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Teachers' awareness of making decisions for their classrooms
951 Fitzgerald, Mary K. THESIS
Evaluation of Tennessee State Park governance public involvement, agency accountability and conservation implications /
952 Long, Mary Mallinson. THESIS
The Comunero uprising in Castile, 1520-1521 a case study for early modern revolution /
953 Dyer, David Kristian THESIS
Alcohol and analgesic use in the Baby Boomer cohort
954 Rider, Martha B. THESIS
A case for a tanker capability for the U. S. Marine Corps' Heavy Lift Replacement helicopter
955 1961- Archer, Anthony Cain THESIS
Time series analysis of bat ultrasound signals
956 1978- Cui, Xu THESIS
Utilization of organic co-solvents to enhance bacterial conversion of poorly water-soluble compounds
957 Rodri?guez, Miguel. THESIS
DNA degradation and postmortem interval [electronic resource] : preliminary observations and methods /
958 Anderson, Rebecca Roberts THESIS
You signed the line collegiate student-athletes' perceptions of autonomy /
959 Kimball, Aimee Christina. THESIS
Characterizing how fish communities and physical habitat structure are affected by urbanization in an East Tennessee watershed
960 1973- Sain, Robert Lee THESIS
Theory and construction methods for large regular resolution IV designs
961 Block, Robert M. THESIS
Analysis of pilot performance using Prescision Visual Flight Rules
962 Morrissey, Thomas Andrew. THESIS
Probabilistic based design of FRP structures
963 Alqam, Maha Khader. THESIS
Thermal stability of binary Cr-Cr?Si and ternary NiAl-Mo eutectic alloys
964 1978- Gali, Aravind THESIS
Gender, power, and the January-May marriage in nineteenth-century British literature
965 1973- Godfrey, Esther Liu THESIS
Beta-adrenergic, arachidonic acid and potassium channel-associated regulation of human breast cancer cell lines
966 1969- Cakir, Yavuz THESIS
Efficient image processing in resource-constrained visual sensor networks
967 1974- Du, Hongtao THESIS
Worldviews in music a rhetorical study of philosophies of truth and reality found in country music and contemporary christian music /
968 1979- Legg, Karen Lynn THESIS
A preliminary study of the effects of exposure to a One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma (OAUGDP®) on the surface energy and strength of meltblown and nanofiber fabrics
969 1979- Chen, Weiwei THESIS
An open core System-on-Chip platform
970 Srivastava, Rishi R. THESIS
System impact of silicon carbide power electronics on hybrid electric vehicle applications
971 1972- Ozpineci, Burak THESIS
Experimental investigation of the breakdown of dolomite and isotope transport in rock cores at 100 MPA, 650--750 ?C
972 1975- DeAngelis, Michael Thomas THESIS
Variance analysis of TDOT highway construction prices for modeling estimates
973 Middleton, Lloyd M. THESIS
Examining Varroa-resistant honey bee queens from commercial breeders colony productivity, hygienic behavior, suppression of mite reproduction, and the relationship of juvenile hormone III to mite abundance /
974 Bryant, Laura L. THESIS
A study of Japanese ELL students in mainstream classrooms
975 Fujiwara, Kazue. THESIS
Joint size estimation using joint traces on borehole walls
976 1978- Heiny, Christopher James THESIS
Study to enhance the B-1B targeting POD intergration development processes
977 1974- Lane, Joshua Aaron THESIS
Metallic ferroelectricity and superconductivity in transition metal oxide pyrochlore Cd?Re?O?
978 1969- He, Jian THESIS
Studies of alkaline phosphatase inhibition by metal chelators using capillary electrophoresis
979 (Courtney Ann), 1979- Neel THESIS
Factors related to condom use among sexually active African American females using health belief model constructs and potential cues to action with a mass communication/interpersonal communication approach
980 Southerland, Shiree Monika. THESIS
Management of requirements changes in sequence-based software specifications
981 1974- Lin, Lan THESIS
Field emission devices with carbon nanotube and nanofiber cathodes
982 1980- Hale, Mark David THESIS
Group 4 metallocene and half-sandwich derivatives of spherosilicate preparation from Si?O??(SnMe?)? and their olefin polymerization activity /
983 1973- Saengkerdsub, Suree THESIS
Obtaining high precision results from low precision hardware
984 1980- Graham, Adam Donald THESIS
Balancing equality and liberty in Rawls's theory of justice
985 1975- Bae, Young-Soon THESIS
Single molecule imaging with a custom-built fluorescence microscope
986 1978- Ball, David Allan THESIS
Nonindigenous herpetofauna of Florida patterns of richness and case studies of the impacts of the tadpoles of two invasive amphbians, Osteopilus septentrionalis and Bufo marinus /
987 1974- Smith, Kevin G. THESIS
Secondary teachers' attitudes and perceptions of the inclusion of ESL students in mainstream classes
988 Reeves, Janelle. THESIS
Localizing ligand binding sites using overlapping recombinant polypeptide sequences of vitronectin
989 (Jodi Lyn), 1978- Watson THESIS
An international corridor in the making? [electronic resource] : immigrant-owned entrepreneurial establishments in Birmingham, Alabama /
990 McDaniel, Paul N. THESIS
Macroinfaunal community composition and biomass, and bacterial and viral abundances from the Gulf of Alaska to the Canadian Archipelago a biodiversity study /
991 1976- Balsom, Arianne Lynn. THESIS
An analysis of female roles in popular sports video games
992 1981- Galloway, Brennan W. THESIS
Internet financial reporting the effects of hyperlinks and irrelevant information on investor judgments /
993 Kelton, Andrea Seaton. THESIS
The effects of vicarious rewards and vicarious response-cost on incidental learning
994 1977- Allin, Jessica Leigh THESIS
Data access in wide area networks of heterogeneous workstations
995 1954- Buckner, Kim THESIS
An investigation of terrain avoidance system flight test techniques for high performance aircraft [electronic resource] /
996 Glen, Gregory David THESIS
Crystallization of random propylene-ethylene copolymers at atmospheric and high pressures
997 1967- Dimeska, Anita THESIS
Evaluation of heavy-duty diesel vehicle emissions during cold -start and steady-state idling conditions and reduction of emissions from a truck-stop electrification program
998 III. Calcagno, James A. THESIS
Children's books and the nature of science a multisite naturalistic case study of three elementary teachers in the rural southeast /
999 1967 - Bricker, Patricia Lynn THESIS
The effects of processing on hydrophilic antioxidant capacity of black beans
1000 McGee, Elizabeth R. THESIS

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