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Environmental manipulation to increase the nutritional content in leafy vegetables
51 Lefsrud, Mark Gregory. THESIS
A resource-efficient localized recurrent neural network architecture and learning algorithm
52 1983 - Budik, Daniel Borisovich THESIS
Milk urea nitrogen concentration heritability and genetic correlations with reproductive performance and disease in Holstein cattle /
53 Mitchell, Rissa G. THESIS
Isolation and thermodynamic charaterization of aminoglycoside nucleotidyltransferase(2")-Ia
54 1967- Wright, Roger Edward THESIS
High-intensity ultrasound mediated structure-function changes of BSA as affected by pH
55 1979- Gu?lseren, I?brahim THESIS
Feminine modesty as a thematic and structural principle in Mariana de Carvajal y Saavedra's Navidades de Madrid y noches entretenidas
56 1972- Vande Brake, Shane Elizabeth THESIS
Towards a universal multi-standard RF receiver
57 1970- Han, Yongping THESIS
Estimating the degree of market power and price-response strategies in a product-differentiated oligopoly the case of the canned tuna industry in a local market /
58 1965- Daloonpate, Apichart THESIS
Crossing over in the 21st century [electronic resource] : new perspectives on classical music through the work of Mark O'Connor, Edgar Meyer and B?ela Fleck /
59 Iannaccone, Louanne Marie THESIS
Synthesis and radiolabeling of potassium trifluoroborate benzilidene anabaseine derivatives
60 (Aaron Landon), 1975- Smith THESIS
Composition of the coleoptera and associated insects collected by canopy fogging of Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra L.) trees in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the University of Tennessee Arboretum
61 (Danny David), 1974- Trieff THESIS
Characterizing the transfer of bacterial antibiotic resistance genes across generations of swine
62 1977- Garner, Kimberly Nakia THESIS
Detection of biomarkers of potential pathogens in varied matrics /
63 Smith, Carol Ann. THESIS
Development of a high-efficiency, low-power RF power amplifier for use in a high-temperature environment
64 1978- Terry, Stephen Christopher THESIS
Insights into the Etheostoma spectabile species complex incongruence between mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequence data /
65 (Christen Marie), 1979- Bossu THESIS
Comparison of microbial cell densities and treatment performance in nitrifying activated sludge reactors
66 1977- Brown, Janalyn Rae THESIS
The dS/CFT correspondence and quasinormal modes of black holes
67 1977- Ness, Scott Henry THESIS
Severe plastic deformation using friction stir processing, and the characterization of microstructure and mechanical behavior using neutron diffraction
68 1970- Woo, Wanchuck THESIS
A mode comparison between mailed and internet surveys [electronic resource] /
69 Layman, Craig T. THESIS
Aerobic and anaerobic characteristics of competitive junior cyclists
70 1982 - Harrell, John William THESIS
An analysis of Bayesian methods in determining the viability of perinatal remains
71 1980- Cave, Tiffanie Sue THESIS
Inventory and analysis of plankton in Green River within Mammoth Cave National Park [electronic resource] /
72 Laughlin, Justin H. THESIS
Thermal and x-ray analysis on the origin of double melting phenomena of poly(l-lactic acid) films [electronic resource] /
73 Ling, Xiaoyun THESIS
Insects associated with southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora L.) in East Tennessee
74 1976- Werle, Christopher Thomas THESIS
An examination of consumer opinions regarding hotel websites
75 (Jeremy Clayton) Burnett, Jeremy THESIS
Christian woman, womanChrist the feminization of Christianity in Constanza de Castilla, Catherine of Siena, and Teresa de Cartagena /
76 1972- Baldridge, Mary Elizabeth THESIS
Development of the Joint Stand Off Weapon (JSOW) moving target capability [electronic resource] : AGM-154 Block Three program /
77 Turco, Kyle T. THESIS
Developing modified ADS-33D helicopter maneuvers for the shipboard environment
78 1964- Catoire, Philippe A. THESIS
The need for accelerated integration of the multifunctional information distribution system in the FA-18C Hornet
79 Koyama, William S. THESIS
Involvement of transit peptide aromatic residues in precursor interaction(s) with the chloroplast import apparatus
80 1975- Zhang, Huixia THESIS
Structure-function studies of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae [alpha]-mating factor pheromone receptor ste2p
81 1970- Akal, Ayc?a THESIS
Mowing and light-weight rolling of creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) putting greens during summer heat stress periods in the transition zone
82 1980- Strunk, William Daniel THESIS
Insecticide reduction through precision foliar banding with various spray nozzles and droplet sizes
83 1965- Smith, Christopher Wayne THESIS
Comparison of mosquito abundance, distribution and parity between a high and a low prevalence site for La Crosse encephalitis in Eastern Tennessee
84 1982- Scheffel, Sabra Lee THESIS
Potassium and cultivar effects on carbohydrate partitioning in upland cotton
85 1980 - Clement, Jenny Dale THESIS
A class-E inductive powering link with backward data communications for implantable sensor systems
86 Adeeb, Mohammad Ahsanul. THESIS
Effect of chitosan and water soluble chitosan coatings on quality of small fruits
87 Noh, Jason Ki-Myung. THESIS
A tree-ring oxygen isotope record of tropical cyclone activity, moisture stress, and long-term climate oscillations for the Southeastern U.S.
88 1974- Miller, Dana Lynette THESIS
Ex-situ epitaxial YBa?Cu?O??? films precursor conversion and film characterization /
89 Zhang, Yifei. THESIS
Instrumented self-propelled sprayer to determine dynamic boom effects on droplet application uniformity
90 1975- Jeon, Hong Young THESIS
Characterization of processes used in nanofabrication of Digital Electrostatic e-beam Array Lithography (DEAL) devices
91 1982 - Rucker, Ryan Benjamine THESIS
Effects of management and environmental conditions on antibiotic resistance in bacteria associated with swine
92 Cullen, Patricia. THESIS
Psychological adaptation of mainland Chinese female international students a phenomenological inquiry /
93 1975- Chan, I-Wen THESIS
Selling the Internet an analysis of advertisements for the Internet and related products in Time magazine, 1995-2000 /
94 1964- Lee, Guiohk THESIS
Deciphering Dearmond mound (40RE12) the ceramic analysis of an East Tennessee Mississippian center /
95 1979- Koerner, Shannon Douglas THESIS
Thermal evolution of planetesimals and protoplanets in the terrestrial planet region code optimization and implementation on a distributed grid using netsolve /
96 1970- Ghosh, Amitabha THESIS
Scheduling algorithms for scalable high-performance packet switching architectures
97 1975- Li, Xike THESIS
The effect of bacterial chemotaxis on in situ bioremediation rate
98 O'Lenick, Christopher John. THESIS
Proposed design for EA-6B ICAP III weapon-system alert display
99 Mercier, Andre Laurence. THESIS
Essential elements for assessment of persons with severe neurological impairments for computer access using assistive technology devices a delphi study /
100 1964- Hoppestad, Brian Scott THESIS

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