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The role of demographic diversity in predicting worker psychological safety
1051 Callahan, Ann Marie. THESIS
Hydrothermal diamond anvil cell studies a possible new calibration mineral and applications to the hydrouscarbonate mineral, nesquehonite /
1052 1979- Mulcahy, Cara Kim THESIS
Analysis of reflected spectral signatures and detection of geophysical disturbance using hyperspectral imagery
1053 Hoffman, Forrest McCoy. THESIS
Ultrasound and microwave assisted extraction of soybean oil
1054 Li, Haizhou. THESIS
Characterization of an estrogen-degrading culture, Novosphingobium tardaugens ARI-1
1055 1978- Yang, Yuechuan THESIS
Spatial ecology and habitat use of the endangered iguana, Cyclura lewisi, in an unnatural setting
1056 (Rachel Madeline), 1980- Goodman THESIS
An assessment of influences which affect teachers' use of technology
1057 (Bryan Keith) Stewart, Bryan K. THESIS
High-temperature, high-resolution A/D conversion using 2nd- and 4th-order cascaded [sigma][delta] modulation in 3.3-V 0.5[mu]m SOS-CMOS [electronic resource] /
1058 Ericson, M. Nance THESIS
Urban transit and the working poor the geography of welfare reform /
1059 1972- Rogalsky, Jennifer Lynn THESIS
Travel characteristics of urban freight vehicles and their effects on air quality
1060 1974- Protopapas, Annie THESIS
Fibrator properties of PL manifolds
1061 1970- Vasilevska, Violeta THESIS
Using GPS and GIS to evaluate military vehicle traffic patterns for the prediction of vegetation removal
1062 1982 - Rice, Matthew Kendall THESIS
Implementation of Monte Carlo and numerical integration techniques within an online physics laboratory environment
1063 1974- Schram, Malachi THESIS
The dynamics, distribution, and activity of viruses in Lake Erie
1064 Dean, Amanda (Amanda THESIS
Low energy excitations in spin clusters and molecular solids
1065 (Jason Thomas), 1978- Haraldsen THESIS
Development of a methodology to evaluate environmental implications of lean implementation [electronic resource] /
1066 Teparakul, Pamuk. THESIS
An experimental study of the accuracy of multiple power estimation methods
1067 Balakrishnan, Ashwin. THESIS
The comparative ordered influence of brand equity's experiential and functional antecedents and dimensions, and it's consequences on U.S. and mainland Chinese customers
1068 Broyles, Samuel Allen. THESIS
Development and impact of Georcoris punctipes (Say) (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) on selected pests of greenhouse ornamentals
1069 1971- Pendleton, Nicole Diane THESIS
Project Green Reach at Brooklyn Botanic Garden a case study of the summer program /
1070 Conlon, Susan. THESIS
Monographic studies in the genus Polyporus (Basidiomycotina)
1071 1969- Krueger, Dirk THESIS
Subsistence, butchery, and commercialization in Knox County, Tennessee
1072 1978- Windham, Rachel Jeannine THESIS
Big five personality traits and work drive as predictors of adolescent academic performance
1073 1972- Perry, Susan Rae THESIS
Syntheses, structures, and reactivities of early-transition-metal silyl, amide, and imide complexes
1074 1975- Yu, Xianghua THESIS
Catholic health care in the public square resolving moral conflict with integrity /
1075 1961- Heyl, Jennifer A. THESIS
Freeway crash prediction models for long-range urban transportation planning
1076 1978- Kiattikomol, Vasin THESIS
Civilian target recognition using hierarchical fusion
1077 1982 - Lakshminarayanan, Balasubramanian THESIS
Biological knowledge discovery through mining multiple sources of high-throughput data
1078 1972- Chen, Yu THESIS
Metallurgical evaluation of cast duplex stainless steels and their weldments
1079 1971- Wen, Songqing THESIS
AC loss and thickness dependence of critical currents in coated conductors
1080 Ijaduola, Anota Oluwatoyin. THESIS
HSV-1 induced ocular angiogenesis antiangiogenic strategies to prevent herpetic stromal keratitis pathogenesis /
1081 1975- Kim, Bum Seok THESIS
Division I female athletes' experience of team cohesion
1082 Shannon, Vanessa Regina. THESIS
Synthesis and initial characterization of a calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite-bacterial cellulose composite
1083 1979- Hutchens, Stacy THESIS
Playing with stories sporting narratives and the deliberation of moral questions /
1084 Masucci, Matthew A. THESIS
Probabilistic suffix models for Windows application behavior profiling framework and initial results /
1085 1979- Mazeroff, Geoffrey Alan THESIS
An investigation of the dependability and standard error of measurement of words read correctly per minute using curriculum-based measurement
1086 Poncy, Brian. THESIS
The use of native and modified cyclodextrins for method development in capillary electrophoresis and chemical sensor applications
1087 Culha, Mustafa THESIS
Development and verification of parameterized digital signal processing macros for microelectronic systems [electronic resource] /
1088 Miller, Adam Robert THESIS
SPARTA a graphical user interface for malicious mobile code fingerprinting /
1089 1979- Cerqueira, Victor Pimentel THESIS
An integrated experimental and computational approach to proteomics scaling from high resolution qualitative analysis to quantitative measurements with confidence evaluation /
1090 1980- Pan, Chongle THESIS
Reducing adverse impact while maintaining validity finding the balance between competing employee selection goals /
1091 1970- Henderson, John Ashley THESIS
How factors related to social control might contribute to juvenile delinquency among African American and Caucasian females
1092 1977- Mapson, Andridia V. THESIS
Using a geographical information system approach to assess sea ice impacts on a productive benthic system in the northern Bering Sea [electronic resource] /
1093 Clement, Jaclyn Leigh THESIS
An Investigation of the relationships between Accelerated Reader and other factors and value-added achievement in Tennessee public schools
1094 Chaney, Carl William. THESIS
Performance improvements of common sparse numerical linear algebra computations
1095 1974- Luszczek, Piotr Rafal THESIS
Anti-amyloid antibodies as probes of amyloid fibril structure [electronic resource] /
1096 Huff, Israel Jerome THESIS
Implementation of block-based neural networks on reconfigurable computing platforms
1097 Kothandaraman, Sampath Kumar. THESIS
Unveiling the regulatory network for di/tri-peptide utilization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
1098 1967- Cai, Houjian THESIS
Scenes from the margins a participatory action research study about the praxis of womanhood as a different way of working in male-dominated professions /
1099 Henry, Jane Bingham. THESIS
Immobilization of small mammals and occupancy, seasonal food habits, and parasites of allegheny woodrats in the Cumberland Mountains, Tennessee /
1100 1980- Parker, William Teague THESIS

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