra Sekhar THESIS
Men's experiences of depression a phenomenological investigation /
1187 1970- Spillman, Brian D. THESIS
Established predators of Fiorinia externa Ferris (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) on Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carriere) in urban and forest sites
1188 Lynch, Christine Ann. THESIS
Sartre and the nothingness of consciousness
1189 1969- Massey, Matthew Dale THESIS
Implicit and explicit personality an integrative approach to predicting aggressive behavior in a field setting /
1190 1976- Frost, Brian Christopher THESIS
Iterative reconstruction framework for high-resolution X-ray CT data
1191 Benson, Thomas Matthew. THESIS
Levels and patterns of genetic diversity in the rare and endangered Cumberland Stitchwort, Minuartia cumberlandensis (Caryophyllaceae)
1192 Winder, Charles Thomas. THESIS
An analysis of consumer support for environmental certification of hardwood products
1193 1976- Wiwattarangkul, Pornpat THESIS
Ultimate strength characteristics of switchgrass stem cross-sections at representative processing conditions
1194 1966- Yu, Manlu THESIS
Relationships between operationalizations of dyslexia and attitudes and perceptions of learning a foreign language
1195 1973- Scott, Katrinda Wills THESIS
Pathogenesis of acid injury in the non-glandular region of the equine stomach implications in gastric ulcer disease /
1196 1973- Nadeau, Jenifer Ann THESIS
Treatment outcomes following script training for two women with Broca's aphasia
1197 Powers, Heather M. THESIS
Identifying successful competitive intelligence practices used in nonprofits a survey of competitive intelligence strategies used by professional fundraisers to enhance fundraising success /
1198 1975- Gillis, Heidi Holthaus THESIS
Student use of rankings in national magazines in the college decision-making process
1199 Howard McManus, Michele. THESIS
Patterns among computer-mediated instruction, student learning styles and student achievement
1200 LaPrise, John Peter. THESIS

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