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The Oligopeptide Transport family informatic and experimental characterization /
1001 1976- Wiles, Amy Marie THESIS
Systematics of the North American plums (Prunus subgenus Prunus section Prunocerasus; Rosaceae)
1002 1970- Shaw, Joey Thomas THESIS
How accurate are athletes' perceptions of their coaches' expectation? [electronic resource] /
1003 Marathakis, Angela THESIS
Molecular and physiological basis for hair loss in near naked hairless and Oak Ridge rhino-like mouse models [electronic resource] : tracking the role of the hairless gene /
1004 Liu, Yutao. THESIS
Pyrogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from carboniferous, triassic, and modern chars potential relations to paleoatmospheric oxygen content /
1005 1977- Schuneman, Patrick Jerome THESIS
The effects of temperature and solids retention time on activated sludge treatment performance
1006 Carley, Jack McClendon THESIS
Inferential modeling and independent component analysis for redundant sensor validation
1007 Ding, Jun. THESIS
Changes in the perception of stop consonants through enhanced cue training as reflected by categorical boundries and late auditory evoked potentials
1008 1967- Franklin, Clifford Anthony THESIS
Pseudoelasticity and shape memory effect in single crystal Fe?Al
1009 1979- Kabra, Saurabh THESIS
An investigation of the Big Five and narrow personality traits in relation to academic performance
1010 1972- Rogers, Craig Lancer THESIS
Competing for legitimacy the development and evolution of forest certification in Finland /
1011 1980- Mars, Keith Wellington THESIS
REACLIB aLIVe! (REACLIB Rate Library Interactive Viewer) a software package for graphical analysis of nuclear reaction rates for astrophysics /
1012 1975- Lingerfelt, Eric J. THESIS
Aircraft turbulence detection and display from the professional pilot's perspective
1013 1949- Kagey, Leslie Owen THESIS
Socio-cultural interactions and ESL graduate student enculturation a cross sectional analysis /
1014 Krase, Ethan W. THESIS
Photochemical route to the production of fullerene allotropes
1015 1983- Ovchinnikova, Olga Sergeevna THESIS
Efficacy of DNA sampling to monitor population abundance of black bears in the southern Appalachians
1016 (Katherine Eileen), 1979- Settlage THESIS
Diffusion of innovations theory applied : the adoption of digital on-demand technology by book publishers and printers /
1017 1948- Walker, Jill Cohen THESIS
Screening mammography compliance in rural and urban women in Tennessee
1018 Brown, Kathleen Conroy. THESIS
Electronic excitations in metals and semiconductors : Ab Initio studies of realistic many-particle systems /
1019 1969- Ku, Wei THESIS
Insulin sensitivity and the onset of hyperphagia in fatty rats
1020 Durham, Holiday Agnes. THESIS
The artist's loving hand the travel letters of Emily Eden, Isabella Bird, and Mother Catherine McAuley written to their sisters in 19th century Britain and Ireland /
1021 Ratcliff, Holly Elizabeth THESIS
Consumers' perceptions of and responses to green cause-related marketing
1022 1978- Saylor, Betsy Suzanne THESIS
Personnel selection in the transportation sector an investigation of personality traits in relation to the job performance of delivery drivers /
1023 Tichon, Mark Andrew. THESIS
The athlete life quality scale development and psychometric analysis /
1024 Gentner, Noah Benjamin THESIS
Combined study of reactor and terrestrial antineutrinos with KamLAND
1025 1969- Batygov, Mikhail THESIS
Social and emotional development of children 0 to 36 months in poverty
1026 1970- Bopkova, Valentina THESIS
A high gain multi-stage operational amplifier using compound transconductance element
1027 1976- Durisety, Chandra Sekhar THESIS
Adaptive nonlinear optimization methodology for installed capacity decisions in distributed energy/cooling heat and power applications
1028 (Carl Randolph), II. Hudson THESIS
The role of self- and functional congruity on online retail patronage behavior
1029 Kim, Minsung. 1971- THESIS
A phenomenological study of the experience of travel
1030 1966- Smith, Norris Lee THESIS
Population genetics and effective population size of the Brazilian free-tailed bat, Tadarida Brasilensis (Chiroptera: Molossidae)
1031 Russell, Amy L. THESIS
Factors affecting uses and impacts of performance measures in mid-sized U.S. cities
1032 1965- Chung, Yeonsoo THESIS
Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Children's Gardening Program its meaning and impact on adult alumni /
1033 Tims, Jayme. THESIS
The child fatality review process a Tennessee profile /
1034 Smith, Charity Sue. THESIS
Applications of modern statistical methods to analysis of data in physical science
1035 1975- Wicker, James Eric THESIS
Magazine messages and teenage perception of skin cancer, tanning, and sun safety
1036 Greene, Anna Marlene. THESIS
Portfolio-based writing assessment an investigation of postsecondary practices /
1037 Etheridge, Sharynn Owens. THESIS
Targeted economic development in Tennessee [electronic resource] : an industrial cluster analysis of a multi-county upper-Cumberland region /
1038 Sanders, Benjamin Paul. THESIS
Effect of ionizing radiation on the crystalline morphology of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
1039 1981- Stephens, Christopher Phillip THESIS
Use of busways in urban areas
1040 Gallant, Michael Harris. THESIS
Effects of divergent thinking training/instructions on Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking and Creative Performance
1041 1973- Lee, Young Ju THESIS
Development of novel synthetic methods utilizing group III and IV reagents
1042 1973- Dong, Gang THESIS
Electronic data collection for rockfall hazard evaluation
1043 1978- Bellamy, Derrick LaDon THESIS
"Our general mother" Eve's mythic power and the poetry of Aemilia Lanyer, John Milton, Elizabeth Barrett, and Christina Rossetti /
1044 1980- McCollum, Sarah Catherine THESIS
Efficacy of pilates exercises as therapeutic intervention in treating patients with low back pain
1045 (Laura Kathryn), 1963- Gagnon THESIS
Species diversity and assembly history in ecological communities microcosm experiments and computer simulations /
1046 1972- Fukami, Tadashi THESIS
Production of fine carbon nanoparticles and hydrogen-rich gas from laser-thermal cracking of methane using regenerable iron based catalyst
1047 1975- Qiu, Shenghong THESIS
How a group of elementary deaf students interact with LEGO LOGO activities [electronic resource] : a case study /
1048 McDaniel, Amy Rebecca THESIS
How do you rate those instructors? the validity of student evaluations of higher education instructors
1049 1966 - Ouallal-McRiffey, Kristy Ann THESIS
Curriculum-based measurement investigating the relationship between oral and silent reading comprehension and words correct per minute /
1050 Hale, Andrea Dawn. THESIS

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