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Antimicrobial activity and effect of selected essential oil components on cell membrane lipids
1101 1975- Ling, Valerie W. THESIS
The ethical implications of telemedicine and the Internet for home healthcare
1102 Bauer, Keith A. THESIS
What is the Web-based interactive advertising (WIA) to consumers? consumer's interpretation and interaction with WIA /
1103 1971- Hwang, Jang-Sun THESIS
An investigation of sponsorships opportunities in athletic training rooms of NCAA universities
1104 1975- Ito, Masaru THESIS
Mechanical properties of granular materials using nanoindentation and modeling with distinct element method
1105 1965- Dutta, Amal Kumar THESIS
The effect of star formation on observed properties of high redshift absorption systems [electronic resources] /
1106 Yang, Yi-Jung THESIS
Volatile fatty acid effects on nitrite removal and nitrate formation during activated sludge treatment
1107 (Merve Temizer), 1970- Oguz THESIS
Physiological & behavioral indicators of shad susceptibility to impingement at water intakes
1108 1981- Fost, Brooks Ashley THESIS
Light and water induced morphological changes in Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh plasticity and selection /
1109 1971- Kolodynska, Anna Maria THESIS
Empathic accuracy and adolescent romantic relationships
1110 (Peter Tejas), 1972- Haugen THESIS
Improved flight test techniques for evaluating control margins in the shipboard environment.
1111 1971- Collier, Sean Thomas THESIS
Forage quality and performance of tall fescue hay amended with broiler litter and commercial fertilizer [electronic resource] /
1112 Clark, Stacy L. THESIS
Identifying the underpinnings of compulsive behavior a new measure of addiction proneness /
1113 1971- Bowler, Jennifer Lynn THESIS
Pessimistic and optimistic personality traits among Tennessee adult tobacco smokers and nonsmokers in selected worksites
1114 Qualls, Kandi. THESIS
Anaclitic and introjective personality distinctions among psychotherapy outpatients examining clinical change across baseline and therapy phases /
1115 1971- Kemmerer, David Dix THESIS
Plagiarism and voice in the Age of Information
1116 Thomas, Brian. THESIS
Effects of group composition and mating season on the agonisitic and affiliative behavior of rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
1117 1981- Cox, Lauren Dawn THESIS
International graduate students in U.S.-based TESOL discourse communities finding and creating a space /
1118 Cho, Seonhee. THESIS
The Myers-Briggs type indicator profiles of resident assistants
1119 Krouse, Laura Ann THESIS
Gender differences in the preferred methods of training, needs and interests, and hindrances and motivators for sexual harassment training
1120 Whaley, Heather Monique. THESIS
Investigating forgiveness in relation to offensive experiences among black and white respondents [electronic resource] /
1121 Bellamy, Allen Reginald THESIS
Essays on the behavioral effects of tax policy
1122 1978- Deskins, John Allen THESIS
Biological control methods for damping-off of tomato seedlings caused by Pythium myriotylum
1123 Clark, Miranda Marshall. THESIS
Evaluation of microbial inocula for initiation of biological life support systems for wastewater processing on long term and deep space missions
1124 1968- Cook, Kimberly L. THESIS
Calculating the conformal modulus of complex tori and an application to graph theory
1125 1972- Howard, Jason Matthew THESIS
Benefits, corporate motives, and communication patterns in strategic philanthropic relationships as perceived by nonprofit partners
1126 1951- Rumsey, Gregory Grant THESIS
Explaining species diversity by linking local and large scale processes
1127 (Marc William), 1975- Cadotte THESIS
Rheology of lyocell solutions from different cellulosic sources and development of regenerated cellulosic microfibers
1128 1972- Li, Zuopan THESIS
Identification and association of bovine CXCR2 single nucleotide polymorphisms with clinical and subclinical mastitis in Holstein and Jersey cattle [electronic resource] /
1129 Youngerman, Sara M. THESIS
Solute transport and U(VI) reactivity in natural heterogeneous sediments
1130 Mayes, Melanie A. THESIS
Prevalence of potential zoonotic enteric bacterial pathogens in dogs and cats, and factors associated with potential transmission between animals and humans
1131 1975- Ahmed, Omaima Maamoun THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of atomically dispersed, vanadosilicate catalysts in Si?O??-based building block solids
1132 1973- Lee, Ming-Yung THESIS
Forgiveness and rumination their relationship and effects on psychological and physical health /
1133 (Kimberly Anne), 1970- Edmondson THESIS
Recovering the soul Interpreting Baruch Spinoza's doctrine of mind-body identity in the light of Thomas Aquinas's metaphical theory of form and matter /
1134 Blakemore, Guy Stephen THESIS
LeaF a learning-based fault diagnostic system for multi-robot teams /
1135 Kannan, Balajee. THESIS
Structure and transport properties of epitaxial oxide thin films from synthesis to characterization /
1136 Shin, Junsoo. THESIS
New media migration digitization and computer networking technology use in three community newspapers /
1137 Taylor, Larry Shane. THESIS
Women's experiences and expectations of the physician-patient relationship
1138 1976- Compton, Jill Denise THESIS
Assessing cultural receptivity in fostering scale development and validation /
1139 Coakley, Tanya M. THESIS
Immunotoxicological study of depleted uranium
1140 1975- Wan, Bin THESIS
Third year effects of shelterwood cutting, wildlife thinning, and prescribed burning on oak regeneration, understory vegetation development, and acorn production in Tennessee
1141 1975- Gordon, Daniel Stuart THESIS
Application of progressive gateway community strategies in Townsend and Tuckaleechee Cove
1142 Christion, Leon. THESIS
Determining human ecology on the plains through the identification of mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) and white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) postcranial material
1143 1974- Jacobson, Jodi A. THESIS
Winnie-the-Pooh and Lincoln, too children's literature as civic education /
1144 Schwerdt, Marc Stan. THESIS
Anthropogenic impacts on riparian forest loss in East Tennessee a GIS analysis /
1145 Burhenn, Karen Elizabeth. THESIS
Developing an integrated model of interactivity in the context of travel-related web sites [electronic resource] /
1146 Kim, Juran. THESIS
Performance study of the Loran-C system in the presence of wideband interference
1147 1981- Fox, Joshua Emory THESIS
The value-relevance of nonfinancial information the biotechnology industry /
1148 Yang, Ya-Wen. THESIS
Consumer perceptions of branded beef products
1149 1982- Williams, Leslie Erin THESIS
Neural network model of unsteady, nonlinear aerodynamics
1150 1978- Henderson, Amy Pearsall THESIS

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